Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a few more...

See how Sam & Selah are together? It's so cute they really like each other

Sarah and her teacher from Lighthouse for the blind....

Selah is so cute, love her smile!

Some more pictures:)

Here's our backyard playground and Sarah on her horse! I love the picture of her from the baby orphanage riding on a horse. She had not forgotten how to ride! As soon as I put her on it she shrieked with joy & started riding it:) I've got to get her a bigger horse as her legs are a bit long for this one but she loves it!!!!!


I can only add a few pictures at a time and I wanted to share some cute ones of the past month. I am a very blessed woman with my sweet family!!!!

We are all having a great time together:)

Update on Sarah and Selah

We've been home with them for 2 1/2 months and it's been wonderful! We adore these little girls so much!

Both girls have had their evaluations for Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy! They will be starting soon! They each will have 9 hours a week. Sarah also has Vision therapy an hour a week and loves it. At the evaluations it was determind that she only has muscle atrophy and should be walking soon. She is crawling and pulling up and starting to get into everything! We are waiting for a date for her eye surgery. One of the doctor on the team had a family emergency out of the country & it pushed us back but hopefully by next month we will be on the schedule! We are looking forward to getting it done!!!

Both girls are just doing so great. Sarah is a love bug and Selah is reaching out more for love. It is harder for her but it 's very evident that she is bonding as she follows me around the house all day:) She wants to cuddle at night, Sarah loves cuddles ALL the time!

I have most of their appointments with the various specialists set for the fall. We dealt with the most important stuff first. Sarah has a ski condition that we are dealing with & maybe just maybe finding the victory thanks to a new cream!

Just want o tell you all that we couldn't be happier with these sweet girl, they were so meant for our family & bring us much joy! Their transition home has been a breeze & such a sweet time. So thankful to God & to all who helped us bring them home!

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our first beach trip to Honeymoon Island, Sarah LOVED it, but it took Selah awhile to get use to the vastness of the beach.


This little face caught my heart from the moment I met her at the girls' institution. Immediately I asked if she was available for international adoption but there were some questions about her status. Evidently we found she was available. We thought about adding her but were a bit overwhelmed with the girls plus we'd had to gone back to the capital city and started all over and we weren't sure if we had the money to do it. It just seemed too much...

We think about going back and getting her and two boys that we also felt drawn to but we have some great big mountains in the way. For us to even adopt one more child we'd have to get a bigger van, ours' is filled, we'd have to have another bedroom, our small house is filled and we'd need the adoption expenses.... Plus we do realize we are only two older (late 40's) people! We have three handicapped kids now who are all about on a 1-2 year old level which means we do everything for them. And we do it GLADLY! We adore our sweet children but we are only two people....and these three will need life long care... So will the three we are drawn to...But then my heart says what will I do when I stand before God KNOWING there was at least one more I could have rescued....I take that seriously!

What am I asking of you? Get her picture out, she is not listed with any organization at this time, pray about including her in your family... Pray that if God wants us to adopt her and the boys that He'll make the path straight for us. And relatively easy. I don't think that is too much to ask this time around... We shown God we would be faithful in our adoptions. Adoptions are not easy, it's emotionally taxing, lots of paperwork. the trip is hard...there are so many aspects where you just have to surrender to God...I know from experience. I do NOT look forward in any way to the process...I know it all too well!

She is on my mind constantly...her face comes before me and my eyes are flooded with tears for her...she needs a family NOW! Please pray that God will provide one!!!! Whether it is us or another family.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lighthouse for the Blind

Sarah and Ms Becky from Lighthouse for the Blind working together. I love having Lighhouse working with Sarah, I used to dream of getting her services and now she has them and we love it! I love to se her learning and growing.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Everything is going great;)

I am not blogging much, but just wanted to let everyone know things are going so good! We are enjoying our family and love watching the girls grow and change befoe our eyes. We're looking forward to taking Sarah to NY this month for her eye surgery with the hope of her getting a great deal of sight from it! She is doing great in every way, just still dealing with the affects of scabies...evidently it is deep in her system and she has biweekly outbreaks on her hands and feet. She has gone to the dermatologist several times and at thsi point is on a stron steroid cream that seems to make her comfortable as soon as it is put on her. there is a medication she could go on but there are many side afects that we are not comfortable with including invovlement of the red blood cells! Scary stuff! so please pray that God will touch her and heal her of this.

Selah continues to just grow and her understanding level just amazes us! although she really isn't talking, she seems to understand much of what we say! Pretty amamzing since she has never been exposed to English before us!

The boys are doing great, everyone is enjoying summer and just being together.

My heart is filled with thankfulness to God for all my children, what great gifts I have been given!!!

Last night I was sitting on the floor of the little ones's room,holding Sarah. listening to a Praise Baby DVD about the wonders of God...and knowing I had one of his little wonders safe in my arms! During the adoption process, so many times I was afraid I would never get to hold her...but now I do:) On the floor, toys were all around, including a ball that has the globe on it, I looked and found Chengdu China ( where Shad is from) and Doneskt Ukraine (near where the girls were) and then looked at Florida and thought of how my kids came from all over the world to blessed we are!!!!!