Monday, October 26, 2015

We are still here!!!

WOW!  It's been awhile since I've updated.  As always I've written lots of blogs in my mind but they never got to the page.....

So since our anniversary, we were away a couple of days at a conference for Jon's work.  We stayed in Orlando and had a friend stay with the kids at home.

Then  Jon took Sam to NY to see his eye doctor last Sunday- Wednesday.  We thought it was the least disruptive to the family if just one of us flew up with him.  Since I was still dealing with a lot of nausea from the meds I was put on, we thought it was best for Jon to go with him.   Sam did great and his eye pressure was with the safe range.  He did have an exam done under anesthesia and they were able to get some good pictures of his eye and his optic nerve, which proved that his glaucoma has not worsen.  Sam loves to fly and made it easy on daddy.  It was hard for me to not be with him but everything went good.  I gave him lots of kisses when I dropped them off and when I picked them up! 

This was Sam at 3 am when they were leaving!

We've always struggled with trying to find someone in Florida or at least the South that could oversee Sam's eye care but each time, we have had failures.  Every single time the doctors have flipped out on us, and diagnosed problems that were not really there. Having a corneal implant (K-Pro)  is rare.  We've made the decision that we will just continue with seeing only the doctors in NY.  It is too complicated to try and work with a doctor that does not have their experience.  Our main doctor, is nearing his retirement but he has other doctors who can oversee Sam, since he is 8 years post op.   It's easier to just go where we have people we trust!!

When we were driving into the airport to pick up Sam and Jon, a Delta plane flew in right over us.  I thought it would be funny if it were them but we were about 30 minutes early BUT it was them!  Jon called me to say they'd landed before we'd gotten into parking.  I thought that was cute!

Steve was home a bit more than usual last week as he drove me back and to from the airport for me and spent a couple of nights home.  Then they had a long weekend so when we took him back to college last night it was hard!  It's so much fun when he gets here and so sad when he leaves.  We did some fun things while he was home this weekend including going to see Goosebumps.  Shad had been waiting to see it with Steve. 

We also moved all our outdoor stuff to our front yard.  We'd thought the back yard with all the beautiful pine trees would be the best place to have the swings but the ground has stayed too wet and there are more bugs back there.  So we moved all of it and I cloroxed everything off.  We finally have outdoor weather in Florida!!!


I found a set of clearance seat cushions for our outdoor swing!!! 

Jon's dad is still defying the odds and is still with us.  He is such a strong man, despite his age and health conditions.  We all went to see him last night and it was a sweet time.  I hadn't gone to see him in awhile, Jon goes almost daily but of course I keep the little ones at home so he can spend time focused on his dad.  Last night I shared with PaPa about what a good father in law he has been to me.  He's been better to me than my natural father ever thought of being.  I was blessed with good in laws.  My mother in law passed away only a few months after Jon & I married but we had time to bond.  I've missed her many times over the years.  Thank you for your continued prayers that he will remain comfortable and at peace.
Thank you to my Winter Haven Florida friend who sent the kids two Cabbage Patch dolls and a horse for the dolls.  Sam really likes them.  My friend had sent me another one a couple of years ago and Sam played with it a lot, then I bought a little girl outfit and gave it to Sarah.  It was even our Baby Jesus in the church play last Christmas.  Now he has two little boy Cabbage Patch dolls to play with!  Thank you my friend!

Between my blog and our church over $500 has come in for the Philippine orphanage.  We were able to buy 100 pair of Crocs for just $1 a piece for another ministry in the Philippines also.  We also were able to buy two washing machines for the orphanages  I love to give in practical ways!  You can get involved by sending a check to Grace Church- Orphan Fund
7060 Berry Road
Zephryhills Fl 33540

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