Wednesday, August 3, 2011

End of Summer

I thought that was a fitting title as I wrote a blog at the begining of summer:) What a GREAT summer we've had!!!

Steve did tutoring & has gotten (or will have got by Thursday) a FULL math credit! He also finished what his school calls Word Building/Etymology books for good! He also did his Drug & Alcohol Class on on line to get his driver's license & is doing the practice tests to get ready to do the test on line. And he finished a grueling 8 week Trilation class & was schedule to do a Tri last weekend but it got postponed till October. So he has been so productive this summer! WOOHOO!

Sam was blessed to get lots of hours of therphy this summer from the school board. I didn't even have to fight for it! What's up with that? He got his fav teacher Ms Heather for speech & a new male teacher Mr David for VT/Academics. It was all done at home & went well.

Shad had a a regular 7 yr old boy's summer! Yeah!!! He loved all our beach trips. We tried to go to the beach almost every Friday (Jon's day off) We rediscovered our love for Honey Moon Island! WOW! Is that a great beach or what? We also went to Green Key off New Port Richey. Sam can't go in the pool but thankfully we can take him in the ocean although we avoid getting him spalshed (eye infection)

Next week we are headed out on an adventure! Sam has his appointment with Dr Aquvella in Rochester Ny so we are off on a road trip! We drive for several reasons, it's cheaper & I HATE to fly!!!!! No, one main reason is Sam has glaucoma 7 an artificial cornea & given that his pressure could go up, it's probably the best idea to drive....So we have a trip planned!

First night we are driving to Chattanooga Tn & the next morning going to Lookout Mt! Jon & I went there years ago & took my grandmother. We're also gonna SEE RUBY FALLS & SEE ROCK CITY! Next day we are driving to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky! I went there once in college. It will be fun to take the kids thee, they are hoping for bats! LOl! Then we drive on to Niagara Falls, spend the night (get to see it at night ) & the next day before hitting Rochester & the wonderful Ronald McDonald House!!!!!! I can't say enough about RMH in rochester, they are wonderful:)

Saturday we are going with some dear friends from college Dan & Charlene Wallenbeck to Letchworth State Park south of Rochester. We went there a few years ago & it is almost as pretty as NF! Sunday Jon is preaching at one of our snowbird's ( couples who come down here for the winter) church. Then we are going on a picnic & seeing a Lighthouse on Lake Ontario! Monday we'll actually slow down as Sam has appointments and Tuesday he has his exam under anesthesia ( EUA). I'm so nervous, it's been 9 months since his last exam & that is the longest he has ever gone. Praying that all is well. Everything looks ok to me but things can be wrong, pressure could be up...but we think all is well...I can't help it, some fear clutches my heart when I know an exam is coming!!!!!

We also get to meet a family who adopted a little girl with Peter's from China. she will be having the kpro (cornea implant) done right after Sam's exam. We have corresponded back & to with this sweet family & are praying that Abby will get the gift of sight! So glad we could be a little part of it!

If all goes well we'll leave on Wed morning & drive to Philly to spend some time with some dear friends we worked with in ministry in NYC! George & Ruth Valco! And we'll get a tour of Philly, none of us have ever gone there so we're excited! We'll be there a couple of days then back home & back to school! We may miss the first day of school...oh well I'll make sure they get some good history lessons in Philly!!!!

Although we are going in a more indirect route, it's coming out to about the same amount of weird is that? Glad that on this trip we don't have to drive I-81 at all! I HATE that road!!!!!!!

And our neice Anna is coming with us:) YEAH we are gonna show her a good time...of course she is gonna need a vacation when she gets home! We kinda don't go for relaxing trips:)

So pray that all goes well on this LOOOOONG road trip & that all goes well with Sam! I'll probably be more likely to post on his caringbridge site...Its