Thursday, April 8, 2010

More pics from HRSP

More pictures from our day at the river. I love going but I have no envy for the campers! I like to be able to come home to my cool & clean house. I'm an outdoor girl but not one for camping! Too many bugs & skeeters! I can stay outside all day but I want to know I can come home to a clean shower and a/c! Today the mosquitoes were so bad we had to go and buy spray and the little store. I really don't like spraying chemicals all over us but it beat the alternative! But it was beautiful today so it was worth it. We got a good hour hike in, thank goodness for the jogging stroller, it can go over everything. Sam loves for us to walk him, he sang/hummed a little song to us today so sweet!

Hillsborough River State Park trip 4/8/10

We had lunch then we went to the HRSP. This year we bought a year pass to the Florida State Parks and since HRSP is only about 10 miles from our house, it comes in handy. It's only about 4 miles from the prison so Jon can go and walk there during his lunch break. Most of the trails are very shady and cool, well as cool as it can get in Florida. We saw a big alligator today and some turtles. I'd love to be out there at night with a flashlight, I bet you'd be see alot of red eyes in the River. Red eyes are the alligator's reflection. We used to live on a lake and it was something at night to count the alligators! I like HRSP, it actually has a small rapids, that you can walk to. It's so pretty & peaceful!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pics from our Easter Lunch and the new chairs for the church!

Sunday was fun and worked great in the new hall. It was so nice to have lunch in a cool clean new fellowship hall! I loved the big serving areas and we had hookups for crock pots and warmers! Yeah! Fun!

Today the new chairs are in the back of the sanctuary until we can get the pews out. Hoepfully we can sell them on Craigslist!

Easter 2010

Easter was great! Sam & the other boys loved their Easter baskets. For the first time Sam to some small extent, hunted Easter Eggs. He held his basket and would pick up an egg when Sam would take him to it. He was laughing alot. We had a great lunch at the church in the new fellowship hall and then we went over to some friends home and the boys played in the pool. Shad was so cold he turned blue but he wouldn't stay out of the pool.

The night before Easter Shad decided the barber had not done a good enough job on his hair so he cut it for himself! He has 3 huge chunks missing!!! I didn't mind so much that he did it but he would not tell the truth for the longest time. That really bothered me. There was black hair all over the bathroom counter & floor and eh was standing there with chunks out of his hair telling me he didn't do nothing...I sent him to bed and didn't let hi help with the Easter eggs for the egg hunt. I hope he learned to tell the truth!

We have new chairs for our church given to us by another church in this area! Yeah They are burgany & match the carpet better than the old pews did. I'm trying to sell the old pews on craigslist. If they don't sell soon, off to the dump or Habit for Humanity they go!!! When all the remodelling is done in the church, we'll have green chairs and these will go in the fellowship hall. It all worked out well. It's exciting to see things happen around here!!

By the end of this month, the work should begin on the parsonage roof and hopefully next month on the church. It's exciting to see our dream/vision for this church's facilities come to pass!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Baskets- what I learned....

Early this week I was shopping for the boys' Easter baskets. I always make their own as they like certain candy and it's just more fun for us. I usually don't make Sam one. He doesn't like anything sweet except some real fruit. It's really hard to do some of the more traditional things with/for him. Even Christmas, he doesn't understand opening presents and usually gets rather bothered by all the noise confusion...

So I started getting very upset in Walmart! As I was walking around, I was so sad about life and Sam's swept over me like a flood. I was in the candy aisle battling tears & anger and really trying to deal with my emotions. I haven't had anything like that hit me for awhile! It makes me MAD that he can't enjoy all the things all the other kids do!!!!!! Not that I want him rotting out his teeth with candy but I want him to be NORMAL!!!!!! And that is never gonna happen-it's so hard to deal with sometimes!!

As I was trying to deal with all of this in my heart, I thought about the things that Sam does enjoy and began focusing on the things he loves and I had an inspiration...I filled his basket with cans of black eye peas, soup, a ball and some toys for the bath tub. So I chose to focus on those things that make him happy and not be overwhelmed with the "normal kid things" that he doesn't care about and it really helped me.

Sure I'm still a bit sad, all holidays do this to me because he doesn't react like all the other kids but he's my boy & I would have chosen HIM over all the other kids in the world anyhow so it just makes him unique!

So focus your life on the positives rather than the negatives and believe me it will help. There are many things we can't change but we can learn to roll with life's punches- it makes life easier....