Monday, June 30, 2014

A Great Monday!

Today started off with a meeting at Habitat for Humanity to go over our house plans for the final time before the builders meet with the architect.  We are so pleased with the floor plans.  We had hoped to be able to keep the big old detached garage but it has too many problems.  BUT the NEW plan calls for a carport off the right side of our house connecting the house with a large storage room.  Selah's room will have a door to the carport so we don't have to worry about taking her out in the rain!  YEAH!  The rest of the house/shed will be taken off the property this week and in just 90 days, construction begins!!!  WOOHOOO!!!!!  We feel so very blessed!

Then I went grocery shopping BY MYSELF!  All moms understand that that is like going to the spa:)  I made up the meals for the next 2 weeks and was able to shop without forgetting anything:)

Got home unloaded the groceries and then cooked up all the meat.  In the past, I used to do that so that the meat was ready to be quickly defrosted and added to whatever was cooking for supper.  We really ate pretty bad the last few weeks and have eaten out so much this month.  The ONLY way for me not to get overwhelmed and order out is to have it ready to cook quickly.   So now I have 4 containers of ground chicken and 1 of ground beef, cooked and ready to go!  This is really helpful to have the meat done, it cuts down on time!

Then we all went and took Steve to get registered for college.  After many conversations, he has decided to go to our local community college in the fall.  He can't even apply to be an officer until he turns 19 years old so he might as well take at least one semester of college before then.  Maybe he will want to continue in college, or maybe he'll apply to be an officer.....or maybe he'll want to go to our alma mater Southeastern.....what ever he choses is fine, this is a good first step.  
Then we got back home and I cooked supper:)  Salad, garlic bread and a ground chicken/spinach whole wheat lasagna.  It was soooo good and felt healthy.
We generally eat ground chicken more than ground beef.  I buy the Perdue brand that is cage free, no antibodics....We don't really care for ground turkey and the chicken is lower fat.  I did have one package of frozen organic beef that I cooked up today.  It is tastier but lots more saturated fat!  

Someone recently asked me WHY do we watch our diets so closely?  Well.....we are not that careful when we go out to eat (which is another reason NOT to eat out much!!) 

But when we are home, I feel like if we eat healthy, it balances out the unhealthy times!   So we don't buy anything with vegetable oils that are NOT  expeller pressed.  We use whole wheat pastas, we use olive oil and add flax seeds to many dishes.  I try not to buy anything with more than 5 ingredients, when you start seeing 20 ingredients & you can not pronounce any of's not good to eat!  I use real butter NO margarine in this house!  I buy mostly organic vegetables, milk, butter, oils ....anything that I can or I grow it myself.   NO nitrides in any food, I get bacon, lunch meat and hotdogs without it and not too often.

We do usually order pizza once a week and get some soft drinks with it.  But I'm really working on keeping soft drinks out of the house.

If you know me, you know I had a 6 pack a day PEPSI habit for years!  Oh my.....I would literally CRAVE the pop of a top of a pepsi can.  BUT I have broken that addiction!  And that is quite the miracle!  For the past couple of years, I'd been weaning myself.  Now I drink tea, sweet tea, but at least the TEA part is good for me LOL!   My family drank sweet tea every meal...for years and most of them lived to be in their late 80's and beyond:)  They also ate organic without the organic label.  They ate their meat, butchered on the family farm, used real butter....  And they were pretty healthy folks.  Growing up, I ate healthy REAL food but from college on till a few years ago, I didn't eat very healthy.  Now Jon and I had always eaten low fat, but the stuff we used was filled with all kinds of additives.    I'm hoping that our change in diet, will help us and help our kids to stay healthy.

I've got a notebook and I'm rewriting all my recipes so I don't have them on slips of paper that I have to fumble around to find.   My goal is to not eat out again (except for my regular Tuesday lunch) till next Sunday:)  If I cook good suppers and have great left overs, the kids will be happy too!   My kids are all about eating!!! 

Hope you are having a great start to the week.

PLEASE continue to pray for our friends and the orphans of the Ukraine!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Back from Vacation!

We officially got home yesterday, still doing laundry and all the settling in that has to be done.  Sam always takes every single toy out of the toy boxes and checks them out.  It is hysterical!  We say he wants to make sure none got stolen while we were gone.  Sarah is thrilled to be back home on carpet she does not like wood floors at all!  Our new house will have wood floors throughout but area rugs for her sake.  She likes to be on the floor but likes her rugs:)  She is also happy to be back in her big blue chair. 

Poor Sarah has a diaper rash that I can not get rid of, tried everything on the market, had some cream made up for her by our nurse's recipe.....  She has used the same kind of diaper for over a year and I'm afraid they've changed and she is allergic  to the new ingredients  or something.   It doesn't bother her too much but it bothers me!  If she is not better, I'll take her to the dermatologist on Monday. 

There are about a hundred blogs running around in my head but the thing on my heart right now is Ukraine.  I'm hearing so many first and second hand reports and it is all so bad.  I don't want to endanger any of our friends there so I'm not sure what I can share right now.....but it is sooooo bad.  The news makes it sound as if things are quieter, things are NOT quieter....there are executions going on, people being tortured,  people having to flee to western Ukraine....  Most everyone I know in Ukraine is going through terrible things right now.  Please pray for our friends, for the orphans, for the much heartache!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Camping Pictures 2014 Layfette Blue Springs Park

  More Camping Pictures


NO he was NOT going that fast, but my new water camera doesn't do movement pictures too good!
The kids LOVE the porch swing.

More porch pictures
Kitchen / living room area


bedroom/ living room



















































Lots of pictures from a kayak ride that I didn't go on:)  I love the pictures.