Friday, February 24, 2012

Update on waiting...

Still a message that the country won't issue invites till March 1st next Thursday, hopefully we will plan on traveling March 12th or so if we get an appointment for March 15th which is the first day appointments will be given out for. Please keep praying for us that we will go as soon as possible! I've never had to wait on a chld biological kids were both premature and our son from China came a month earlier than expected so this is new for me...LOL but not easy because the stakes are so high!!!!!

I actually found BOOTS for the children (including Sam) in Florida and they were on clearance. Sam is not a shoe wearer so it was FUNNY to watch him high stepping trying to get them off. He was not amused...we were! He HATES shoes/socks & hats! The only good thing with the wait is it won't be as cold. A few days ago we checked on their town, 19 degrees and snowing....YIKES! We are Florida people and not too used to that! We are more shorts and flip flops!

So the room is finished, the kids' bag is and yard are done...just waiting....Say a prayer that the wait won't be long and that all is well!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still waiting....

We are still waiting on "the call" to come. Every time the phone rings, I jump up to check it! Our yard & house are done, their room is done...we are ready to leave to go get them!

PLEASE continue to pray for favor in all areas, all details to work out, safe travels for us ( I hate to fly!) Pray that the children are healthy & safe. I think we will be working with a great facilitator and I feel that we will have an easy time with the paperwork and the people we deal with at the institution. I'm not a real positive person so I think the peace I feel has to be from the Lord:) We realize it is not going to ba a short process or without stress BUT we just want to get started!

We know that we are following God's leading, things might not work out exactly as we had thought they would BUT God is in control of our lives and this adoption. He gave us the marching orders and we are just following Him...

Pray for us and the children....

thank you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've looked back over the comments section and realized I've missed quite a few...I just want to thank you all for ALL the uplifting messages. They touched my heart tonight...I went back to the very beginning of this journey and read all the kind words of encouragement. thank you again!

Can I ask all of you to pray...pray for our adoption, pray for FAVOR from the hand of the Lord, pray that nothing stands in our way and that God's will is done.

We are close but there are many more steps to complete. You have no idea how much we appreciate your prayers! One day I may share more of this's been quite an experience:)

Thank you again for your prayers and know that they are needed and appreciated!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

8 yr old miracle:)

Today is Sam's 8 year old birthday! My mind goes back to the day he was born, after a short eventful pregnancy. Our doctor felt he needed to be delivered although he wasn't quite 32 weeks because the amniotic fluid was low & he was at risk of lying on his cord & killing himself. Since he was breech, they scheduled me for a c-section and gave me a few steroid shots to help his lung develop. So I laid there and watched him be born (don't' worry the only thing I was looking at was his cute butt popping out!) Let me tell you a planned c-section is the way to go! so easy, I was up in no time and not really too uncomfortable. Much easier than my "natural birth" with our first son!

Of course most of you have read the story about how I noticed his eyes the next morning & had to fight to get medical attention for them although he was in the NICU! (and no I wasn't very nice but unfortunately right!) I knew he was blind the first time I looked into his eyes....

We were devastated! Who thinks about having a blind child???? That wasn't on my list of worries at all!!! The emotions we felt were overwhelming....

But through it all, somehow the peace of God sustained us, I can't explain it but when I look back on those days, it's not with a sense of sorrow, it's with a feeling of comfort... I determined while he was in the hospital I was NOT going to get bitter about the hand that life dealt us and I was going to trust God!

We adored him so much, were at the hospital all day every day & were so glad to bring him home although he came home with machines! We began the (now over 40 surgeries & procedures) that have given him a measure of sight in one eye. And we just loved him. Honestly because he was blind, it just made him that much more precious to us.

So now EIGHT years later, we have this wonderful precious little boy (and yes he is little- the size of a 2 1/2 yr old but chunky) that we still adore. He has taken us on some real adventures physically, spiritually & emotionally. We've met people that we would have never met , if we didn't have Sam! We've experienced many things & plenty of trips (NY doctor trips/vacations) that we would have never experienced if we didn't' have Sam. Spiritually having him, has taken us to a place of surrender that we've probably would never have gone on our own... I'm amazed by families who adopt children with special needs who do not have their own special (SN) child! I personally would have never had the guts otherwise...but having Sam takes the fear out and shows us the joy that is there in a life that may not be "perfect' in the eyes of the world but is in God's eyes and our eyes' too!

So just by his life, it encouraged us to adopt Shad! And now we are adopting two more children with similar special needs as Sam. We read their diagnosis and it reads as Sam's would probably if he were in their situation. It's rather bleak, they are blind with cognitive delays....but so is Sam and he is the light of my life:) We feel privileged that God would allow us to have a son like Sam. I know that may seem hard for some people to understand, I probably wouldn't have understood it 10 years ago...but it is so true! Having Sam has shown us what is truly important in life and what's not... Isn't' that a wonderful thing? So what is important PEOPLE! Not things or degrees or titles but people! Guess what? A person is important even if they don't have a 150 IQ score...Sam's score is extremely low and he has had every advantage a child with disabilities could have & it's not really helped much but that so does NOT matter!!! He matters, his heart, his love...I wish I could fully share my heart but it is so hard to put it in words. I just love my baby and love having him in my life:) There are days when the thought just washes over me, how blessed I truly am....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We are submitted!

Our dossier has been officially submitted & accepted by our children's country. That means they accepted all 40 plus documents and will now go over them to make sure everything is completely correct. Then hopefully in about 2 weeks we will get a call to tell us of our appointment date with their Department of Adoption!

Today marks 12 weeks since we started the official paper chase and only 13 weeks since we looked at their pictures...During that time, God has provided their "ransom" He provided fully for their adoption. (I read that on another person's post & I thought how appropriate for me to write that also.)

We have never seen miracles of provision like we have in these past 12 weeks...from the day we committed and needed $2004 for the first fees we needed to pay (which came in, in just hours of asking for it) to a new van to drive them's been unreal to us! God LOVES orphans! Don't ever let the fear of money keep you from stepping out in faith to adopt a child. God provides! If you would have told me 14 weeks ago, we'd be at his point today, I probably would have not believed it BUT 'look what the Lord has done" And it's been God not us or our wonderful personalities trying to make something happen:) God has touched hearts, some we have never met and some who love us dearly...but you know what is interesting? He didn't touch any rich person to He touched hearts that for the most part, had to take a step in faith to makes the gift even more precious! I even had a great, funny friend who won a bit in the lottery and gave it all to the adoption! Another dear friend sold all her "junk" gold to's been unreal and humbling to watch God do this!

Tonight I can't help but reflect on how we have changed as a family and grown in just the last 12 weeks...I can't imagine what is ahead for us, as we travel to get our children and then have the joy of raising them in a family! And hopefully even getting them the medical help they need to receive some sight!

I thank God for all He has done and stand amazed at His faithfulness!!! And I thank you all, some have given, some have prayed..all have encouraged us on this journey...

Please continue to pray! Pray that Sarah and Seth stay healthy and that God whispers in their ears every night that their family is coming so their hearts are prepared to accept us. Pray that they stay safe. Pray that our dossier will pass inspection and we will receive a quick travel date. Our desire is to leave no later than March 5th and return by April 8th (Easter) I KNOW that is asking for a miracle but....we have seen so many lately....!!!Pray for our trip for our safety and for FAVOR with all the officials we deal with.

Tonight I can't wrap my mind around what is ahead....even reading different people's accounts, they are all so very unique. Although we have adopted before, this is alot different. I have alot to do in the next few weeks, pray that I'll have clarity in all areas. There are so many details to attend to and it all has to be done!

Thank you all again!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Help another family out!!!!

Can I ask YOU my followers and read to do me a huge favor?? This friend of mine is also adopting from our children's country. Could I ask everyone to go to their page featured below and give at least $10? If all my regulars would do that we'd raise almost $800 for them this week!!! They need about $800 to take the next step! Let's help them friends!!! Could you donate where it says "Personal Adoption Fund Raiser"? This is an account they can access now for expenses!

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Please pray...

Three posts in one day... WOW!

Within the next 36 hours our dossier should be submitted to our children's country. So much is riding on this. Please pray that we will be given to a worker whose heart is touched and who wants to help children get homes. Pray that we do not encounter any snags, it happens often it seems in this country. Our children have been waiting for a very long time for a family, please pray that we will find FAVOR with everyone who touches our file.

Emotionally I feel wrung out right now, we've pushed so hard and fast to get our paperwork done, the money raised and everything ready for there is nothing we can do but wait! Please pray that once again the God of this Universe will have mercy on Sarah & Seth and fly us thru this process. He has been so faithful, I feel like one of the children of Israel right now... they saw God move and perform miracles then they doubted once again.....I don't doubt God I just don't have alot of trust in government workers (remember I was one for many years LOL- i was a good worker but I saw some doozies!!!)

So alot is hitting me tonight and I feel very down, overwhelmed and worried about this situation. There is so much ahead on this journey and I know it will not be an easy journey....I pray for strength and wisdom for us......I hate to fly, I hate to be away from home and I really hate to be on the other side of the world from one of my kids! The trip is long and not glamorous in anyway BUT it is the only way we can get our children.

Thank you for your prayers for all of us...soon to be the Clanton Seven!

Baby Shower

My friends, family & church gave us a wonderful baby shower last weekend! We were again blessed beyond what we could have imagined by the generosity & love shown to our little ones! I wanted to download some photos but couldn't do it:( We just had a wonderful time together and we got so much stuff for the kids! I actually had to put everything in my husband's office at the church because our house is torn up with all the painting and construction going on! Hopefully most of it will be done tomorrow and I'll be able to start putting things back together. A good friend painted their room and is redoing our closets giving us more storage space so everything is pulled out all over the place!

I went and bought the cribs yesterday (they are also in the church as there is no room for them at home!) We're putting them in cribs for their safety and for their feeling of security.Having a child with who is legally blind, I know that a crib makes him feel more secure (and it sure makes me feel more secure too!!!) They have beautiful matching jungle themed crib sets that were handmade and soft blankets with the matching theme. I can't wait till they are home sleeping safely in their jungle themed bedroom!

I've bought them some toys that will be attached to the walls of their room and a ball pit. We already have an inside trampoline with a net, that Sam loves. I'm so excited about their room, it will be a sensory room! Lots of things to touch and listen to as well as do. Our local Blind Services has a room like that for the little kids and I am trying to some degree to copy it. Some days I just dream about how it will be to have them home and enjoying everything! I hope to have everything done by this weekend and pictures up-hopefully!!!!!

Everything is getting into place, hopefully that is a good sign that we are close to leaving to go get them!!! Please remember to pray for them and us! Thanks!


Last Monday night we had just gone to bed when we got a phone call from a church a pastor, you think the worst, someone is sick or has died....well our member said everything was fine and then just kinda waited...then he dropped the bomb...his family was buying us a new van!!!!!! We almost passed out:) We met him Tuesday night and picked up a brand new Kia van:) It's lovely:) You can see it above. I like the picture where it is with our old 2000 Dodge Caravan, big difference there! We are so grateful to our dear friends and overwhelmed by the provision of the Lord to us. Never did we expect this and are just amazed by how God is providing for us and for Sarah and Seth! They will be riding in style:) And I love that the windows are tinted, we plan on getting them eye surgery this summer and that will make it easier on their eyes while they are recovering. God is in the details and it is amazing!!!!!!!! I'm blown away.....

We are scheduled for our dossier to be submitted on Thursday so please pray for us that it will all go smoothly and we have our travel date within 2 weeks. It seems we are so close but still so far away!

As always plese pray for Sarah and Seth that God will protect them and keep them healthy!!!!!!!! Thank you all for your prayers!