Saturday, June 25, 2011

Personal Responsibility & Honesty

Where has Personal Responsibility gone to??? In today's world, everything is someone else's fault. If you gain weight, it's McDonald's fault, if your kids are a mess it's their friend's fault, If you get caught doing something wrong (like Weiner) it's the media's fault for catching goes on & on....If you've been told to evacuate your town because there is a hurricane coming, and you don't, it's the government's fault....if you're depressed & can't work it's someone's fault & the government should pay you to stay home....

Personal Responsibility does anyone take responsibility for their own lives anymore????? Between the news, reading facebook & blogs...I feel like slapping somebody! But they made me do it Officer.... Remember the old show where the guy would say "the devil made me do it"?

I absolutely HATE how the world & America is becoming! Few people have personal integrity. I can think of a few people who if they say they are going to do something, they will do it come hell or high water. They take respondsibity for their actions & even to some degree for their families' actions. Isn't that how we are supposed to be?

Quit the blame game!!!! Everything is someones else fault....Nope that is not true. YOU are responsible for yourself. Between being a minister's wife for 22 years & spending 13 years working as a probation officer, I think I have heard every excuse under the sun! People blaming other's for their horrible lives....GET OVER IT!!!!!

Life is life, you get ONE time around. If you want to screw up your life by wasting it blaming others & circumstances for your crappy life, go for it! I absolutely chose not to do that!!!!!!!

I think I can say this because if you knew my background I've got plenty of reason to whine! Not too many people can top my background, growing up years & personal tragedies. But I don't blame the past or other people for my actions. I can look at things objectively & realize why I've done some of the things I have done because of my past but I don't blame my past! There have been times in the past when I blamed circumstances on why I was doing something & even gave myself permission to do things because I was angry...but I learned from that ! I'm not saying I'm healed or perfect at all but I am saying if I can get past the past, you can too!!!!!

Recently we had an issue with one of our kids. I was talking to someone about it & she suggested it happened because of a friend. (don't get me wrong I know that "bad company corrupts good morals") but in this case, I didn't buy it at all! I feel it was my child's fault for his actions. In his favor he didn't blame anyone else & did take responsibility & is facing the consequences. That is what I want to teach my kids!

People be responsibility! Get back to some values. Quit being wishy-washy! Say what you mean & mean what you say!

There is something inside me that makes me be responsible even when I don't want to be! Sometimes I wish I could shut it off to be quite honest. I'm not trying to toot my own horn and maybe I have too big of a dose but there are some folks I'd like to give a dose to! I can promise you that if I say something, I'll do it or at least try my best to do it even if I don't necessarily want to do it! That's just who I am. And I take responsibility for my actions. I'm not perfect but I won't hide behind an excuse either. If I do something wrong, I pray & ask God to forgive me & I try & make it right if it pertains to another person. Unfortunately I have a a very hard time lying. LOL not that I'm a saint, sometimes a half truth might be better than the whole truth. But for some reason I can't do that either. A friend of mine called me "honest to a fault" LOL that's usually what gets me in the most trouble is my honesty. I tend to say the things most people won't. Not to be mean to someone but just to be real about a situation, even if the honesty reflects badly on me.

Did you ever see that movie "Liar Liar"? I think that was the name. Anyhow this guy is a lawyer & a terrible liar, something happens & he can't lie anymore. Everything that comes out of his mouth is the truth even when he doesn't want it to be. I feel quite like that much of the time! LOL I just can't be a social liar! I don't get it, can't understand it but...that is just me! I try to stay silent when I possibly can but many times, I can't stay silent! So if you don't want the truth, don't talk to me about your life. I have a minor in counseling but I can tell you I am NOT a counselor!!! I think I've seen so much in my life, so many horrible examples that it is hard for me to stay quiet. I can restrain myself if you don't talk to me about something but if you do....well.... We all think we are unique creatures but I hate to tell you "there is nothing new under the sun" Your life story is often quite like someone else's & your problems are no different than any other's. Your circumstances or location may be different but the human patterns are all so the same old, same old! So when I see someone rushing headlong into a situation I've seen happen over & over again, I want to stop them. But I have learned something over the years, I can't change anyone. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna deliver my heart to them & tell them what I think if I'm engaged in conversation but people tend to have to make mistakes for themselves. Sometimes they continue making the same mistake over & over again before they learn if ever.....I feel I have a respondibity in my sphere of influence to share God's truth & real life applications with others but only that person can change their lives by submitting to God on the spiritual level & following Godly patterns in the practical level.

All my years of working with delinquents showed me how so alike we humans are....I still shared with them about how the path they were on would end up, that was my moral & ethical duty but I can't say it made any or much of a difference. Most of them had to hit the rock bottom I told them about before they ever wanted a real change in their lives. I see the same thing today with people I deal with. If you keep making worldly choices, then you are gonna reap what you sow! It's a principal that is true in my life & in yours too! I've made my choice to live as close to God's word as possible to ensure that I nor my family will wind up shipwrecked! I've seen so many many many lives scares me! i don't want to end up like that nor will I!!!! I have the confidence I won't because of the choices I've made. I can't say my kids will never get in trouble or go out in the world but I can promise you that Jon & I will make it hard for them to get there! We will stand in their way! What I mean is we stand in their way by watching who they hang out with, where they go, what they listen to, what they watch on tv....we are not permissive. I can promise you I'll never give my kids a drop of alcohol, or a cigarette, or allow a girlfriend over to spend the night or even to hang out at our house.... they won't be watching bad movies in our home. I can't make their choices for them but believe me until they are old enough to take the responsibility for their choices, we're gonna help them with those choices!!!

I feel like we need to "man up" & do the right thing even if it's tough. Take responsibility for your actions & life. Be a person who is dependable. I sitting here thinking of all my friends & family, and folks I know, and I hate to say it there are alot of folks who I don't really think of as being dependable. Some are dependable to be undependable....truth hurts....

I want to be a person of integrity that is known to be who & what she says she is. Not perfect but responsible & truthful. I don't want to blame (in my case) Pepsi & Pizza Hut, cause I'm not a size 5! I also do NOT have hormonal problems!!!! Can I just say here for the heck of it...Do NOT tell me you have an hormonal imbalance & can't lose weight while you are eating doughnuts, sitting on the couch watching a soap opera!!!!!! Quit blaming everything & everyone but yourself!!!!

And I really hate the blame game in the church world! The devil did NOT make you do it! A scripture that gets misquoted all the time is "God will not give you anymore than you're able to bear..." People tell me that verse ALL the time & ALL the time I correct them!!! They look at my situation with Sam & think they are being comforting by telling me God won't give me any more of a burden than what I'm able to bear but the Bible doesn't promise us that anywhere! It's actually from a verse in 1Corinthians 10:13 which reads "No temptation has over taken you except such as is common to man but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to bear but with the temptations will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear it" So basically don't blame your sin on God or anything in your life because if you trust in Him, He will make a way of escape from that temptation! So whether the temptation is anger, overeating, sex, whatever...He will make a way of escape. YOU have just got to take that way of escape! The bible tells us to FLEE youthful lusts, FLEE fornication and the principle is there to FLEE any kind of sin!

I love what a pastor friend said one time as several of us were discussing, via a text, alcohol consumption..." No no never, give place to the devil"! So don't give any place to the devil in your life, man up, be responsible & do right!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yeah it's summer, school is out (sorta) around here!

Steve is doing an Algebra class to make sure he gets all his maths for high school-he needs 5! He goes 3 days a week. We hope he will get ahead & be able to do college courses his senior year. He is also working on getting his Driver's License. He is almost finished with that class...Yikes! He started training for a Triathlon at the YMCA. he goes 3 days a week & is doing great! His last timed 1 mile run was 8:14! Woohoo! I told him it is the summer of Steve with all his activities!

Sam has summer services through the school board. His wonderful speech teacher comes for 1 1/2 hours a week & he gets VT/academics for 4 hours a week. I've also started him at a low vision clinic where he gets 2 hours bi weekly. And he just got an evaluation for Ot & PT just got to get him a place to go to. So he has remained busy!

Shad is enjoying summer with no stress:)

We will be taking Sam to NY for an exam probably in August. We are probably not going to be taking him to Miami anymore. We feel it is better to see the doctor who is an expert in PA/Kpros...long story....But we are looking forward to our trip, seeing all our dear friends who live in the Rochester area & doing some fun things while we are there!

We hope to also have a real family vacation. We had hoped to go to the Grand Canyon but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen. We will have our NY trip & hopefully a week somewhere in Florida on a beach maybe St Augustine....We are trying to take advantage of our close beaches weekly! Why live in Florida & not go to the beach right???? Sam is not allowed in a pool, he could get an eye infection but the salt water is ok although of course we are so careful with him!

All the work is done on the church & it looks great!!! So glad it is beautiful & so glad it is finished!!!

So life has remained busy but all is well:)