Friday, November 30, 2018

October and November update

Well it's been awhile!  Of course we have been busy as always,  Here are some of our highlights.

Steve has an interesting job working for SEU   Recently they had Geraldo Rivera as a guest speaker and Steve worked the conference doing several things including camera work.  He later got to meet Geraldo and got a signed book by him. 

Living in Florida we've had nice weather!  The kids are back outside on the swings and look what we found in our hedge!  A cotton mouth moccasin.  Shad shot it dead then cut off it's head to make sure it was dead.  Yes he was wearing snake boots but he took them off even though i was fussing at him WHILE I was taking the picture so no snide messages please!  He put them back on to go in the woods and bury it so none of the animals would get ahold of it.  ..  for the record we do not kill non poisonous snakes in our yard and we can usually tell the difference.  We also don't kill poisonous snakes we see in the woods.  But this one was right by our front door and it was firmly in place.  Our dog and cat were actually both flanking it.  The two of them worked together to keep it in one place-it was like a Disney movie.  We had to remove the animals first before we could deal with the snake.  After we got them moved-we decided it was best to kill it because it was too close to the house and we were not about to try and relocate it or let it slither off and maybe into one of our doors (yes that happens I've found two in our church before!)  I really do't like killing things but I'm more concerned about my family than I am a snake!  Shad was very brave -he shot it then separated it's head with an ax.  I can't say I was as brave this time as I've been in the past with snakes LOL

Then the kids could go out and play after we checked the yard out!

Some random horse riding pictures.  Sarah absolutely has found her love!  She would probably ride all day long if she could LOL 

I promise to put up some videos of her walking.  It's improving weekly!

Sam enjoys it too

Sam really likes the "fake horse" because it comes with lots of muscle therapy.  He loves massages and stretches.  The few times we've put Sarah on the fake horse she has had an absolute melt down.  She is never like that but she was so not happy.  

Sam is learning to use a cup and he loves black coffee.  My strange little boy.  He kept wanting to try Jon's so Jon gave him some despite my protests and he loves it!  Black no sugar!!  How funny he is.  We let him have a small cup a day.

He is on a pulse/oxygen machine at night to let us know if he has a bad apnea.  It doesn't pick up the smaller ones.  He has had some severe drops but the alarm generally is enough to bring him out of the deep sleep and take some breathes.  It looks like he will be having his adenoids removed  January 3.  I'm already stressing!
We've decided to try the surgery.  We are not going to do a CPAP machine because of his eyes.  The CPAP delivers oxygen at a high force into the nose.  IF the machine got pointed towards his eye.....which could happen by accident or by him taking it out and looking at it, it could damage his corneal implant.  We are having to weight the benefits and risks on this and it's not easy.   His corneal implant KPRO is just sewed in the eye.  While he has been lucky some folks have had issues with stitches and with the implant becoming dry.  We feel comfortable that we are making the best decision for this situation-we do not want to risk him losing his sight!!!  So after he has surgery he will have another sleep study to see if it's been helped by the adenoid removal.  

Look at Selah's lower feet.  I got her a new attachment rather than leg holders.  I'm so happy with it Her legs are different lengths so we've always had issues with her and it looked so uncomfortable.   This is not the best picture at all of her.  She has been so engaged but she was about to nap.

In October we had Homecoming at our Alma Mater  Southeastern University (where Steve attends) 

A group of us from the 80's! 

It worked out that that weekend was also Steve's 23rd birthday :)  How do we have a boy that old???

Confession-none of our family are sports fans but Steve was the producer for their football program for the last two years.  We enjoyed watching him direct the game.  This is what he loves.  

Our Church

My beautiful girl!!!

Shad has started the process to become a dual enrolled student at our community college!  He is now almost two years ahead in his school.  He has finished 10th grade work except for math.  So he will be starting college the 2nd spring semester!  Currently he does an on line college prep curriculum.  We are excited for him.  If he continues to do good he should have his AA by time he graduates high school!!  He will be doing classes on line.

And speaking of college.....this is a picture of Steve leaving to go back to college after Thanksgiving.  We have a tradition of walking him out and waving-sometimes following him out to the road LOL
Unless something unplanned happens this is the last time he'll leave home as a college student!  He graduates in two weeks!!!  He did it in 7 semesters and saved us and him some money!  Today he just got his cap and gown so it's getting real!

Steve has also officially been offered a GA (graduate assistant) position.  This position will pay for his tuition as he continues on to get his Master's in Human Services!  He will be living with some dear friends of ours so that will help him him tremulously financially.   Through some provision his grandfather made and many grants and scholarships that he worked hard for, our help and his help too he is graduating with just one small loan about $3,000.  We could not be any more happier about that and proud of him!  It's a huge accomplishment for him and for us too LOL  

God has really helped us through various ways throughout his whole education process starting from pre-school on.  We determined waaaay back then that for our family, we chose to never be involved in the public school system  (of course we did some home bound services for our little kids but that was done in our home)  Back when we made that decision I did not have any idea how we would be able to do it and we only had one child LOL  I would have fainted if I knew what was ahead of us!!!!

But we made it, we gave up some things so we could afford to send him to private school (and later on Shad too)   We used to joke that he and then later the other kids are our hobbies   Shad was eligible for a scholarship but Steve was not due to when he was enrolled. But we made it through.  Then after the accident we began to homeschool because of the transportion issues and our various issues that arose.  So his last two years were homeschooled.  Shad went back to school for a few more years then we decided to homeschool him too.  

I'm thankful that God helped us to work things out to keep him (and the others too) in a Christian environment.  Many people will make fun of that and that's fine with me.  It's something we feel strongly about for our family.  Ain't no body else our responsibility but these five kids are and we know what we want for their lives.  

People say you can't always shelter your kids and that's only partly true, on the other hand an adult can handle themselves in situations that a 12 year old can not.  I fear we put young children in adult situations and expect them to have the maturity to handle the situation like an adult.  They don't have the experience an adult has to filter things.   Our kids have experienced so much real life and they've seen so much I've never worried about them being unprepared to deal with life.  

I don't say this to condemn anyone-it's just an encouragement to younger parents.  Truly we can say this has been one of the best parenting decisions we've made.  I don't regret a penny, an extra mile or an extra convenience that our choice caused us.  

"If you send your kids to Caesar for their education, don't be surprised when they come back as Romans".