Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Church remodeled

Well after 5 yrs it is finished:)

As Jon said at the church dedication "When Yvonne & I came to this church, we realized there was alo of work to do..." So from almost day one we've been working on the church buildings. The santucary was the biggest most expensive job. It was a mess so now the santuary is basically all brand new. The sound room & the nursery too. What a job it has been. We were out of the buildng for 4 months meeting in the fellowhip hall. Thankfully a family in our church remodeled it last spring! We moved back into the church in March, it is so beautiful. The whole story how GOD brought everything together is rather remarkable.

I'm not one for cliches' but God birthed a vision for us, we saw the death of the vision then God caused the vision to become reality! At one point, it was hard to see that this remodeling (which symbolically is a rebuilding) would ever take place. BUT IT DID!!! We are so excited about everything that is going on with our church~Grace Church!

Some new pictures from Gatorland 3/11

We've always loved Gatorland but haven't gone since the little boys came along...we had FUN! It was so hot in the 90's but it was great! Everyone sat on the gators & we did a gator feeding not 5 ft from HUGE gators! I was holding Sam & throwing raw meat with the other hand. I felt like Steve Irwin when everyone got all mad when he was holding his baby & feeding a croc! We have a pic that shows us with our backs to the gators. That was the scariest part!

I've been nominated to the Florida Blind Services board & am being "vetted" for governor appointment. My husband says if these pictures get out I can forget it! LOL Hopefully that is not the case. I'm excited about the possible appointment & hope to get it if it's God's will for me. I feel I can be a loud voice for blind kids!

So all has been good with us & I'm thankful. I want to start back blogging but it's hard to put it in my day. I feel like I'm going all day long, although it is relaxing to me to do the blog.

Hope you like the pictures. It was fun, good memories...made me think of when Steve was 5 o 6 & we had an annual pass. We have so many pictures of him back then. Kinda makes me sad that, that little boy is now taller than me & still growing. I love seeing him grow but it is bittersweet. It's been so sweet to watch Steve grow up & become a man. I'm so proud of who he is becoming but I can still see that little boy running sown the walkways going to see the gators...sniff sniff (yes we went there alot!) But then we have Sam who NEVER grows so I guess I'll always have a baby:)

Sam update

I want to include my caringbridge page for Sam. I just did an update on him & the finding of our geneticist...It's hard to copy & paste for some reason so I've included the web address if you'd like more info on what is going on with him.