Thursday, October 29, 2015

Follow Up On Case

When I wrote yesterday's blog, I did not find out as much info beforehand as I should have.  The little girl has Charcot Marie Tooth Disease according to other news sources.  As I read more about this situation, I became even more disturbed.  While every single case of any disease is different, for example Sam and Sarah both have Peter's Anomaly,  Sam seems to be more affected by the small statue &heart mummer, while Sarah has more structural abnormality's in her eyes.  Both have the mental delays and some muscular  issues.  Anyhow in everything I read about CMT, there was little talk about life expectancy being abnormal- in other words this is NOT a fatal disease.  There were a few references to the fact sometimes there is decreased lung capacity. 

Having been in the "special needs world for almost 12 years, I can read between the lines.  My take on this is the family has decided not to have a trach done on the child.  A trach would alleviate the pain of the suctioning down her nose.   After a trach is done, there is no pain associated with it.  It's very easy to suction, even deep suction the lungs. 

I tell you what happens ......  when a child needs a trach, the parents are told that they can have it done, but they are told they do NOT have to have this done.  We were told that with Selah and I've had several other parents tell me the same thing happened to them.  The doctors will say without one, evidently your child will have an issue that can not be resolved and will pass away.  Honestly to me, I felt like the doctors were giving us "a way out" and it made me MAD!   Once a trach is in place, there is a medicine called  tobramycin that can be inhaled through the trach that will fight lung infections.  Selah has been on it for years.  It's a miracle drug. 

I don't mean to come across as unfeeling or unkind but I believe in LIFE-   I refuse to embrace the culture of death that is in our world today.  I refuse to embrace not fighting for a child's life, I refuse to embrace euthanasia, I refuse to embrace doctor supported suicide, I refuse to embrace abortion or the killing of newborns who are not "perfect"  I believe in supporting the elderly and not hastening their deaths......

There is a time to let go, when doctors say there is absolutely no hope, but even in that, one must be very careful not to hasten death.  I'm not against a DNR (do not resuscitate) but I am against letting a person get to that point unless there is no hope.  I just do not believe this is the case. 

So you might say I don't  know this child's whole medical history and I do not.  But knowing what I know, I'd guess there are things that could be done for her that could lengthen her life and even make it less painful. 

This whole situation bothers me very much.

I've had four times where I've had to make end of life decisions and it has never been easy.

 The first time I was only about 25 and my great aunt was put on a respirator and had several medical things happen at once.  I was greatly troubled that as next of kin, I was asked to make the decision to turn off the machine.  Jon and I called some ministers we knew and discussed it with them but I was just sick.  We were at the hospital with her, waiting for the doctor to come.  I was still undecided and walked out of the room ( a friend had stopped by) within 5 minutes, the nurse was running for me, her heart stopped just that quick.  I was grateful not to have to make the decision to take her off life support. 

The Sam, several times we had to make decisions about him and we always were conservative and fought to save him.

In 2012, right after adopting the girls, my birth brother fell into a coma and I was called in.  I had not seen him but once as an adult & maybe three times as a child.  He had recently moved to our area and we had planned to get together, he had cancer.  Then he had a massive heart attack.  When I was called in along with my birth mother, it was extremely uncomfortable.  She had not seen him in over 20 years.  He had a long time girl friend but the doctor was not including her in the discussion.  I felt it should be her call as they had been together for decades and refused to sign anything without her involved.  Eventually the decision was made to remove him from life support.  He lived a few days before passing away. 

Then of course, only a month later, we would be making the same type of decisions for Selah.  We always wanted to fight for her, to give her the best chance ever.  Believe me we were offered " a way out" several times.  At one point a doctor counseled me about how horrible our life and our other four children's lives were going to be if let her live, and if we took her home to care for her.  As you can imagine, I sent that doctor PACKING and refused to allow her back on Selah's case.  That was the last thing I needed to hear.  Of course I was scared out of my mind but I knew what the right thing to do was.....  SO I KNOW what doctors say and I know the kind of things that are done, so it makes me a bit suspicious.  We've had some of the same things said to us about Sam but not to the level it was with Selah. 

All I can say is that little girl and her family need prayer. 

But YOU need to think deeply before you make decisions of life and death for someone else and for yourself.  It's a very serious thing.  Make your decisions for LIFE before you are confronted with a situation.  In this world of medical marvels, chances are you will be confronted at some point with medical decisions that are very serious.  The only time I wasn't sure of the right thing to do was with my aunt.  But now I could make the decision to take her off the life support as there was so many things going on with her and her age (over 80)   With my children, I knew to fight for them.  With my brother, he did have terminal cancer and there was little to no brain activity.  However that decision was made by his long time girl friend and agreed on by everyone else.  BTW, she is such a wonderful person, I wish I'd gotten to know her sooner.  She has become a friend. 

Taking someone off life support, is one thing.  Not acting before that person gets to that point is quite another thing!

These decisions are hard, no doubt but LIFE needs to be protected!


Well changing the subject, we are enjoying Fall in Florida.  I took the kids outside for about 2 hours today and they are some tired kiddos tonight.  Sarah has had some issues staying asleep lately but hopefully she won't tonight.  Since she lost all her sight last spring, she's had some issues. That's not unusual many completely blind people have an issue with sleep.   She tends to get out of bed and lay on her rug.  Between Jon and me, one of us will wake up and go check on her and put her back in bed.  Last night I laid out a bean bag chair a blanket and a huge pillow on the floor.  Of course she didn't get out of bed all night LOL! 

Sam is finally using the little slide and both of them can sit in a regular swing seat.  Sarah swings herself pretty good, Sam is lazier.  But they love being outside.  It makes for much happier kids.

In the summertime in Florida it's hard for my little ones to be outside, it's too hot, too many bugs (they don't know how to knock them off), lots of rain we enjoy our Fall/Winter/Spring outside.  Otherwise we are on the screened front porch with ceiling fans on!  They love that but don't get much direct sun or exercise.   Selah has been going outside too again.  She really hadn't been out much since we moved.  Her nurse noticed a plane and she remarked to Selah "look at the plane" and she looked up!  It seemed to amaze her nurse today:)  

My sweet father in law is still hanging in there.  My husband and his brothers have had to make some medical decisions in his care and I'm so proud that they have all made the decisions that have enabled him to live in comfort. They respect his LIFE.  My oldest brother in law has spent the last 20 years really being there for my father in law, he moved PaPa in with his family after my mother in law passed.  My brother in law and his wife have been an example of a son who did everything for his dad.  Of course Jon and his younger brother were involved too but not on that day to day basis like they have been.  We as a family respect life, even when life may not be easy or comfortable.  God gives the grace.  My younger brother in law and his wife have done a lot of care for her parents.  I'm glad all our kids have seen the various examples set by each family member.  That gives them a legacy that is not too common this day and age. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I always feel like Thursday night is our Friday.  Jon usually works late but he's off on Friday and Saturday.  Steve is coming home this weekend:)  It will be short but it's always good to see him.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's a Slippery Slope

Until recently I have always been an avid news watcher but I swear now I just get sicken by many of the things I see.  This article was sent to me about a little girl with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

So this little FIVE year old girl has been given the choice of whether or not she wants to go back to the hospital if she gets sick again or "go to heaven"  This story will lead you to believe that SMA is a disease that is painful, but it's not necessarily painful. It's awful.  It's similar to ALS.  Evidently the child gets to the point she may need a trach/vent to get oxygen and a g-tube to eat but even then, life is worth living.  Why do I know this?  I have a good friend who has a daughter with SMA.  Her daughter is a TEENAGER and she is living a full life.  She has a trach/vent and a g-tube now but she is still living life.  She tends to get pneumonia and lung infections, but that only slows her down till she goes in the hospital, gets some meds and gets better.  BTW in the video the little girl is in a vest that shakes her and loosens the mucus in her lungs, many kids use that kind of vest. 

I don't know the Snow family but I wonder what kind of doctors they have that would allow them not to get treatment for their daughter?  It makes me worried!

My friend's daughter Paige is a hot mess, she loves school, her friends and her family.  She has strong opinions and gets in trouble for talking too much:)   She dresses up for Halloween, goes to school, goes to school functions, she goes on vacation with her family and right now they are building a new home.  She is involved in LIFE! 

Ready to go out
At the new house work site

When she was little, the doctors said she wouldn't live past three years old.  Then they changed the I think they just stay quiet.   No she is not cured, yes the SMA has progressed.  Yes it totally sucks that she has to deal with it.  Now she has a trach, she's on a g-tube and she hated that but she is here....and she is enjoying LIFE!  I'm sure she wished her life was different, I wish it were too, but she's embraced the life she has.  Her parents have embraced her life.  They've been very proactive with her treatments and are on top of things. 

Every case is different, as each DNA is different. One writer on the comment section of the video seems to have more info than what the video shared but regardless I feel this is being shared to garner attention for the "right to die" movement. 

What worries me is not only did the family make the decision to allow the little five year old girl to say whether she wanted treatment anymore but that this is celebrated as something "good". 

We live in a "culture of death"  It's will affect all of us.  LIFE is not celebrated anymore. 

When I look at Selah, or my other two children who are disabled, I see them enjoying their life.  Yes there are hardships at times.  My father in law has been bed ridden for some time and some may see a person like him as not worth living, I don't I see his life as just as important as anyone else's.  

When I see articles like this, I am sad for the family.  I'm very sad for this child who has had to deal with more than most adults have ever had to deal with and who has a short life expectancy.   Life is not always fair or even. 

Unfortunately, this family felt they were safe to speak out on this and share with the world their decision.  They felt is was ok because of the world we live in now is more open to euthanasia than ever before.  This is celebrated as a "wonderful thing" that this child has the "right"  to decide not to get treatment anymore.....  it's a slippery slope.....

 Read about it here 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday Steve!

Happy 20th Birthday to Steve!  It does NOT seem possible that two decades have past since the day of his birth. 

On the 25th of October, I went in for a regular stress test.  Since I was high risk I'd been having four a week for the last couple of weeks.  I was so unconcerned that I told Jon to go out with his dad, who was visiting us BEFORE  the baby came-Steve wasn't due for another month.  So Jon and Papa were out in NYC and I was on the subway headed to my appointment at St Luke Roosevelt's.  The subway ride was memorable as a man actually stood up and gave me his seat LOL.  Once I got to the hospital and got hooked up....all hell broke loose.   Evidently the baby's heartbeat was so irregular and at times non existent that they had me up on Labor & Delivery floor before anyone could think straight.  

Of course this was back before cell phones....Jon didn't even have a pager so I had NO way of getting in touch with him, talk about feeling alone in NYC!   When they got me in the room, and handed me the traditional gown, I went to walk into the bathroom to change since there was about 20 people in my room.  One of the nurses yelled at me to "Change NOW" that made me realize how scary things were and I stripped right there in front of God and everyone with the door opened!   They had me sign all the paperwork for an emergency C-section and actually shaved me!  Then I got the nice surprise of an enema! son better love me!

In an emergency situation, I get quiet and withdrawn.  I don't think I cried even once.  By the time, everything got done, Steve's heart rate was more stable.  So they held off on the C-section. 

Hours later, I got in touch with Jon and he got up to the hospital!  The doctors thought they'd work on inducing my labor slowly while watching Steve.  If things went downhill, we were headed right to the OR.  So Thursday morning they started me on some drugs, nothing really made much of a difference.  I really didn't feel like I was in labor.  That night they turned up the Pitocin (the drug from SATAN himself) and gave me an epidural.  (something I'd been asking for since I got to Labor & Delivery LOL)  I really wasn't in pain but the epidural didn't numb me at all.  I was such an idiot, I mentioned it but since I wasn't in pain no one really paid me no mind.......

THEN came 6 am Friday morning....October 27th.  I woke up in complete agony.   I kept telling them to FIX IT!!!!!   But I was at like less than 1 CM.  By 8 am I was at 8 CM and was pretty sure I was going to die and really did not care as long as the pain stopped!

If you've never had labor induced, you have no idea of what labor is.  The labor pains do NOT stop....not for one second.  Oh they'd peak, but the lowest they'd go was enough to make a person go crazy.  At one point, I pulled Jon up to me and said "I. WILL.NEVER. EVER. DO THIS AGAIN"...    He was agreeing to anything at that point. 

At 10 am I was at 10 cm and they told me to push- I had already started pushing.  Then they told me NOT to push.  I totally ignored them, there was no way to stop my body from pushing.  Steve continued to be a willful child and was is the position of "sunny side up" with his face facing up rather than down so he wasn't going any further. 

NICU was called in since he was a month early and had been having so many problems.  Luckily they were not needed at all. 

Finally after almost two hours of pushing, the doctor delivered him by forceps.  That was beyond awful.....  but it was over!  My words were "Thank God"  Smart aleck doctor said "What about thanking Me?"  He got a glare! 

They had asked if I wanted to see the baby delivered via a mirror- I had declined.  In fact in one of my few moments of clarity I had asked them to clean him up before they gave him to me.  I didn't want him just plopped up all me all dirty.  ( Yes you can tell I was a little bit unsure about all of this!)

Well my second statement was "what is it?"  since just two weeks before we'd been shocked that the little girl we thought we were having was in fact a little boy (that was at the 9th ultrasound)   So in my heart I was hoping the 9th ultrasound tech was wrong.   Everyone was like 'it's a boy" I was so disappointed but then they plopped that little very dirty boy up on me and the star dust fell on me and I was so instantly in love with him. 

I'd never felt a love like I felt at that moment.....of course I've been blessed to experience it four more times now, in an OR, and two different orphanages.....but that moment was amazing, totally beyond words. 

Some people say they forget the pain, I may not be able to explain the pain but I dang sure I've never forgotten the pain.  In fact when the doctor told me that Sam was breech and had to be delivered by C-section I said "Thank God!"  He just started laughing and told me that was the first time he'd had a mom say that!  And by the way, the C-section was the easiest thing in the world!!!  Not only was the delivery a walk in the park (although there were so many worries about Sam), the recovery was amazingly easy for me.  Let's just delicately say Steve's birth was something I have never fully recovered from.  Sam's birth was so unbelievably  easy- I'm still grateful to him !!!!

But despite 8 months of throwing up every day.....I had morning sickness until I was home from the hospital with Steve....and the world's worst delivery..... Steve was the most wonderful baby/toddler/pre-schooler/adolescent and teenager EVER!!!!  We've enjoyed each and every part of the journey with him.  He's the one who started us on this parenthood path.  It's still unbelievable that he is now out of his teen years.  This part of his life as a young adult is thrilling to be a part of, but hard since he is away from us at college.  It does make us treasure every time we are all together.  We can't wait to see what is ahead for him.

Today we dropped by the college and brought him some cupcakes.  Luckily he had left something he needed for a class at home LOL  and no I didn't hide it so I'd have an excuse to go by!   I have worked on any little bit of helicoptering I might feel to do.  I was determined to not call or even text him daily and certainly not drop by too much.  We don't even get his grades or anything from the school, we feel that he can share things with us, but we don't want to be too involved.  We've always had a great relationship with him, it just is his time to make his own decisions and path.  Well it must be like that old saying "if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn't it never was "  LOL  I actually had that on a t-shirt!!!!!!   Anyhow he calls and texts us and comes home most weekends.  I love it.  He actually thanked me recently for not being like some of the parents who have treated college like it's an extended high school situation.   FOR THE RECORD- I'd prefer to live in an underground bunker with my kids for the rest of my life!  I don't like this growing up stuff LOL!  But I also realize there are meds for that.......

Look at Sarah looking at the camera!  A once in a lifetime moment!!!!!


The funny thing to me, since he is at our Alma Mater, I can remember hanging out in that lobby with friends 30 years ago.....that's just freaky to me (but in a good way) 
Being a parent has been the biggest adventure of my life.  We've had so many scary medical moments with our pregnancies and experienced losses.  We've had such highs and so many lows.....  I can relate to a lot of ladies out there who have had a hard time having a child.   If you are in that position, I encourage you to continue trying, but maybe adoption is a viable option for you too.  It certainly makes you a parent just like birth does (and it's a whole lot less painful LOL) 
Well Happy Birthday to Steve-O you started us down a path we never imagined....but have loved!  

Monday, October 26, 2015

We are still here!!!

WOW!  It's been awhile since I've updated.  As always I've written lots of blogs in my mind but they never got to the page.....

So since our anniversary, we were away a couple of days at a conference for Jon's work.  We stayed in Orlando and had a friend stay with the kids at home.

Then  Jon took Sam to NY to see his eye doctor last Sunday- Wednesday.  We thought it was the least disruptive to the family if just one of us flew up with him.  Since I was still dealing with a lot of nausea from the meds I was put on, we thought it was best for Jon to go with him.   Sam did great and his eye pressure was with the safe range.  He did have an exam done under anesthesia and they were able to get some good pictures of his eye and his optic nerve, which proved that his glaucoma has not worsen.  Sam loves to fly and made it easy on daddy.  It was hard for me to not be with him but everything went good.  I gave him lots of kisses when I dropped them off and when I picked them up! 

This was Sam at 3 am when they were leaving!

We've always struggled with trying to find someone in Florida or at least the South that could oversee Sam's eye care but each time, we have had failures.  Every single time the doctors have flipped out on us, and diagnosed problems that were not really there. Having a corneal implant (K-Pro)  is rare.  We've made the decision that we will just continue with seeing only the doctors in NY.  It is too complicated to try and work with a doctor that does not have their experience.  Our main doctor, is nearing his retirement but he has other doctors who can oversee Sam, since he is 8 years post op.   It's easier to just go where we have people we trust!!

When we were driving into the airport to pick up Sam and Jon, a Delta plane flew in right over us.  I thought it would be funny if it were them but we were about 30 minutes early BUT it was them!  Jon called me to say they'd landed before we'd gotten into parking.  I thought that was cute!

Steve was home a bit more than usual last week as he drove me back and to from the airport for me and spent a couple of nights home.  Then they had a long weekend so when we took him back to college last night it was hard!  It's so much fun when he gets here and so sad when he leaves.  We did some fun things while he was home this weekend including going to see Goosebumps.  Shad had been waiting to see it with Steve. 

We also moved all our outdoor stuff to our front yard.  We'd thought the back yard with all the beautiful pine trees would be the best place to have the swings but the ground has stayed too wet and there are more bugs back there.  So we moved all of it and I cloroxed everything off.  We finally have outdoor weather in Florida!!!


I found a set of clearance seat cushions for our outdoor swing!!! 

Jon's dad is still defying the odds and is still with us.  He is such a strong man, despite his age and health conditions.  We all went to see him last night and it was a sweet time.  I hadn't gone to see him in awhile, Jon goes almost daily but of course I keep the little ones at home so he can spend time focused on his dad.  Last night I shared with PaPa about what a good father in law he has been to me.  He's been better to me than my natural father ever thought of being.  I was blessed with good in laws.  My mother in law passed away only a few months after Jon & I married but we had time to bond.  I've missed her many times over the years.  Thank you for your continued prayers that he will remain comfortable and at peace.
Thank you to my Winter Haven Florida friend who sent the kids two Cabbage Patch dolls and a horse for the dolls.  Sam really likes them.  My friend had sent me another one a couple of years ago and Sam played with it a lot, then I bought a little girl outfit and gave it to Sarah.  It was even our Baby Jesus in the church play last Christmas.  Now he has two little boy Cabbage Patch dolls to play with!  Thank you my friend!

Between my blog and our church over $500 has come in for the Philippine orphanage.  We were able to buy 100 pair of Crocs for just $1 a piece for another ministry in the Philippines also.  We also were able to buy two washing machines for the orphanages  I love to give in practical ways!  You can get involved by sending a check to Grace Church- Orphan Fund
7060 Berry Road
Zephryhills Fl 33540

Monday, October 12, 2015

It's a CRAZY life

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary!  The years have flown:)  I'm so glad to be married to Jon and realize as the years go by how blessed I truly am.  We are at a conference in Orlando for part of this week (part of Jon's work). This year the conference is at a nice time it was at a church's camp....I was NOT a happy camper about that! 

 This is a first for us, we have our wonderful respite worker (that we know and love personally) watching Sam and Sarah.  We've never left them over night with anyone but Steve.  That sounds so funny but Steve is very capable to taking care of the kids.  Anna, the young woman who is watching them is also and we are really happy that God allowed our paths to cross because otherwise I wouldn't feel safe leaving them.  Steve is at college so I feel like our family is very spread out this week.  We pretty much did any type of traveling as a "tribe" before now.  Life does bring changes.

So last week I ended up in the ER.  For the past six years I've had stomach/side pain that has gone undiagnosed.  The last two months things have been worse than ever so I was getting pretty worried about what was going on with me.  After a lot of testing, it seems that I have Crohn's Disease.
Only people who have been undiagnosed for years with something can relate to my feeling of relief in having an answer.  Honestly I was relieved it was not something worse and shocked that after all the testing that's been done on me that I've not been told this before.  In the past six years I've had two colonoscopies.  And while I knew I had colitis, and some diverticulitis,  no one ever said Crohn's. in spite of all the issues going on.  It may have just now gotten to the point that they feel it's Crohns and not some of the other, I don't know but my entire digestive system is involved at this point.  So..... I'm on two antibodics and a steroid.  Unfortunately they make me nauseated.  I'm being really careful with my diet right now, hoping to get the inflammation down.  I believe this will be quite the weight loss diet of the year for me LOL~!  

So again let me encourage you if you have anything going on medically, get it checked out!  I'm terrible at letting myself go while I'm taking care of my family but that doesn't help them in the long run. 

In spite of everything going on with me, we had a wonderful weekend.  Our son was home from college again, we went to the movies, I helped a little on some schoolwork and we just hung out together as a family.  Nothing else can be any better than that!

Sunday mornings are always a bit rough around our house.  Jon does an early service at the prison and that leaves me to get the kids up and going.  This past Sunday we had it all working ....we were going to be to church EARLY! BUT........  Shad comes running inside to tell me there was a bird stuck in our fence....WHAT??   Of course I thought he was exaggerating, nope not at all.  There was a BIG bird stuck in our chain link fence.  It was some type of crane, or maybe a blue heron, never really was sure of what kind it was....but I was SURE it had a LONG neck and a LONGER beak.  When Steve was little we watched "The Crocodile Hunter" and learned from Steve Irvin to always cover an animal's face.   So we got gloves on and a big towel out.  I was able to wrap his head/neck up and we tried to work him out.  We couldn't without a wire cutter so I called 911 and our wonderful Sheriff's Office came out and helped me.  The Officer could not have been any nicer.  He managed to cut just one small link and we were able to work the bird out.  He called a bird rescue that came to get the bird.  The funniest thing, the bird rescue people wanted to know WHAT kind of bird it was before they came out.  I wouldn't take the towel off its' head to take a picture of it because I did not want that thing to kill me.  So the rescue person told me if it was a blue heron (which is what they thought it was) the bill could go through my skull....that was reassuring as I was holding its body up facing it!  I dang sure wasn't going to take the towel off then!   Anyhow he lived and hopefully will recover.   I was praying out loud for the bird as we were trying to get it out.  It just seemed so hopeless.  I figure that the bible says that God knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, so He must know when a big bird does too!  You just can NOT make up my life.....there is no way!

We may be leaving for NY this Friday- it's hard because my dear father in law is nearing the end of his life and we just hate the thought of being so far away at this time.  However, Sam's eye pressure is up and the doctor's office had to reschedule him due to their situation last month.  It's very hard to know what to do.  We are putting off making a decision until we can talk to the doctor's office.  Sam will be having a procedure done under anesthesia and has to have two of his doctors there.  It's hard to get that all coordinated.  Every year there is some shifting but this year is worse since we are more concerned about Sam's eye than ever and also worried about Jon's daddy. 

Please keep Jon's dad in your prayers.  He has been a wonderful father, father in law and grandfather.  We pray that he stays comfortable and that this process is peaceful for him.  He's fought for a long time and is a strong man in so many ways. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

King's Garden Children's Home Philippines

King's Garden Children's Home Philippines  was founded in 1994 by a 76 year old widow.   The current director spoke at our church yesterday and I'm excited about partnering with them. 

Here is a short video clip that tells about their ministry.

They have a monthly operating budget of about $10,000 and which comes out to about $200 per child!  WOW! 

This is a list of their extra needs.
I've committed to buy the two washers.
If you'd like to contribute to them there are several ways you can do it.
Send a check or money order to
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
attn :Orphan fund
Send a check or money order to 
Assembly of God World Missions
1445 Booneville Ave
Springfield MO 65802
Acct # 292122 9
I'd really like for us to get behind this orphanage!!!
Their FB page- go like them!
Their web page is in the process of being updated.  They are 5 hours from Manila and have sketchy internet- I can relate!
If you want to ship something directly to them NOT cash
King's Garden Children's Home
Palonatin Road, Upper Sabatan, Orion, Bataan 2102 Philipppines
Our church has already helped to do some Christmas shoebox projects. 
Just had to add this story I found about the founder of KGCH
she was a missionary until she was 89!!!!!!!!!!   And I think my little tiny family wears me out sometimes!
In Clanton news....
Eleanor the cat (yes this is one of the "kittens) wants to make sure Shad was clean for school today. As he sat reading last night, he got a good cleaning!


 she got the back of his head too LOL
We had a great weekend. Our oldest son was home from college so that automatically makes it great:)  My heart was heavy as I thought of the families who lost their children to the shooter in Oregon. And my prayers remain with those families who had such strong loved ones that when asked they said "I am Christian" even knowing they were going to be killed.