Sunday, June 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home

After a fantastic class reunion, my friend and I got our sleepy selves up and got ready for church.  I was really blessed to be able to attend Evangel Christian Church, that one of my classmates Justin Webb pastors.  Got to hear him preach AND see him dedicate his first grandchild to the Lord.  How sweet!  He even prayed a special blessing over our family and our children.  And of course I got to see some old friends there too....I'm still in shock when I see someone, who I remember as 20 years old, with grey hair!!!  

Then we went out to a "new" restaurant in town called  Barclay's, it is in the "old KFC" building.  In Perry even the buildings have history:)  I've heard that the owner has a real reputation of being kind to the poor and needy.  And I can say the food is GOOD!   I walk in and my friend points out a big board on the wall.  It's their prayer request board....and Selah's name was on it!!!!!!!   WOW!  I loved that!   Can I say "only in Perry"!   And what else was sweet, is I knew many names on that board.... I loved that someone cared enough to put up a board and folks cared enough about others to write names down for prayer! 



Small towns have their issues and when I was young I literally had a calendar where I marked off the days until I left for college.  BUT small towns have a sense of community that you can't find anywhere else.  Yeah everyone knows everyone and your whole family history.....that can be good and it can be bad but there is just something about being connected like that.   Just today a lady was figuring out who I was by asking me about my family, then she shared a little something about my grandmother:)  I just love that!!

Speaking of grandmother, I rode by her old house....really sad.  It's so rundown now, she would be TICKED off!  Let me tell you if there ever could be a ghost who would come back and haunt someone....those new owners might just meet Mama Shaw!!!!!    And let's just say she would NOT be Casper the Friendly Ghost LOL!  She was a TRIP who always spoke her mind (even when she probably should NOT have- oh that sounds like someone I know LOL)   She didn't have an ounce of tact but I love that   The memories are hysterical :)

I also took some pictures of a couple of other churches I went to as a teen.
the original church I grew up in split and my family went to the new one. 

After I started college, in the summer I'd go to the Assembly of God, since I was going to an Assembly of God college, it only made sense to me. 

 After only 2 hours and 55 minutes of driving  (yes I am VERY grateful that the Po Po did not stop me!!!   Those empty country roads are just so tempting.  I didn't even stop for a bathroom break!)   I came home to a clean house, thanks to Steve & Shad.  All I brought them were some Duck Dynasty tea  cups with Si on them but they liked them.  I really appreciate Jon encouraging me to go to the reunion and I appreciate Steve & Shad for helping out.  I've got some good peeps:)    I'm sure I owe them big time and will encourage them to go kayaking as much as they want in the coming weeks!!! 
Selah did good and was sound asleep when I got home.  She had a good weekend and our nurses really helped Jon out a lot.  I am grateful. 

Well tomorrow REAL life starts back LOL!  Yoga class, therapy for the girls, cooking, LAUNDRY loads and loads.  But it's all good:) 



this is her mom's post....  Obviously I can feel her pain....   You can follow their story on "Pray for Teresa B" on FB.  I feel a connection because their family is in the adoption world.  Teresa was adopted off the Shepherd's Crook website, as was our Shad.   The family has had her for 3 years and have loved her every second, but they want more time with their princess.  Pray that God will grant a miracle for Teresa!!!!  Thank you for praying for this family!
Surgery is at 7:30am Monday morning . God must move another huge mountain . They feel her pulmonary pressure may be too high for the Berlin to work . It is not looking hopeful but the are going to try . She said she would not give up on her but If the pressure is too high the blood will not be able to go to the left side and nothing else can be done . She will bring her out of the or for us to hold her so she will not die alone . We always promised Teresa we would never leave her . Please pray and beg god to keep her with us . If it is His will to take her home we would ask for prayers to accept this also . Please share an ask the world to not stop praying !

TCHS Class of 83 ~ 30th Reunion

What a great class reunion with a great group of folks!  No one could figure out how 30 years have passed so quickly!  Life flies by.....


the ladies of 83


the men of 83


the reunion committee!  they did a super job and now everyone is ready for our 31st class reunion next year:)  Everyone had such a good time, they don't won't to wait 10 years again!

Jim & Terri

Gernett, Terri & me

then we added Lisa:)

my best friend Angela....nothing is better than having a childhood friend that you stay close with forever:)

Love this picture:)

Merrio and me, we've been friends for a long time too

Sweet Kristen



OMGosh let the fun begin:)  Lots of laughs!



Thomas and his sweet wife
The reunion was just sweet, everyone happy to see everyone this point in life, you start feeling like a survivor to make it this far!  We did have a table for our classmates who have passed away and we had about 12 who are gone.  But we didn't forget them!  That was good of the committee to include that.  
This whole weekend has been a time to reminisce for me.  I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to or even go everywhere I wanted to go up here but it's been great.  I think when you have a milestone like 30 years out of high school, you start realizing life is passing by.  Many of my classmates have lost their parents or are dealing with their parent's health issues.  We start realizing that life is so short.  It seemed like yesterday we were graduating from high school but it's been 30 years!  There was quite a few conversations along those line!
There was a really ironic moment during the slide show for me.  In the section, of our Senior class trip to Mexico there was a picture of me holding a Mexican baby!   I had totally forgotten about that but there was this cute baby and I just had to take a picture with her.   Everyone was laughing and saying it was prophetic of me adopting all my kiddos:)  Going to Mexico was the first time out of the country for me and we saw some extreme poverty even tho I'm sure the guides tried not to focus on that.  I remember being very moved by some things I saw back then.   Although I doubt I ever thought about adoption back then!
At the end, the last song was our class song "Time for my to Fly" by REO Speedwagon.  It's really a very appropriate senior class song.  We all got out on the dance floor and did a circle and held hands, danced a little and sang it.  I think everyone was a little choked up.  Life is fragile and short, it's good to have the friendships and relationships we have.  Our class has lived long enough to know life can be hard, we have all had various heartaches and stuff to go through but we've made it through and "flown"  But it's good we can fly back together every now and then:)
So I head home after church today.  One thing I loved hearing last night, as we were all getting ready to leave, lots of folks saying how they had to be up for church this morning!  I just hope that they all made it up cause we were tempted to stay asleep LOL!
So God Bless the TCHS class of 1983 including the ones who couldn't be there!!!!!  And I hope He brings us all safely back again to our next reunion  (and brings some of the ones who didn't make it too!!!!)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Hometown~Perry Florida

Yesterday we had a long walk down memoray lane:)  After a stinking Hurricane (not really but I did wonder if a tropical depression had snuck up on us!)....we finally left my friend's house and headed for JOHNSON'S BAKERY!  Johnson's is EPIC in Perry!  When we walked in the door, the SMELL was the same as I always remembered.  The owner Doyle was still there behind the counter and they still had the great cookies, cupcakes and doughnuts and YES I sampled it ALL!! 
Saw one of our friends from school, Anthony who is now a writer for the local paper, a teacher and an author!!!!


the local newspaper...the TACO Times 
We walked around downtown as best we could in the rain.  Lots of the old stores are gone, kinda sad...


We went by our old high school and it was open so we had to go inside:)

the trophy case, there was even one from 1983 for something

the old water fountain

Loved the library:)

Doesn't seem like it could be 30 years ago

Angela was trying to go in the Art room LOL


this is the house I grew up in...  Ok I've not lived at home for 30 years, Jon & I inherited it years ago and sold it as soon as we looks a bit rough to say the least..... 



this was my home church growing up.   Believe me I spent MANY hours there LOL

Then for the finest seafood (along with steak or chicken) you could want, we went to DEAL'S Famous Oyster House  "where the best people in the world walk through those doors"   If you are ever in Perry, take a 5 minute ride down West  US Hwy 98 and get some some good food!  They even have fried pickles!!!   They also have opened a new Deal's in St Mark's at 785 Port Leon Dr, St Marks's Florida.  go get you some fresh seafood!

Angela and Zodie the owner

Zodie playing the Pogo Stick

No it's not fancy but I can promise you it's got some GOOD food!!!!!
Zodie, who is my friend from school, waitressed there for years, she has now bought it and it is a real family restaurant, no alcohol just good food and fun.  I'm really proud of her!   My friend Rhonda who works there even bought my lunch:)  They some good folks!!!!  
We had our class get together at the beach, at the Hot Dog stand and it was really great to see everyone.  We all got to talking so much, I even forgot to take pictures:)  It stormed a little off and on but everyone had a great time.  I think with time, you really start appreciating everyone.  Tonight is our big get together and I will take pictures LOL 
The family is doing well, or at least that is what they are telling me LOL 
Hope you like the pictures. Good memories.....


Friday, June 28, 2013

Way down upon the Suwannee River......

I went back "home" today.   This weekend is my 30th High School reunion, it does not seem possible.  It's the first time (other than an AWFUL weekend at a pastor wife's convention) that I have ever been away from all my family.  We tend to travel as a tribe:)   This is something I'd hoped to do for over a year. 

I'm from Perry Florida, in Taylor county.  It's a very unique small southern town.  Today has been a walk through memory lane for me.  Just the trip up to Perry was interesting.  We don't usually go up this way so I got to see some places I haven't seen for a long time.  I told my friend I feel like I'm a salmon making my return trip home LOL. 

Growing up if we were driving south, we would usually stop at the Suwannee River to eat our food.  So I stopped there for a few minutes. 
Way down upon the Suwannee River.....






There was a lady sitting on the dock, a floating dock...she had her feet in the water and was feeding the fish....what is wrong with that?????    There are GATORS galore in that River!!!!  OMGosh!  I was about to say something to her but she left...thank God before she got eaten in front of me!   
This is "my grandmother's tree"  I've eaten many sandwiches  under that tree with her:)  It's in the little town of Cross City.

On Old Hwy 19 going towards the family cemetery



Mingo Cemetery
Me with all the "family" in the background
I thought there are 5 generations of my family buried here, lots of tears shed at this graveyard....


my grandmother's grave

My great great grand father's grave with the flag, my GGGM  next, then my great grandfather and great grand mother



my great grandparents

my dear Uncle Mack

Uncle Sam

My sweet great aunts who raised me


this is the lady who took me in as a baby in 1965....when she was 66 years old!!!!!!  
the Hines family


a relative who lost 2 sons in WWII


I'm from Taylor co and proud of it!
Log trucks scare me


the real Florida!

Angela and me 30 years ago at graduation!!!!!!! 1983

Me, Angela and Terry tonight...30 years later:)
It's really wonderful to be here, seeing old friends.  Love being in a small town, as we were going into the restaurant, a brother of a schoolmate stopped and talked to me:)  I miss that.  We live in a small town but it's not a "town" like Perry where everyone knows each other and are somehow related by birth, marriage or friendship.  the town we live in is very transitional, no one has real roots....Perry is totally different....there are roots here for sure:)
On our way to my friend's house tonight, we saw a doe and two cute little baby cute!  The last time I'd gone to my friend's house, all the roads were dirt and now they are all paved!  WOW progress:)   I live in the country....but she REALLY lives in the country LOL.  She has lived in the same house for 25 years and it is hard for me to find it still LOL
My sweet husband and Steve wanted me to come, it was hard for me to leave but they were so encouraging to me. 
Everyone is doing fine at home.  Selah's mickey- gtube fell out but thankfully the nurses were able to take care of it.  Jon told me AFTER it was taken care of!   Both her day and night nurses have reported more purposeful movements which we are always glad to hear!