Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Playing Catch Up Once Again

Sam recently had an upper GI and a swallow study.  He was really sweet and cute through them.  He enjoyed a day out of town with daddy and mommy alone.  We joke around about our medical dates and vacations.  Everything was ok-nothing new.  He does hold a tiny bit of food liquid in his throat but we compensate by feeding him with a baby spoon. 

 Our son did a week long camera gig in Washington DC at Trump Hotel.  It was a blast for him  He got some sightseeing in, bought me a bunch of gifts (LOL) and had an awesome experience.  They almost had to drive home because of the hurricane- thankfully at the last moment the airports opened back up.  Now I'm ready to go back to DC it's been about 12 years since we really spent any time there 

 This is so funny

 His buddies

my trinkets he knows how to make me happy :)

Me and my twins:)  People always ask me if they are twins.  

A week later

 Sweet Selah

I"m back to walking 10,000 steps daily (or most days)  One morning I was the first (and only in the park)  It was pure magic!  I think my park missed me!

Today was another medical date for just us!  Jon had to have a steroid injection in his lower back  He was quite goofy from the pain meds at first but was happy to go and eat!  This is the restaurant Shad works at and they were surprised to see us with no kids!  

We've started doing intermittent fasting.  I'm so excited about it.  First it is really the way I eat normally -breakfast is not a meal for me even though I normally get up early all I want is coffee until about 11 or 12!  Since Friday i have lost 3 pounds.  Getting older has made maintaining my weight harder.  now after going through surgical menopause I know it's going to be much harder.  After getting my thyroid back on track I lost about 10 pounds but then since the surgery it's all crept right back up on me!!!

Looking at all the diets out there, there's none that we can stick with given our family/work situation and there are some diets that we'd never do (keto)  But this one is great!  We still eat healthy low fat and low carb (really working on that! carbs are hard!)  Now I'm cleared to get back to exercising too.  I don't care what anyone says exercise is important  Yes a person can lose weight by dieting alone but exercise is so healthy & good for everyone.  I crave walking!!!!   Yes there are days I hate it before I start walking but once I'm out and going I'm so happy!  And of course when it's over....I'm in ecstasy:)  We'll see how this goes.  I'd like to lose 22 pounds in all- only got 19 to go now. 

Hope everything is going good with you all!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Praying & Doing for the Bahamas!

We are so blessed not to have been affected much by Hurricane Dorian!  But our hearts go out to our neighbors in the Bahamas!!!  Watching the videos that have come out is heartbreaking/  Some of them just took my breathe away.  It really put my tiny little almost flood into perceptive!  Although it had the potential to make our house uninhabitable- we had so much help surrounding us-our friends and church members, the local Fire Department and Emergency Management-the Red Cross... and we only had to relocate a few miles away to be safe and in an air conditioned clean room with no danger to us! These folks don't have that luxury!  Lets's hep them out!  I'm collecting items in our local area and will even pick them p if it's not too far

 Items needed:
 Baby food & Formula
 diapers & wipes
hygiene products (deodorant- toothbrushes and tooth paste-bar soap -feminine products)
plastic utensils
 canned foods 
paper plates, cups
 paper towels
 trash bags 

batteries, battery operated lights
 solar lights, 
 tylenol, advil, antibiotic ointment 

mosquito nets and spray. 
Towels, sheets, blankets, 
 toilet paper, tissues,  sunscreen, ... 
and anything you can think of for camping out for weeks!!

This is a good list to start with!

If you'd like to send a check we give through 
a check can be sent to 
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills FL 33540
the amount in its' entirety will go to the relief 

Convoy of Hope is the Assembly of God's humanitarian organization.  It serves America and the world.  

Convoy of Hope read all about it!  

Text me at 863-712-1734 if you want things picked up!