Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Country Living

So I've been walking like a fiend trying to always meet my base goal of 10,000 steps but really trying to hit 15,000 steps a day.  Some days it gets tedious in the heat so I've been taking my good camera to give me something to do that is more enjoyable than just walking.  Here's a few of my recent favorites!

I followed this fellow for awhile as he glided down stream with a fish in his mouth

Kia followed me one day

some neighbors

a few more

few more neighbors

I just love this picture.  this is a neighborhood dog.  He was a stray but now everyone on that end takes care of him.

This view just soothes my soul.

True story...
recently I was walking down the road literally thanking God that we live in the country where we have space and peace....everything is safe...and I hear a crack so I ran and the corner of this branch just grazed my shoulder.....LOL  I started cracking up!  Not sure how safe I am!  BTW this branch is about 6 feet long or longer  I moved it off the road and it was heavy/cumbersome   I'm glad I ran!

So my average daily steps for the past two weeks have been over 11,000 and in 14 days I walked 77 miles!   Having the Fitbit keeps me more active-for sure.

Summer is on- our oldest is home from college.  Homeschool is done for the year except for ONE MORE Math book for Shad.

Speaking of Shad he FINALLY got his US Citizenship after 11 years!!!!!!  We've had so much trouble since my husband did not travel with me Shad came in on a Legal Immigrant status.  (the girls had no issue since Jon was with me and had their Certificate of Citizenship in weeks after coming to the US)  So with Shad there was one thing after another....everything was messed up.  Even his readoption in the US got messed up on a local level....   In the end I had to contact Senator Marco Rubio's office and with their help we finally were told the paperwork was done and on it's way to us.  Thank you Sen Rubio!!!!  Once it is in our hands we are going to throw Shad a party!

Hope you enjoy my pictures!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Who has a Fitbit or some other brand of exercise watch?
Jon and I do & it has changed our lives....
If you see either or us walking aimlessly around our yard or on the street you know we are trying to hit that 10,000th step!  My basic goal is 10,000 steps a day but I really want to hit 15,000 a day!  I can get about 6,000 with no real effort but to go over that requires some walking time.  

Jon has only had one for a week- we found out on Sundays after TWO services he had walked about 6,000 steps.  Yes he is one of "those" type preachers who can not be still while he is preaching.  His average is usually over 15,000 steps a day because he walks so much at work.

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I've been doing a lot of walking in the parks lately.  It's so hot and dry that I try and go early but can't always do that!

We recommend getting some type of sports watch - it will make you think about moving more than not having one!!  So far this year I've lost 8 pounds that has stayed off:)

Our oldest is home from college and I've just about wrappped up homeschool for this year.  Shad is still a year ahead in his studies ( we use a curriculum) but it's been a hard year being his teacher and mom.  He is very smart but he is also very lazy!  Because everything comes so easy to him- it seems he doesn't want to put any effort into things.  Next year I'm thinking of using Florida Virtual School so he is obligated to a teacher instead of me!  

Sam and Sarah are both doing good with Lifeskills. We've seen some big improvements. Sarah is saying Daddy all the time now.  She really uses it at night time to get one more kiss or prayer from Daddy...he can't resist her!  

I've missed blogging but I've been so busy and it seems so much work to get the old laptop out!  But I'm going to try and do better:)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Five Years ago

Today is officially FIVE years since we got home with Sarah and Selah!

These pictures mean so much to me- after 4 months of fund raising and paperwork- 6 weeks in Ukraine-a long plane ride ....we were HOME!  I finally could put them in clean PJ's and a in to their new beds.

Sarah used to always sleep on her tummy curled up. (not anymore! she owns her bed)

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Sweet Selah

We are all doing great and I promise to update more soon!

I just could not let this 5 year anniversary go past me!