Tuesday, April 23, 2019


The smell of spring- confederate jasmine in bloom.  It smells so good out by our parking area,  And it must be contributing to the bees health in our area as there are a million bees out there happily humming.  

I planted some honeysuckle from our old house last year in 4 different spots and its growing but slowly  I found that it took about 4 years for it to really grow at our old house.  But it's worth the wait.  Honeysuckle and Jasmine are my two favorite plants. 

a company installed a solar system for us.  We've had several glitches in getting it started (all paperwork/human mistakes including me lol) but it's up and running now.  I can't wait to see our next electric bill!!

 the elephant ears are already growing, by the end of the summer they will be taller than the roof   To the right of the patio is a Trumpet tree. 

I planted this pineapple cutting last year & it's growing a little one this year. 

Molly posing

Sam got his hospital bed and loves it.  He hasn't had any bad nights with his apnea since he got it.  We are hopeful having the head of the bed raised will help him with reflux and apneas. 

Palm Sunday

Easter 2019

Horse back riding time

We are having a great spring just busy busy busy lots of appointments and paperwork.  The paperwork is killing me!  I currently have THREE fights going on for various reasons for my kids.  It is so discouraging.  It takes up so much time and energy.   But I trudge on and I will win!!! LOL I always do-it just takes so much effort.  

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Does God Still Speak?

Being raised in a crazy Pentecostal Church I can't remember a time not thinking about God.  sometimes the memories are so near to me I feel like I can reach out and touch them  Of course it is all interspersed with my family & friend memories of growing up.  Even as a child I'd have all these deep thoughts about God but I have to say none of my friends quite had the same experience whether they were raised like me or in a good Baptist church.   Back then EVERYBODY went to church somewhere, I can truly say I can't remember anyone who didn't go to church until I was in 6th grade.  A little girl moved to town, she seemed wealthy- her daddy worked for the paper mill.  That little girl cussed like a sailor!  She said GD!  Lord I had to tell her she was going to go to hell if she didn't stop and she told me she didn't think there was a god! Her family were only in town temporarily and her dad was moved to another paper mill to solve a problem.  I was relieved when she was gone, although I wanted a friend, this child was a mess in many other ways and in trouble a lot.  Bless her heart I can't even remember her name or face now, just her dark hair.  

Anyhow none of my other friends thought quite like me. So I loved talking to preachers LOL   Once in Vacation Bible School I was asking the pastor (who was teaching our class) about sanctification.  Our church taught it as a second work of grace that was a one time experience.   That just did not make any sense to me as I'd hear people testify about being sanctified and they still would act the same!  Of course I didn't have the theology words then as a 12 year old  like I do now but I asked him if he didn't think sanctification was life long process instead of an instant work.  He didn't really know how to answer me and joked about my question (not in a mean way-just baffled that I'd have such a strong feeling)  

Recently I shared an outrageous post from a specific ministry privately with a friend.  She thought it was quite funny and it was in a hare brained kind of way but it upset me.  My friend asked me innocently why did it bother me so much and I told her because "doctrine matters"  

In the Christian world you have your basic Christian doctrines that unites everyone from Pentecostal to Baptist to Methodists to Episcopal  (of course things that all those churches held dear 100 years ago are being undermined now like the Virgin Birth or the inerrancy of scripture)  Then each church or denomination has a slight different understanding on some things.  Theology means the study of God.  We are human- I don't think anyone or any church or denomination has things absolutely perfectly understood about God.  I don't believe in an evolving theology that teaches something new or takes away from the word of God.  By that I mean I'm talking specifically about movements in the main line churches to take away the authority of scripture or the holiness of God or the redeeming work of the Cross.   

In the Pentecostal/Charismatic (PC) world we usually deal with people trying to ADD things to the word of God by their experience or a new revelation.  But the Bible says it's wrong to add or take away from the bible.  

Thankfully I stay in my own little bubble most of the time so in some ways I'm shielded from the various things that blow through the Pentecostal/Charismatic (PC)  movement.   But there is some crazy stuff out there right now.  I'm not going to call any specific ministry or group out but I will tell you -have discernment!  I think that is the thing that is lacking MOST today in the PC world.  

In my life, and especially the 30 years I've been in ministry as a Pastors wife I've seen a lot Sometimes too much-I've always been able to separate people and their foolishness from God.  I KNOW God and I can hear His voice through the chatter.  His voice never fails- never has to be explained -never disappoints.  People and their "doctrine" can fail and disappoint.  I think that is what makes me the MADDEST is when I see people who have had thing taught them or prophesied over them that was false and they built their lives on false doctrine.  Then when they had to deal with hard times they crumbled because their faith was not built on the Rock but on the sifting sands of someone's false doctrine or experience.  

I've seen people who were dying and yet they and/or others were "proclaiming" they'd live and then die and leave behind confusion...or my "favorite statement" -  "well he got his ultimate healing"  I get it this world is not our home-we all will die and Jesus conquered death to give us eternal life but why wait till a person dies to stress that point?  Why not teach that as an anchor for folks walking through the valley of the shadow of death?  I can trust God to walk me through horrible situations without thinking that He is a genie who will do or allow things to go the absolute way I want it to go.  

We had someone in our church who was terminal and the person got up and said God had healed her.  I felt awful for her-she was such a sweet person but it bothered me greatly that she'd make that claim based on what someone else had preached.  (Believe me my husband doesn't make any claims like that off the cuff)  She died soon after and Shad had many questions about the whole thing.  We shared with him that often people are taught things that aren't correct but they can't demand things of God. 

I've seen so many people who lose their faith after losing a love one that "God was supposed to heal"  Granted the folks had a personal responsibility to search the scriptures for themselves to know what God really says but ministers and others have a responsibility to teach and share the bible correctly.  

For example a lady walked up to me one time in a store and told me that Sam would be completely healed in 6 months time.  Because I'm confident in God I rolled my eyes.  Do I believe God can heal-I do.  However I don't believe everything that comes out of people's mouths.  

I'm not sure if I've ever shared this story on my blog but after the accident, there was a pastor who came to visit us in the hospital.   He was a friend of several of our friends and from our denomination.  I think he came the first day of the accident or soon after.  Anyway I got strange vibes from him immediately so I just ignored him (I've learned the art of ignoring LOL)  There were several people in the room with us at that time.  A few weeks later this same guy came back while I was alone late at night with Selah.  It was a very rough time to say the least.  she was having neurological storming which is like a seizure in the way it looks but it's different.  So I was there that night by myself feeling very sad and afraid.  Jon was with the other children back at the Ronald McDonald House (we took turns) So this guy comes in and immediately begins to tell me he KNEW why Sam was born blind and WHY the accident happened.  He told me we were in sin and didn't have enough faith.  Let me tell you, if he had any question about me being in sin before...he sure didn't when he left LOL  But because I knew my Savior's voice I absolutely knew this KOOK was not from Him.  I had him banned from the hospital and I wish we'd gone to the local church leaders about him but at the time it was all we could do to survive.  (there is a funny side to this story.  when I went back and told Jon what had happened he said 3 words in one sentence that I'd never heard him say in all our years of marriage!!!!  He tried to get the guy's number to call him but I told him to let it go!)  

On the other hand I've had several personal experiences that lined up to God's word that has happened to me.  I do not base my Christianity or my doctrine on these personal experiences.  

The first one was when I was a teen.  I went out to my mailbox and reached in and got a flyer from Southeastern College.  As I was walking away from the mailbox God spoke to me and told me that I'd go to that college.  It was so real to me.  And you have to understand my family- I really didn't have much family and they great aunt I was living with had no money to send me to college nor was she interested in me going.  The overall consensus was that I didn't have no business going to college.  I should just go and get a job at K-mart.  So me going to college was a miracle from God and a lot of hard work on my part.  

The next time I heard God speak to me was when I was in the deepest spiritual valley of my life.  I'll be quite honest I'm not sure I was even a Christian at that time according to my doctrine!  We had lost our twins, and moved back to Florida  I had started back working as a probation officer dealing with some dark things.  I was angry with God and just kinda done with everything.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to be married anymore.  It was NOT a good time.  Anyhow I was on my way to work, driving my husband's car for some reason listening to a music cassette tape (yep it was awhile ago) and God spoke to me out of the BLUE!  I don't know if it was just in my heart or audible.  He told me that I'd have a son named Samuel and he'd change my life!  So a few years later when I got pregnant, I knew it was Sam.  Obviously I could have just named him Samuel.  But that little boy Samuel changed my life....from me quitting my job and getting away from negativeness to opening my eyes to the plight of special needs orphans and us adopting three of those orphans!  That stuff just can't be made up!  

Then ONE time I got a "word" from the Lord through someone else.  I was in the mall (that's just too funny to me)  with a friend and all five of the kids.  We'd only been home about one month from Ukraine and I was so happy.  This lady walked up to me and said that she didn't do things like this but she felt to tell me something.  Normally I'd cut someone off and move on (things like this happen to me) but there was something....  anyhow she basically said "something big is coming for your family, many will see.  Don't be afraid"   Well first I said to her, we just had something BIG happen to our family, we adopted our girls.  But she said she didn't think it had to do with adoption.  Then she asked if she could pray over the kids.  Now again normally I do not allow anything like that but I felt like i should allow her to do so.  She prayed a very long time for Selah.  I thought it odd but sweet.  After the accident, I remembered that and confirmed with my friend what the lady said and my friend agreed with me.   That word gave me so much comfort in the months after the accident.  I focused on the "Don't be afraid" part over and over and over again.  Every time something would come up I'd tell myself that God didn't want me to be afraid  

Now anyone could tear that story to pieces.  did what she do line up with scripture?  Actually it did.  do I understand WHY God allowed everything to happen like it did?  Or that Selah did not miraculously recover??  I don't have the answer on this side of heaven.  But those words comforted me.  I think about when Jesus told his disciples in John 16:33 " These things I have spoken unto you that in  Me you might have peace.  In the world you will have tribulations but be of good cheer I have overcome the world."  

So I do believe God still speaks even if I hadn't had these experiences but we can't base our spiritual walk on experiences we or someone else has had.  Base your life on the Bible.  Take it in context and be careful who you listen to when it comes to spiritual things.  


Friday we were all together so we went to the beach.  I've always loved Honeymoon Island State Park but after our hurricane the sand has been washed away and there were so many rocks under foot.  We'd bought little swim seats for the kids but they didn't work, we couldn't hold them up it just wasn't safe.  Sarah was not too happy and clung to me closely.  I was afraid I'd drop her because I couldn't get good footing on the rocks.  It's still beautiful out there but i hope the next hurricane pushes in some sand!  

A ranger brought us a chair for her

Steve and his sweet girlfriend

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Shad's Mission Trips

Once again Shad is planning on doing two mission trips this summer.  He is going back to work in Miami doing neighborhood outreaches and giving out food.  They worked in Liberty City, Downtown Miami and Little Havana.   They worked hard every day and did tent services at night. 

He will also be going back to El Salvador working with the same group he did last year.  They work in the poor areas doing outreaches and food distribution.  They worked in some of the schools in the slums.  They worked with the local churches.  The female in the group witnessed to the girls in the brothels. 

Shad started work in December and has been saving his money to fund these trips and has already put down his deposit.  He is also responsible to bring some food supplies and toys to hand out.  Last year he got blessed by a friend of mine who owns a thrift store.  Someone had donated a ton of unopened McDonald toys and they were perfect for him to hand out. 

If you would like to help him raise money for his trips or give toys or food supplies/candy that will NOT melt... please send a check marked for Shad to: 
Grace Church
7060 Berry road 
Zephyrhills Fl 33540

Both experiences were eye opening for Shad.  I have mixed feelings about short term missions trips but the thing I like about both trips he took is that they are established yearly mission trips through our denomination.  Both trips work with local established churches and have specific goals that help the pastors not hinder them.   Both trips are planned out far in advanced and are there just to assistant the local ministers.  

Being the realist (not sarcastic) person that I am I don't consider my son a "world changer" (too often I see that #worldchanger and roll my eyes)   I think the trips are more of a #shadchanger   It gets him out of his comfort zone and lets him assist local churches to reach their areas.  Maybe it will affect his life long term-who knows God could use this to grab his heart and call him into ministry.  But maybe it'll just be  time where he can help others and keep as a memory to stay humble and grateful for all he has in his life.  He is meeting a need for that week by being there and helping the pastor to reach his goal

Shad is accustom to doing outreaches & working in our church.  He's gone door to door in our town.  He sets up things for our church and runs the sound.   He helps clean the church has done a little yard work at the church.   So he is using skills he already has to help others.  We've taught our kids to serve others and that is something Shad does well.  It is definitely one of his gifts and I love that about him.  

So please keep him in prayer - last year I was a bit stressed about both of his trips but he survived and so did I LOL  I love for both of my boys to have amazing life experiences but at the same time I'd be more than happy to keep them locked safely in a bunker LOL   I totally have a bit of a dual thought pattern going when it comes to them.  I have literally talked with them about travel/work ideas that sound amazing....then totally freaked out and said "absolutely NOT"!!!  They understand my thought process I think!  And yet again I am excited/scared for Shad to do this!

Steve was planning on a mission trip back to Haiti  this year but it just didn't work out with dates and his work.  He is going on a cruise with two friends to Cuba.... that takes a whole other level of faith LOL!!!!  I've already had the "you will be in a Communist country ALONE" talk with him and plan to with his buddies when they get here before the trip.  I'm driving them to the ship so they can be assured I will be lecturing them the whole trip!!!!!  His buddies are great Christian young men but the three of them always get into some type of an "adventure" when they are together.  LOL  

Thank you!!!

Monday, April 8, 2019

7 year anniversary & an update on Sam

Last Thursday was the 7th anniversary of one of the happiest days of my life!  It was the day we met Sarah and Selah!  This picture is so precious to me.  I'd just gotten off a night train and hadn't even brushed my teeth but it didn't matter I had my girls!

Jon held Sarah and sang to her  She was listening so attentively.

We tried to recreate it-she's grown a bit LOL

I love these people!

THIS picture is Sarah walking with her daddy to the car after we ate lunch on Sunday!

These past 7 years have been filled with love & hope along with some deep valleys too.  I'm thankful our girls have a home with us and are taken care of (very spoiled)   Selah's pictures really don't convey her understanding and overall happiness.  She is very content & relaxed most of the time.  She has 4 nurses who care for her around the clock and her own suite   Everything we think about that we think might help her we try and get for her.  I still grieve the fact that the accident happened but I find comfort knowing the depth of care Selah has given to her daily.

Well the Sam medical drama continues.  Wednesday he had an appointment with the sleep specialist again.  This time we were able to get an appointment with the head of the department.  She had some creative ideas for Sam.   She ordered him an hospital bed so he can sleep in a more upright position.  She also wants him to try Singular-sometimes it will shrink the adenoid down.  She feels his major issue is tone.  Surgery might help but probably wouldn't help much.  She is also sending him to a facial/cranial surgeon.   She noticed that his chin recedes-honestly we had never noticed it.  So this doctor may have a brace he can wear at night or he may recommend surgery.  I doubt very seriously we would do the surgery.  The Doctor is very concerned and said Sam's apnea is very bad-one of the worst.  He could easily die from it. 

Not to get too dramatic but last year I told our pediatrician  I felt that death was hovering over Sam.  those were my exact words.  Our doctor has known me for a long time and knows I am not too crazy and I'm not dramatic.  In fact I tend to down play things  He took me serious and ran a bunch of tests on Sam and sent us to several specialists.  It took months to get Sam in for a sleep study and now months later to get some real help.  (he can't use a c-pap because of the air pressure-it could blow out his eye)   There was a time I had Sam sleep with us because I was so worried about him at night.  Since October we've at least had the pulse/oxygen alarm on him so we could run to him if there was a problem.  The doctor was very concerned-almost frightening telling us of all the problems Sam could encounter. 

In the long run sleep apnea kills by taxing the heart.  So she sent us back to Sam's cardiologist who had dismissed him last year because he was doing so good.  The cardiologist said his heart and lungs were fine now but there could be a problem long term.

Here's some cute pictures my friend took at breakfast before we met with the doctor. 

The doctor is adamant that Sam is not to gain any more weight.  We've been told he is just about finishing growing (they can tell by the growth plates in their legs)   He is about 4"8 just about where we were told he'd be as an adult.  Sam is not a huge fan of exercise!  We think walking might hurt a bit since his legs are drawn up but he likes to jump on the trampoline some. 

Sarah loves to exercise!!

With everything we are finding out about Sam we are going to have Sarah tested too.  She doesn't snore but many kids with special needs have sleep apnea.  Plus it is time for her to have her yearly check up and lab work.  She is not very good with doctors and tends to freak out on us.  We have lots of medical appointments coming up in the next couple of months. 

And by the way.... I started the thyroid medicine a week ago tonight and have already lost 6 pounds!!!!  It's a little creepy but in a fun way to get on the scale and see a little weight loss every day. I don't feel any different but maybe I will- I don't care I just love the weight loss LOL

I  also have  sleep apnea as I have shared but a very light case.  I'm wearing a C-pap.  It has been challenging.  I had an appointment also this week and they congratulated me on wearing the mask.  The tech reads the report.  But I have had many problems with it.  I first was given a nose mask that fits inside the nose.  I had to have the Extra Small one because I have a small nose LOL  It's too big so it's cut the inside of my nose!  OW!  So they switched me to a mask that goes over the outside of the nose and it seals the nose.....yep NO!  In the doctor's office it was ok- at home I've fought it...literally!  I took it off the first night and second night in my sleep.  I was doing that with the other mask but not as bad.  I think I'll go back to the nose cutting one!!!  I'm trying my best to use it. 

Well Sarah and I are on the back porch and it's pouring rain.  It's the most peaceful place to be -love hearing the rain on the roof.  I love rain!!!!  We are going to relax out here for awhile then we are eating chicken & dumplings for supper talk about comfort :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Last night our church went together to see the movie Unplanned.  It was the best Christian movie I've ever seen.   A few months ago I read the book and the movie stayed true to the book.  It's rated R for two scenes.  The first scene is an actual abortion that is filmed via an ultrasound.  It is heartbreaking and I could not watch it.  I'd seen it before on line but it was too hard to watch on a big screen as you see the baby try to get away from the suction!  The second scene is one where the main character, Abby takes the RU-486 and hemorrhages.  It's amazing how many movies have just a PG or PG-13 rating for all kinds of violence and gore but this movie that shows the reality of abortion gets an R rating.   

The thing that stuck with me most about the movie was that Abby's parents and husband disagreed with her career but yet they still loved her and were there for her.  That's how Christian families should be & I hope we would be like that if we disagreed with our children's choices.  But the parents and the husband kept praying for her eyes to be opened and they were.

So I'd recommend this movie 100%  It's not my type of movie- I prefer mindless comedy but it is a movie that can change people's perspective on abortion.    Shad went with us and talked about the movie all the way home.  It made an impact on him. 

watch the trailer here

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Health updates

About 11 years ago the boys and I were in a horrible accident.  A car pulled out in front of me on a 60  mph road.  Immediately before I crashed into it I managed to turn the van slightly so I took the greater hit rather than Steve who was sitting in the front seat.  We hit the car, both of us spun into a second car.  All three vehicles were totaled.  Sam and Shad's car seats were split down the back of each of them.  When our van came to a stop and I jumped out and grabbed the little boys while screaming for Steve to get out as the van was smoking.  We ran away from it and I literally dropped to my knees hugging the boys and thanked God for preserving our lives.  In that split second before we crashed I thought we would all die.  No one was seriously injured- the car I hit - the passenger's side was pushed into the driver's side.  If there had been a passenger that person would have been killed.  The driver that caused this was a 16 year old girl who was crying about her car..... her family reached us and all they could do was apologize and assure us that she would not be driving anything for awhile.  (And you know I can always find humor in everything.... I had the cutest white shirt and blue and white capri pants on.  When I looked down my whole right side was covered with blood.  But I couldn't find where the blood was coming from.  I was so busy checking out the kids that I forgot about it until an EMS worker gasped at me.  Then I smelled it, it was PIZZA SAUCE!  Steve was holding pizzas for a church party LOL)

The EMS insisted that I get an xray which I did the next day.  There was nothing too seriously wrong with me but I found out that my thyroid had nodules  on it.  So that led to me to seeing a doctor for years.  The doctor finally wanted me to get a biopsy.   I agreed to do it but only in the hospital.  Thankfully I did~while being prepped for the biopsy the head of radiology stopped everything!  They continued to do an ultrasound of the thyroid and decided that I had Hashimoto instead.  The doctor described my thyroid as burnt as a piece of toast  They couldn't believe it was still functioning   That was about 3 years ago and my thyroid has continued to function normal and I've gotten a sonogram yearly.   In the past year I've had hair loss.  Every time I brush my hair, it falls out.  The doctor had said perhaps that was an indication the thyroid was having more issues.  

Yesterday I get a robo call from my primary doctor's office saying it was urgent for me to schedule an appointment asap due to recent lab work.  I was actually in the process of getting ready to leave the house for my yearly thyroid appointment so I stopped in and got the results to take to him.  OMG!  They were AWFUL on every single level.  

Back in September I had had blood work done to establish myself with a new primary care doctor.  She was thrilled with my labs, everything was in normal range- I was just a little anemic.  We talked about how much I exercise and how I don't lose weight and she suggested cutting back carbs but other than that there was NO issues other than my strange pain issue.  

Yesterday my lab report read totally different.  I was wondering because just since January 1 I have gained 13 pounds.  That was freaking me out!   There had been no changes in my eating habits and I'd upped my walking goal from 10,000 steps to 11,000 steps daily.  Well everything was out of wack-my total cholesterol went from 182 to 209!   Every cholesterol marker was up.  The A1C indicator for diabetes went from 5.3 to 5.8 which is very pre-diabetic.  A test showed positive for fatty liver etc.....
AND the big thing was the tests on my thyroid showed that it is not working normally.  This is something they had been expecting but it still freaked me out!  The doctor started me immediately on thyroid meds  He did assure me that he thought the weight would come right off   In the mean time I am really cutting down carbs while maintaining my normal low fat diet.  For years I would eat low fat at home (since I have to cook that way for my husband) but if I went out to eat, I'd eat whatever I wanted within reason.  And that worked for me but now I'm even cutting that back for now.  Before this one of my goals for this year was to drink at least 48 oz of water a day and I'd mostly been reaching that goal.  Now I'm trying to up it and really cut down on sugar.  I'm not sure I'll always do this but I'm using Truvia instead of sugar in my tea and coffee and if I get a soda, I'm getting a sugar free one.  

The doctor was absolutely shocked by the change in my labs!  He said it was unusual to see such a large change and feels my thyroid is to blame.  That's what I'm hoping but I learned just how much a difference 13 pounds can make on the function of the body.  Obviously from my pictures I was not skinny LOL but this new weight gain has thrown everything off.  This whole thing has made me angry!!!!  I've got too much to do to have any health problems that I can control!  So hopefully between the meds and me working even harder at diet and exercise this will get under control!!!!  

And one thing that might be a bit TMI but it looks like maybe just maybe this may have caused me to start menopause.  At 53 I've been ready for it.  LOL   I could write a whole blog about that.  The huge majority of my friends are so past menopause and laugh at poor little completely regular me...
Now to get really TMI I was never regular until I had Sam.  In fact just months before I got pregnant with him my doctor thought I was pre-menopausal and didn't think I'd get pregnant.  But dang did I fool her now 16 freaking years later.....Anyhow after Sam was born I became like clock work...literally to the HOUR I knew when I would start.  It's been unreal to me because the whole time before Sam I couldn't get pregnant  because I didn't have periods and didn't ovulate.  I'd have to take medicine to have one, then medicine to ovulate....  It was intense.  It took us 6 years to get pregnant with Steve and then 8 years to get pregnant with Sam.  So the past 15 years have been a bit unusual for me.  Doctors can't explain it.  

So last night I had a huge green salad with chicken bacon on it!  Yummy!  Today I had a cauliflower crust pizza (Green Giant brand pretty good) with lots of veggies and turkey pepperoni on it.  I took the first pill last night before bed,  The one thing that is shocking to me is that I will have to be on medicine the rest of my life.  It's a strange feeling for someone who doesn't take Advil for a headache until she's about to pass out.  I'm just not a medicine taker.  

I told this whole story because  it seems a lot of my readers are around my age so this might help someone.   And to finish it up, there may FINALLY be an explanation for the pain I've been in for years.  In May 2008 I began to have unexplained pain in my body.  I first noticed it while we were on a short vacation and it scared me.  It started on my right side near my waist.  While to this day I still have that pain no doctor or test has been able to find the cause.  In fact it has worsen and now my neck/back and both sides hurt and sometimes my whole belly is tender.  Te back of my heels hurt so much.   Believe me there have been times when I knew I had to have some terrible disease to feel like this.  The ONLY thing that seemed to help me at all was walking..  I absolutely refused to even fill the prescriptions I've been given.  I've had all kinds of tests.  The only thing ever found was at the time of the accident, just a few months later, they noticed not just the thyroid problem but that two of my neck vertebra are fused   It was just an oddity until I came across an article on Facebook about Ankylosing Spondylitis.  The doctor think that is a possibility  And it's an auto immune disease just like the Hashimoto.  I'm not sure there's much they can do about it but I'd like to know why I hurt like I do!

Everyhing just works together for our good no mater what.  If I'd never had the accident, I wouldn't have known about this problem and wouldn't have been following it as closely  Another little story about that accident, Shad cried about our van being totalled.  We told him it would be fine, we had insurance and we'd get another one.  We did- the exact same white Dodge Caravan but one that was a few years younger.  We drove that van until we hit 250,000 and we gave it to a friend when we got another van given to us.

Well this post has been all about me.  But maybe someone might be helped by it.   If you have any medical issue going on have it checked out.  And do all you can to prevent and to reverse it!!!