Thursday, December 20, 2018

Graduation 2018

HE DID IT!!!!!

I love this shot!  It's on the football field-Steve produced the football games for the last two years. 

this was from the weekend before at his roommate's wedding in north Florida. 

Nick and Steve- he was a great roommate for Steve.  Both pastor's sons but they didn't get into trouble (or at least not too much lol)  God bless him and his new wife!

It begins....

Diploma in hand!

Leaving the building

Steve's aunt and uncle were able to come too

Another one of  Steve's suite mates.  Pablo is student class president and I expect to vote for him as president of the US one day lol! 

Graduation was held at Victory Church.  Ironically this is where Steve started preschool and attended their private school up to 3rd grade.  He graduated from kindergarten here too:) 

We had a graduation party Sunday

As you can imagine we are just a little proud:)   It was an incredible feeling sitting in the graduation service and reflecting on everything.  Twenty seven  Decembers ago Jon graduated from Southeastern in a small ceremony at the chapel on campus.  I had to go look for this picture. 

In April it will be 30 years since I graduated from college.  It doesn't seem real to me!  We are so glad that Steve was able to have a similar experience as we did going to Southeastern.  Of course back in our day (lol) things were way more strict.  Steve made friends that will be life long friends just as we did.  College is a great experience.   

In January Steve will begin as a Graduate Assistant working on campus in the studio and working on his Master's in Human Services.  The advantage to him being a GA is he gets more hands on experience and his tuition for his MA is paid!  He'll be living with some pastor friends of ours so that will be a huge help also.  

In other news guess who started his first job?

Shad has wanted to work at our favorite home town restaurant for years.  He enjoys it and I love getting pictures when friends go in and see him working.  He is a busboy and helps the wait staff out too  He is saving money for his mission trips this summer.  All the reports we get have been extremely positive 

Sarah got caught smiling.  she smiles all the time until I try and take a picture!!!

Tomorrow she turns 12!  I love my girl so much!!!!