Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer is here!

Well we went from Spring to Summer around here!  It's expected to be almost 100 degrees this week and has been for the last few days.  Last night at 10 pm I went walking to finish up my 10,000 steps the wind was blowing hot air as if I were standing in front of a fire.  I have to say I've never experienced heat like that at night.  Normally if it's hot we have thunderstorms that cool everything down but not now!  I checked the temperature on the front porch when i got home and it was 86 degrees with the ceiling fans on!  We've been keeping our blinds closed and all the ceiling fans on!  But I'm such a werido I still LOVE Florida!  I've been gong walking at some local parks daily and even though I sweat like a  pig-there is no one else there to see me LOL  I've gotten such a tan that I have a sneaker/sock tan with white feet !  That's never happened to me because I used to go walking early in the morning or late at night but this is new for me going in the middle of the day.   As the kids have gotten older and our situation has changed with the older boys I tend to walk more during the day when I have respite care 

Last week I got the best picture ever!  I walk out in the woods a lot.  Usually i don't go out too far without Jon with me (I'm not worried about animals but other humans lol)  I absolutely HATe having things in my hands when I walk.  In fact I found a line of shorts that are comfortable and have pockets to put my keys in.  But I take my phone most of the time for safety sake but I hate taking it.  Walking is my get away!  But last week I got the best picture ever!

I'd seen her a few times at this spot but never this close

This is how close she was in comparison to the trail.  

Here's another friend.  She's a mama gator and has a nest near where i was

I've been working on the front porch.  Our front porch had turned into an animal hotel and it was driving me crazy!  I had rescued a couple of cats that I kept out there (found a place for one and kept one-transitioned that cat to the outside.)  our dog sleeps in her crate out there at night.  Her crate is large enough for me to get in and turn around LOL  So I cleaned it and added plants. 

these four I saved from death row at Walmart.
the two on the left are night blooming jasmine and the two on the right are honeysuckle.  I'm going to plant them in a few week but I'll probably keep the jasmine in till next year. 

I re-potted the ferns

And of course I've turned the back porch into a jungle

 All the bamboo plants were rescued from Lowe's death row and are doing good

this grasshopper lives on the screen  He moves around but always comes back!

I saved this Humminbird plant and two others from death row too.  They attract hummingbirds

Steve went to Cuba and Mexico with two of his closest friends who happen to be Twins.  They make me think of all the fun (and headaches) we would have had if our twins had lived.  Steve & them seem to find adventure together with some crazy stories...including being left by their tour guide in Cuba!

These pictures are like postcards

The three Amigos or the Three Stooges:)

Then they ended the week at Disney with his cute princess!

In a couple of weeks Shad goes on his first trip of the summer to the Miami Outreach-he is going down a few days early to stay with some friends of his.  Then they all have Camp a few weeks later and then he is off to El Salvador again.   We are trying to coordinate our annual NY trip for Sam's eye appointment but they changed dates and have us scurrying to find a week we can all go. 

The three little ones have been doing fine.  Sam and Sarah have been doing their horseback riding.  Selah continues to do good.  Sam is dealing with some unresolved type of medical stuff.  It seems every doctor we see wants to do some type of medical intervention on him.  Recently his gastro suggested a feeding tube because of his small stature.  That really upset me-knowing tht Sam has Peter's Plus as well as a 4QT deletion which both conditions keep him smaller than average.  I just feel like doctors throw out all kinds of crazy stuff without thinking it through.  Although Sam is very small for his age- his height & weight are completely at  50% IF his age is not considered.  I explained to the doctor tht his orthopedic doctor said his growth plate in his legs/hips is nearly gone which means no matter how many calories he gets he's not going to grow taller only wider!!!!    But even as I was leaving the doctor told me to think about it.....  I have thought about it and I'm about ready to find a new doctor!!!!   Before that the doctor we see regarding his sleep apnea suggested giving him a trach!!!!!!!!  OMG!  The suggestion was because he can't wear a c-pap machine at night......  Instead we got him a hospital bed and he is doing much better!  I believe Common Sense has left the medical field!

Well hope you have a good summer- go for long walks, read some good books and hit the beach!