Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year

Wow I finally have internet connection again after almost one and a half months! It's so good to be able to check my 1000 plus emails, facebook and to get back to blogging! The reason I didn't have internet services was that we're on a satillte being out in the country & it had to be taken down for the church's new roof & with al the delays, we finally just got it put back up today! YEAH!

So it's now 2011! Man the times has flown by, every year goes so fast....I've included my latest posting from Sam's Caring bridge page so you can know what is going on with him....

Wow where have I been?? Our satellite dish was taken down (too early) for a new roof & it took till today to have it reinstalled! We didn't have it reinstalled on the roof this time but rather on a pole in our back yard. I'm glad to be back in the internet world!

Sam has been great, thank God! No problems no sickness!!! We've had a bunch of twice a year specialist's appointments as well as some evaluations. Last week he had a overall evaluation at USF that went awful. The doctor doing the evaluation did not even want to make eye contact with me. It was supposed to be a 2 hour evaluation to determine where he was & what we could expect. It turned out to be a less than one hour slam! She asked some questions and then said that Sam was basically at a 12-15 month age cognitively, profoundly retarded (she didn't even use the new euphemisms) would never talk or do anything beyond what he is doing now. She then went on to criticism me for not fighting him to wear shoes. All in all it was the worst experience I've ever had with him bar none (and that is saying ALOT!!!!)

Was I shocked at what she said? Mostly no- I know my son and where he is but she was so nasty, never touched him never looked at him if she could avoid it....she acted like he disgusted her. He had a psychological last fall when he started school and the evaluator said basically the same thing (except for "this is as far as he'll go") but he said what he said, while holding & playing with Sam. He told me what a joy Sam was and although he had some delays how blessed we were to have him.

I cried all the way home which probably wasn't the best thing to do in late afternoon traffic on I-75!

The next day he had an evaluation with the school's PT as well as a administrator/teacher who was over the academics for SN. They were so sweet to Sam and so joyful about ALL that he can do...what a difference. His new O&M (Orientation & Mobility) teacher is so amazed by him and what he can do DESPITE all his challenges...they were like a balm to my heart!

And that very day Sam learned how to play fetch with our Lab. Now he loves to throw the ball to Brownie & have her bring it back to him...i love it too but he gets doggy drool ALL over him! Yuck!

So we love our Sam no matter what anyone says...he is the best gift to us and we are thankful for his life.

I look back now even after a week and think why did I get so upset? But at the time it really hit me hard!

So Christmas & New Years was great! Lots of time with our family & friends, couldn't have been better! I feel so blessed by God and so happy with the life He has given me!

I am going to be posting much more often now that I have a computer back!!! I've missed writing!!!!