Saturday, November 30, 2019

October 2019 Update

It's already November and I've not blogged in weeks!  I feel guilty as I get emails asking if everyone is ok and thankfully they are!!!

So let me recap late September &  October for you!

Some Ukrainian friends brought Sarah some traditional dolls from Ukraine!

We go to horse therapy 2x  week- these are pictures from various days

Sam's therapy looks alot different.  Because of his CP he is stiff so that's what they work with him on the most


He loves this ball  It lights up and makes noise

Sometimes they need to change his posture and how he responds to different sitting.  

Both of the therapists are Physical Therapists.  Often people do "horse therapy" with kids but they only have a certification.  These two sisters both have their degrees in Physical Therapy!  That makes a big difference. 

Shad took this picture

Scenes from the country
I walk sometimes while therapy is going on- I have to get my 10,000 steps in!

the barn from a distance on a misty morning

my neighborhood

a neighbor cooling off

So... in October it was our 30th anniversary!!!! 

Who are those babies? 





The thought of being married 30 years takes my breath away!  That's a long time!  I have many different blogs in my head I could write about marriage but I'm too tired to write them!  Basically most folks (ourselves included) don't know a dang thing they just wing it!   What works for us might not work for another person.  We jumped into marriage and made a commiment.  I for one am thanfkul we didn't see our future because our lives have been pretty intense.  But it comes down to commitment and duty- words that aren't popular in today's world but that's what marriage is. Maybe one day I"ll write an in depth blog about it but not today LOL

Then we had our college homecoming!  Southeastern Univeristy!  I graduated 30 years ago this year!!!  WOW!

Friday night dinner


the next morning we see the media gang on the way to set up for the football game that night!   Shad joined up!  This will be Steve's last year working for the college ashe graduates with his MA in April. 

The three stooges :)

They did a chapel service - it was a little different than the services we went to Monday-Friday for 4 years but it made me think of the things God did in my heart during those daily chapel services.  he built a foundation in me that is still there to this day.

My dorm room  in 1984


Helping out in the studio

Sarah spins during worship

Sam and Selah

Our neighbor's chicken- I love this girl!  She always comes to see if I have any snacks for her


  In the Green Swamp

 We found this amazing place in St Pete after a doctor's appointment for Sam

From the tower the board walks were wonderful

Tampa Skyline

he got a mad puffer fish!  he let him go

Two of our recent equipment through the Gardiner Scholarship  Sarah loves both of them!

This spins her

 she also got new ankle braces AFOS we haven't found the right shoes for her yet

 Our latest shipment to the Bahamas!  the truck driver estimated 5000 pounds I think!  It was alot!

 These are pictures I took in the beginning.  By the time we had everything out and was loading it I was too overwhelmed to do anything but try and help get it done!

Well I hope you've enjoyed this update!  I still have the month of November to go LOL

Thanks for all your concern and messages.  It amazes me that people are still so interested in how our family is doing!!!!