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  1. Hey there Yvonne! Yep, my family and I stopped by since we were in the area visiting a childhood friend who lives in Zephyrhills. All I had was the address of your church, but upon pulling in, I *knew* it was your home as well due to all the square-foot beds (which look GORGEOUS by the way!!!). I did knock a couple times, but when no one answered I figured either no one but a nurse and Selah were home, or it was supper time, or maybe folks were over at the church. Since there are several pastors in my immediate family, I certainly understand how time has to be managed carefully! I realized later that evening that you were at your class reunion, but I'm glad the bread was 'discovered' in good time. :) I knew when we planned on visiting Zephyrhills that I wanted to stop by so I prayed about what I could share with you. I'm glad that it came in handy. I'm so thankful for you and your blog. I probably wouldn't be alone in saying that it keeps me 'grounded' in what is important in living for Jesus in this world. Love you and your family! And my email address is and we are on our way back to Syracuse, NY. We had a marvelous time in FL and look forward to being able to return...

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    I have been reading your blog since finding out about Selahs accident (heard from another blog). I love to read your updates and see how your family is doing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily. About a place to vacation, I am from northern Minnesota and have vacationed in Florida multiple times. I have two favorite places, the first is in Fort Myers Beach, the motel is called Lighthouse Island Resort, it isn't right on the beach but they have two nice pools and the beach is about a 2 block walk. The rooms range from normal motel rooms to little apartments. Great place to stay!! The other place that I love is on Marathon Key (love it because you are 50 miles in either direction) the motel is called The Continental Inn. They have a nice pool and grounds. Small beach, kind of rocky, but you are not from from ohter public beaches. The resort is quite and well maintained. I think the rooms are actually time shares so each one is a little different, but they are like little condos with one or two bedrooms and little kitchens and livingrooms. Another place that I have looked at on line but haven't been to (but I want to go to) is call Island Bay Resort on Tavernier, looks beautiful. Only 10 little cottages and a private beach, looks very tranquill. I hope to check it out someday.
    Anyway, those are my favorites in southern Florida, hope it helps to make your decision about where to vacation. Where ever you go, have a great time, you all deserve it!! If you need anymore info on these places they are all on line or you can email me at Oh, and I am very jealous, wish I was vacationing down there!!

  3. Hi Yvonne,
    i have been reading your blog for a long time now and just want to say what an amazing mum you are , everything you do is for those wonderful children, may god bless you and help you continue your wonderful work .

  4. That blog about your time at Wally World after you got your eyes done was hilarious. I am just about positive that your family could make a great reality show. No one would ever believe that all of that could happen to you in a few hours. You are such an example of a Christian couple who goes through so much to do so much for others. God bless you!!!

    1. LOL we say all the time we'd make a great reality show:)
      Sam's original surgery was filmed and on Discovery Health. We actually were called by someone about a reality show. I talked twice to the person but never heard back from them. We didn't pursue it because my husband was really iffy about it. We say now that they really missed out LOL

  5. I just finished reading the blog about the episode in Wal Mart after you got your eyes dilated. I have no doubt that you could make the best reality show ever. No one would believe that so much could happen to you in such a short time. You are a wonderful example of a couple that loves the Lord and does so much for others . I know it is not easy but you have such a wonderful spirit and you will definitely receive your reward .

  6. Hi, Yvonne. My name is Chrystal Hammond, and I work with Abe Brown Ministries. Since Chaplain Clanton has been at Zephyrhills, I believe a move of the Spirit has been opening much needed doors and operative to the point of breakthrough for the inmates. We appreciate him so much! Our prayer is of thanksgiving that the enemy could not take his life...weapon formed, but not prospered!!! We pray for speedy recovery for him and that he will allow the Lord to do within him that which He desires, that Chaplain will not rush back to work but rest in the Lord! Thank god for your caring, compassionate family, and the seed sown is returned in the prospering of healing, peace and righteousness within Chaplain Jon, in Jesus' Name! May His Blesssing continually abound in your and your children's lives!