Thursday, July 21, 2016

Healing-Have you ever had one?

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So what's on my mind?   HEALING! 

First I want to say I'm not trying to put doubt into anyone's mind or cause conflict but unlike most folks I'm not one to just close my eyes and say nothing.

My husband is a pastor in a denomination that teaches Divine Healing.  I've been raised from a baby on in churches that teach that, the college I went to taught that......but I ask where are the healings?

Obviously we have prayed for our children over and over and over again.....throughout the years  and it is personal struggle with us.  However as a pastor's wife, even if our kids didn't have their challenges I'd still question because we see so much more suffering.

Currently we have a wonderful woman in our church who is close to death from cancer.  It just tears me up to see people and their families walk through this.  I don't question God as much as I question the teachings I've been taught all these years.  I know God is a good God-He is so faithful especially in our worst times. 

I'm now in my 50's- all my life I've heard of how God can and does heal.  But I am not sure - I've rarely seen a true healing. 

What I classify as a TRUE HEALING is a healing that is not one that comes by the hand of a doctor or medicine or surgery.  While we are incredibly grateful to God and our doctors- to me that doesn't constitute a miracle.  I remember after Sam's eye surgery a woman said to me "You got your miracle"  I was nice but inside I thought "if 44 eye drops a day, monthly doctor trips and all the work I have to do is a miracle we are missing something!"  Now I am so grateful for our Dr A and I truly believe God gave him the wisdom to do such amazing surgery to give sight to blind children.....that's a different level than a healing miracle. 

I also want to clarify this I'm also NOT  talking about  a person just getting better faster than normal.....One time I was talking to a man & he said God healed his broken leg.  Being curious I asked for details and he told me that he got the cast off in 5 weeks rather than the 6 weeks the doctors had originally told him......  Another friend told me God healed her of an ovarian cyst.  Well I've had ovarian cysts off and on for years.  As their nature they come and go and they can be worrisome.  I had a huge one while I was pregnant with Sam & was so relieved when it dissipated after months.  I firmly believe God made our bodies in a way that they can heal themselves for lack of a better term. 

I'm also not a believer in a "progressive healing'  When Jesus healed someone- they were healed...

I had one real Jesus type healing.  After Steve's birth-I had a lot of scar tissue.  It was a traumatic birth to say the least.....  My doctor wanted to do surgery on the scar tissue and I just couldn't dare think of doing that!  It was painful enough!!!!    Well I went to a Good Friday service and the minister said before a prayer to 'ask God to heal you right in your seat if you need healing"   Me being the sarcastic person thought " haha that is exactly where I need it"   Later that day, I sat on the floor with Steve to play with him and didn't feel any all..... I went and checked and the scar tissue was wasn't in my clothes or anywhere to be found.  I will say my doctor and her assistant were absolutely amazed.  I can't say it was a medically documented healing and I have no paperwork but my doctor could hardly believe it! 

I have a missionary friend who had kidney cancer and was treated by surgery and chemo.  A few years later the doctor found a large spot on a lung.  My friend had a travel commitment and went ahead and went and while there he was prayed for.  When he came back the spot was imaged as a hole ( as if something had been cut out) and since that time new healthy tissue has grown back.  I've not seen medical proof but I do believe his story. 

So those are the two healings I'm sure of.  My question is why are there so very few?  Some people say it's because we are in America and not desperate enough for God- they'd say there are miracles in other countries but I don't buy that at all. First people are desperate for God's healing touch in America, believe me I've been told too many times there was no hope for change in our situations and if you don't think a mom with a little girl in a coma (now for almost 4 years) is desperate, you are absolutely crazy!  Secondly this may sound mean...but I've seen people caught up in a revival/healing type meeting who have proclaimed that they were healed of various things but actually they were just wanting to be healed,.   My husband tries very hard not to e3ncourage things like that but once we had a woman say she was healed of deafness but she wasn't......she was just excited.  Unfortunately many ministers are not that careful and they proclaim that someone is healed while they actually are not. 

So my question to you is do have proof of a physical miracle???  I'm interested.  Please send it to me at and let me know if I can publically share it. 

Again I'm not sharing this to have some big theological fight- this is something that is a HUGE deal to me both in our family and as a pastor's wife.  Also TRUTH is very very important to me.  There are times I am very uncomfortable with things people in the Pentecostal movement say.  Our doctrine on healing is based off of the scripture in Isaiah 53:4-5 (the scripture is a prophecy of Jesus the Messiah)
Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Many theologians believe that last portion of the scripture "by His stripes we are healed" means only a spiritual healing while most Pentecostals believe it is a physical healing.   (if you are wondering I believe it means a spiritual healing)  I do believe the New Testaments talks of "gifts of healing' but I do not believe that physical healing is on the same par as salvation.  What I'm saying is I do not believe healing is provided for in the atonement.  That's pretty much is a statement on the same level as blasphemy in the Pentecostal world!  (And I'm speaking ONLY for myself on this blog)

It seems like to me we so often parrot things without really understanding scripture and we make scripture say what we would like it to say....... I'm not going to do that.  I'd love for God to just do everything I want Him to do but the scriptures don't support that belief. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another kitten!

We've had a relaxing few days catching up and doing some chores before we get back to our schedule.  We decided to bring the hammock and outdoor swing in and put them on the back porch so I had to go get new cushions since ours were pretty dirty. 

it looks crowded in this picture but it's not actually.  Jon and I took a nap out there yesterday evening before Shad fired up the Fireworks! I love the back porch/patio because it's so quiet and surrounded by trees. 

Sam enjoyed the fireworks with me from the front porch.  Shad did a good safe job with them and had a blast LOL
Saturday we had a surprise....another kitten came up!  Obviously he is from the same litter as Kia and he came from out of the same wooded area just crying and crying!  They are exactly the same the size and same fuzziness.  He is a lover boy- he's playful but is more a cuddlier than Kia is. 

This is the funniest picture taken just seconds before Kia pounced on Dobby. 

So we now have FIVE cats and only ONE of them is a cat that we actually asked for ( sort of- we offered to take her because her owner didn't want her anymore.)   The others have all been strays.  I'd like to find a home for the two little ones together but I doubt that will happen. 
Tonight our oldest son is flying home.  We left him in Ohio with his girlfriend and her family for the week.  It's his first time flying alone and I'm nervous.  I'm sure he's not!  He's had a fun filled week with them doing all kinds of different activities.  It gave her family time to get to know him in  a more relaxed environment. 
We are still waiting on the all the test results to share - hopefully we will learn a lot to share with you -especially if heart disease runs in your family. 
Have a great week!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016 Medical/Vacation Trip

Yes we are still alive! We just got home from our annual medical trip/vacation!

Sarah slept a lot!

We first stopped in the  Lancaster PA area.  We stayed in a great hotel right in the middle of everything.  Our first night there we found a community party that we went to. 
And there were swings!
Shad played with the Amish kids


We started the next moring with a full Amish breakfast and a buggy ride.


Then we went to Kitchen Kettle Village and got several boxes of salsa! 

the kids loved the music!







At Bird 'n the Hand

After a couple of fun days we headed to Rochester to see our favorite doc!

Sam was so cooperative that his exam was done with him awake and they were able to do all the exams. 


Dr Aquevella and Dr Chung

Sam is doing good but they could see his retina has had some damage from glaucoma pressure.  His pressure was perfect that day but obviously some days it's not as good.  We are just continuing on the eye drops. 

We finished early in Rochester so we had more time for Niagara Falls!


It was windy!

Top of the Falls restaurant
Jon & I went to Canada
Yes we rode the Ferris Wheel!

And we stayed till the lights came on!!!!

 Then we headed to Cleveland Ohio!

We were there for Jon & Steve to go to Cleveland Clinic's preventive heart clinic.  I also had an appointment with the women's heart section.  But we got to do a lot of fun things while we were there. 

 We went to the Zoo


Do you recognize this house?

how about NOW?

 Yes the house from the movie "A Christmas Story"

And of course we went to a graveyard!  We love old cemeteries. 


President Garfield's tomb


That Sunday we went to our friends' church and Shad got to ring the bell....or it rang him!  LOL it was quite a job!

Then a boat ride on Lake Erie

We are still waiting on all the results so I'll share the doctor stuff later....
Then we headed home through the mountains of West VA

It was beautiful!  The clouds were so low.......

We were so glad to get was an almost 2 week trip  and thousands of miles of driving.   We took hundreds of pictures but I just showed you the highlights of it!

I'll be updating soon and trying to stay more consistent on my posting.....I even got a reminder from BlogSpot LOL!!!!