Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slip & Slide Shad!

Nothing says SUMMER like a slip & slide!






Shad enjoyed his new slip & slide today:) 
The funniest quote of the month was from him today....he cracks us up.
Today he says to our he (Shad NOT the nurse) was weeding the garden  "I don't know why people smoke weed, I don't even like to pull them!"  
The nurse came back in side in stiches!!!  We all had a good laugh about that!  The nurse swears our family would make a wonderful reality show:)  LOL
Speaking of TV....I got a message to call Bay News 9...looks like they are interested in our insurance story....Planning on doing an interview on Monday:) 
Selah is still calm but she is having to be suctioned a lot more than normal.. Sometimes she only needs a few times in a shift, today she has been suctioned about 12 times already..... hope nothing is going on with her!!
Sarah had her last swim lesson and did so good.  We are looking at classes in September for her. 
Just a short blog is the last day of July and we are ending up our fund raiser for the Monier family.  We raised $420!!   Thank you all who gave!!!!    You can still participate in bringing stuff over to the church for a yard sale for them in September.  Contact me at 
Tomorrow I will introduce you to another family who is adopting twins:) 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Sweet Memories.....

Everything is good around here....Selah has had a good few days and seems very content.
Sarah had swimming lessons today and had so much fun.
I wanted to share some good pictures of our family over the years with you....they are out of order... but some of my favorites.... Hope you enjoy them....
AT Niagara  Falls 2011

Chattanooga Tenn 2011

Stony Brook State park NY 2011

NF 2011 with my sweet niece

Jon and me in NYC on Liberty Island 1990...we were so young

Jon and me at NF 2006 on Maid of the Mist

Abe Lincoln's birth place with college friends 2011

Me and my love 2007?

Honeymoon Island 2010

Christmas 2008  Look at my babies!

Epcot 2010
I took this picture!  At Epcot

Me and my little man

Jon and me at Epcot

the whole family at that time

Flowers in a field in NC 2010

LOL  a dead gator on Father's Day near our house....

LOVE this picture at HoneyMoon Island


GATORLAND!  One of our fav places....I didn't put the pictures on of us on Gators:) 

OMG I did not notice till AFTER the picture that the snake was around Sam's neck like that LOL  This is one we bought there!!!!  I like snakes but.......

Sam on the piano

Christmas pictures 2010

Chimney Rock NC  2010 one of my favorite places in the world






this picture of me and Sam is so precious to was in Nov 09 I think...we had to make an emergency trip to NY because our doctors in Miami made some mistakes with his eye implants and wanted to do a surgery.... we would not let them and headed out for NY.  This was somewhere in Virginia at a rest stop....  Sam had just walked up a hill by himself for the first time and I just felt like everything would be ok and it was.....

Some more pictures from that trip...yes we went to NF as we had an appointment then a free day before the  EUA

Jon and me with our dear college friends Dan and Charlene who live in the NY area. 

my little men....

On Steve's 14th bday!

LOL  Jon and me in 1990

Valentine's Banquet 1985 I think....
me and my dear friend Kim and Todd and Joel  (who just had an email read by Bill O Reilly on his show last night! )

LOl  me trying my best to look sexy in 1986?

DC Vacation 2006


Christmas 2006

First trip to NF 2006



Smoky Mountain Railroad 2010?

Chimney rock Nc





One of my favorite pictures of us.....
Please remember to pray for Selah.......I'm thankful the last few days have been so good for her....
BTW....I have stuck to my 'no eating out" except we did go out on Sunday since it was raining and the guys couldn't go kayaking.....and I have a standing Tuesday Tradition with a close friend  so we had lunch today....But I've been cooking like crazy.  Tomorrow I'm going to share a great recipe that I used tonight:)