Monday, March 31, 2014

Answer for extra vote is the top one
Contact a NMEDA dealer.....

Mondays are the time to hit the ground running for me!  Got Steve signed up for the ACT ( OMG_is all I can say!  I think if you can get signed up, you should be able to pass the stupid test with a perfect score-what a pain!)  Did the computer work for Shad's reoccurring scholarship from Step Up for Students, did the yearly Sunbiz report for the church on line, touched base with the admission's department of the university that Steve is going to next year....made a dozen or so calls regarding various things AND cooked chicken parm, garlic bread and tortellini ....I've been productive today!  Let me hold on to it for a few more minutes.....

Well I got a call saying my biopsy has been moved from Tuesday to times, at least I know my time with one of my BFF's (Traditional Tuesday) won't be touched!!!  I had already imagined me telling the doctor to hurry up cuz it was time for me to meet my friend for lunch!  Have to have those priorities  straight!

I have about 5 blogs inside of me but I'm too wasted by the time I get a chance to sit down to do them  Right now its 6 pm, supper is done (I actually already ate some since I hadn't eaten all day) it's time for Jon to come home mind is running but I'm tired and Sarah wants mommy to "hold me!"  Lord if she ever starts talking, that will probably be what she says all the time.  She'd love for me to do one of those baby carriers, strap on thingys.....but she got an old mama with a sore neck and back so my holding is sitting in "our" chair with her!    (Btw, my neck has been terrible but I started using cold wraps on my neck and that has helped again.  I think the heat bothers it even tho it seems like I want the hot packs or heating pad.  And my foot still hurts from the "little procedure" Whine Whine whine......)

Here's some adorable Sam pictures from Sunday  He was "talking" to me, I had walked him up on stage, on the steep handicapped ramp and he didn't like it.  He was mumbling and making his cute little sounds to tell me that:)


Sam's so cute:)

Well hope you all have a good night, VOTE if you can!!!!  THANKS!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

the answer is Threshold sensor mats

Hey I've had some questions about the voting.  Seems if you try and vote through your email address, and ask for a password, quite a few aren't getting the password.  That happened to me also!  I never got a password for my email account although I asked several times.   Others are having no issues with it.  I sign in through FB and haven't had an issue with that at all.  Thanks for all your trying and voting!  I really appreciate you taking the time to do it!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  It's now Sunday night, I'm at the church, the Spanish church is going strong, it's been a good weekend. My favorite part is after church on Sundays, going out to eat with my friends and then hanging out for awhile.  Sometimes you just need each other to prepare for the start of the new week!  This is going to be another crazy week for us as always!

Just heard a young man who grew up in the same church I did, died last night.  He was younger than me, I can remember when he was born.  His parents taught my Sunday School class.  I can remember when his mom was pregnant with him and when he was a little guy.  Of course I can't imagine him as a grown up, in my mind he is just a little boy still.  Surely, his parents are remembering him as their little boy, my heart just goes out to them.   Please say a prayer for this family, their grief must be overwhelming!

Hope you all have a good week!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

5 inches of rain! the answer is true!  Thank for your vote!

Rainy weekend here.  We got 1.75 inches of rain last night and 3.5 inches today, over 5 inches in an 18 hour period.  I love it and so does my garden!  We are going to start harvesting some thing today:)  I'm cutting some lettuce for the nurse and some collards for us.    I love rain, it just refreshes me.  I think rainy days are cozy not depressing at all.  We seem to get a lot of rain which is fine with me
When we first moved here, we were in a drought and our old well was bringing out dirt when we turned on the facets.  We had a new well put in, a much deeper one and the rains came:)  It's interesting to live with well water, we had to have a system put in to purify the water.  The water was fine just too much iron. 

The boys and I saw The new Muppets movie last night, it was cute.  Muppet movies are some of my favorite movies, Kermit & Miss Piggy are my favs  We were the ONLY ones in the late showing for the Muppets, guess it was not the cool movie to see.  I want to see the movie "God's not Dead" but it is not showing in our small town.  We may go and see it next week.    Honestly I like very lite movies, that are funny.  I have more than enough drama in my own life to go and pay money to see make believe drama! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Merry go Round
the extra vote answer is DEEP DISH - as in steering NOT pizza. 
And YES you can vote DAILY
YES you can vote from any country!
Thank you so much!!!!!

Jon had a bunch of doctor appointments this week.  He had several heart tests done on him, nothing invasive, just a stress test, nuclear stress test, EKG and a sonogram of his heart.  All were great, no issues.  Jon's family history with heart disease is just awful so he has always been careful and is an avid exerciser.  He also has watched his fat intake since before we were married.  I remember him eating a Lean Cuisine when we were dating.  (we'd never eat something like that now LOL!)

Now we still watch our fat intake but we are a bit more concerned about eating organically   When we were younger, I ignored his healthy food habits but as I got older, I realized I'd better follow his lead!  I always say if I wasn't married to Jon, I'd be about 600 pounds.  He is such a healthy eater, he has won me over BUT I still have to have my fried chicken every now and then! 

He went to the dermatologist this morning and had to have a precancerous growth burned off his ear.  Jon is also such the careful one with wearing hats, long sleeves, sunscreen while I am NOT!  I still like to get sun still thinking I might ONE day have a tan LOL!~   But somehow he had a little place on him.  I was surprised. 

Anyhow I'm making sure he sees the doctors too, it's been two years since we had gone to a doctor for anything so we're making up for it. 

Tuesday morning is my "big" day, to have the biopsy done of my thyroid.  The doctor tried to reassure me that most are non cancer.  For me, everyone I know who has had a biopsy, it has been cancer.....  maybe I'll be lucky and not have to deal with that, I sure hope so. 

After Jon's little procedure, we took our van in for a oil change and to have the back up camera replaced.  Where we go is right near a mall, so we took the kids too.  We all had a great time.  Sam loved the merry-go-round, I think he needs his own one. I did some more clothes shopping, which is really not me at all but I just have to blame it on the fact it is spring, almost Easter and everyone has grown!  Yesterday I had gotten Sarah's, Sam's, Shad's, Steve's and my Easter outfit.  Today I found Selah's and it is perfect and comfy, can't have a dress with a big bow to bother her.  I also found me a few things too LOL! 



Sam and daddy....


this picture is the calm before the storm....

the storm!

they were going so fast, I couldn't watch them!  Sarah loved it

Look at Sarah's pretty hair and she had on the cutest outfit, a little Sailor long shirt with leggings to match.  I should have taken a better picture of her!

fun times!



Here is a sweet picture of Sam from the other night.  He loves listening to his Ipod! 
And here are the little sisters!
they both got "fixed" last week- neutered/spayed whatever you call it
they did great.  For the first time I was given take home meds and it really seemed to help them just bounce back, we love that they are usually up and running, sweet babies!

they love each other AND my bed!

I have to say we have enjoyed these little girls! What good kittens they've been, hardly any trouble and so sweet.
A really close friend of mine has started a blog.  This friend is really smart and I love his/her ideas.  The writer is remaining anonymous at this time.  So I won't let the 'cat out of the bag" but I think it will be an interesting, thought provoking blog!  Go visit it!
I want to write an anonymous blog so bad.  You have NO idea!  Cause if I wrote exactly what I WANT to write about, I'd probably have no friends left.  I'd probably have 5 million hits but no friends - I think I'd better stick with having friends!   I don't want to write anything mean, don't get me wrong, just very honest and what I really think about a lot of things....
Tonight I have a date with TWO men, Steve & Shad, we are going to the movies and Jon is going to watch the little ones.  He's not too keen on watching The Muppets ( that I love!) We also want to go see "God's Not Dead!"  Maybe we'll see that tomorrow.  I LOVE going to a movie, something about a theater and the popcorn.....I just love it!
Have a great weekend!  Thanks for your prayers, thoughts and votes:)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

We need 30,000 votes!  the answer is true uptil midnight tonight

Thank you for overwhelms me so I appreciate anyone who takes the time to vote! 

This week has been so busy for me, I've gotten so much done but have so much left undone.  I am just feeling soooo overwhelmed again.  I've ran all week and yet need another week to catch up from this week.

As far as the contest goes....thank you all!  I think we need to be around 30,000 to have hopes of winning.  You all have done so much, but we have a long way to go.  Thank you for all your efforts.  We were on two tv stations in this area and I think we are in the local paper today, I've not had a chance to get one.  Voting goes on till May 9th or so so we have plenty of time to  build up. 

Today was another crazy long day for me.  One thing I had to do was go to the foot doctor.  The day before we left for NY (when the accident happened) I had major foot surgery both cutting surgery and laser surgery.  Things had been fine until just recently.  So today I thought I'd have to have the laser again and let me tell you that HURT the first time I had so I was NOT looking forward to it.  However he scrapped my foot and put something on it, which was much better.  I have some type of werid planter's wart (I know I spelled it wrong, it's too late to look up)   It looks like a little piece of a pencil head or something like that.  The first time I went to this guy, it was my THRID surgery in just a few weeks time as I had something resting on a nerve, and there is nothing like nerve pain!  He extracted something that looked just like a big molar.  I never got the pathology report back since we were in NY and things were so crazy.  So I asked him today and he remembered it since he'd never seen anything like that, he told me it was also classified as a planter's wart.  But it looked just like a molar!  He said he hadn't forgotten that LOL

I'm too tired to get really deep but this was the first time I was back in his examining  room  since the accident.  The last time I was in there, was the day before we left for NY and I brought Selah with me.  She was so cute, I even remember the outfit she was wearing......  She sat and watched me scream.  She even laughed some.  When I walked in, everything was in the same spot, including the chair she set in.  The surgery was just 6 days before the accident.....  the last time I went somewhere with just me and Selah.  Everything brings back memories to me!

How do some parents stand it?  We only had Selah for 13 weeks before the accident happened and it feels like EVERYTHING I do, reminds me of "BEFORE"   What if we'd had her the whole 7 years and then the accident happened?  How do they stand it?  Just the little time we had before is so poignant for me. Every little thing, every place.....

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and day I'll actually write a real blog post.  I have some really funny stories to share, just some off the wall things that have happened to us lately.  Maybe this weekend I can catch my breath. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

News Interviews

Crazy busy day again......  real quick...the answer is 79-how many medals.....

here is the interview from last night
After the long day I had, I can't believe I was even coherent!

Today I had a call from Bay News 9 and they also came and interviewed us:)   I was a bit more coherent today, than last night but I don't see that link up yet.


Today was spent in arranging all the appointments/tests that the GI specialist wants the kids to have done!. My "to do" list continues to grow, as soon as I get one thing marked off two more have taken its' place.  There truly seems to be no end in sight.  My goal is to have everything done/scheduled/filled out/sent in May 1st.....Please don't hold your breath cause I sure ain't:)    Between the church and our family, from setting up appointments to doing college scholarship paperwork....I don't know f i'm coming or going!    Having 5 kids at so many different stages of life is not the easiest thing in the world!!!

So just when we think things are perfect with Selah she does something different.  There was some info our new neuro wanted me to get from NY so I had called the doctor that handled most of her care there.  I went outside to talk and was telling her all the good things Selah has been doing, walk back inside and Selah's heart rate is 160!  YIKES!  BUT the funny/good thing is that she is not storming at all.  She's not upset, not red or sweaty.  So we really do not know what to think.  She calmed down to the 120's and I asked the nurse to put her in her stander and her heart rate returned to near normal.  We are going to have the company that supplies her machine that measures her heart rate and oxygen level to come out and look at the machine to ensure it is measuring correctly.  The nurse did count and her heart rate was high today and her blood pressure low for a short time.  But she seems absolutely fine now.

The info I got from our sweet doctor in NY was about Selah's PH level when she arrived in the ER.  The PH level that they want to see is 7.0, Selah's was makes a huge difference.    For a long time I had wondered WHY the ER doctors worked so hard and gave her FOUR shots to her heart. (at the time we wanted them to fight!!)   Of course I didn't understand at the time of the accident what kind of damage could happen but I do now.  So once I understood everything, I had to wonder why the doctors knowing how bad brain damage could be would keep working on her.  NOW I truly understand why, she was so close....  There are other factors that can foretell the outcome of a near drowning but the PH is a big one.  So my heart just broke all over again at what "might have been"  Maybe if she'd gotten there 2 minutes sooner....she was so close to having a good number.   I don't read alot on the internet about near drownings.  The only things I look into are CURES, things we can try, studies, therapies etc.....I dont' get into the groups, I don't really want to hear alot of stories, I"m living my own story and that is hard enough.  But I researched things a little and it just broke my heart all over again.

Every now and then for a minute or two I dream of how our life would be 'if only"   Would I appreciate it like I think I would?  Of course I think I'd appreciate the heck out of it.  Oh God, I can just imagine, Selah right up in the middle of everything....making a mess with her toys, wanting to stay outside and play, looking at herself in the mirror with her new dress on...grabbing a piece of pizza....laughing ...

Hearing the numbers, reading the various reports, it just hurt me all over again.  Didn't expect that, it came out of nowhere, I was just curious and getting the info for the doctor.

I am thankful for so much with  Selah, so thankful that she is very stable overall and coming off of meds.  I'm thankful that she seems very content.  I'm thankful for all the people in her life that are helping us to give her the very best life possible.....I am thankful that we still have her with us...I just can't help wanting her back to us 100%.  Thank you for all the prayers you have prayed for her, please keep praying.......

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What A Day!

My FB post.....

WHAT a DAY! Three kids in to see the new GI (love the doctor-thanks Tammy for the info on her!) Had to sit between Sam and Sarah in the van for an hour plus as he likes to pull her hair and she cries like a girl LOL! (...sibling rivalry at its' best! I could make a joke if I wasn't so wasted about blind kids pulling each others hair-it's just funny) Got home, picked up Shad got all new meds, took him to piano lessons, got home had new "brain trauma therapist" for Selah, Steve left for his piano lessons  in the middle of cooking supper, get call from Ch 10 wanting to do an interview about the van contest. I have the WORST ever hair cut of my life, Jon had a problem at the prison, couldn't leave, Probably the worst tv interview of my life. I couldn't get my thoughts together, kittens running all around...children was just crazy LOL Finally got everything done, it's 10pm and I'm trying to vote I have no idea what the answer is for the extra vote (it's Horizontal Steering Column  thanks Betty!!!)    Thank you all for voting. I have never been so tired in a long time. What a day!  the answer for the next two hours for the extra vote is....Horizontal Steering Column
Lisa Buie wrote an article for the Tampa Times about us:  she shared about the two other families from our area who are also in the contest.  I've not looked on the contest pages to see other families as I never want to feel I'm competing against someone else because I think if they are in the contest, they have a big need also.  NO ONE plans on getting a debilitating illness, or having an accident or having a child born with a special need.......NO ONE can be prepared for all the hardships that come along with that problem.  Just reading about the other two families in our area, is hard for me as we all need a handicapped accessible vehicle.   No one's need is greater than another's and most folks can't afford such a vehicle on their own.  We looked at some, brand new around $60,000....used with over 100,000 miles on it about $30,000!  I've never spent $30,000 for a brand new vehicle, much less one with so many miles on it!  I'm leery of buying a used one since there are so many parts that can go wrong AND you do not want to be stuck on the side of a road with an old broke down van and a handicapped child (or in my case CHILDREN!)  .  I'm certainly not an ungrateful person LOL  one of our van has over 130,000 miles on it and is 14 years old BUT we don't drive that car out of town!!!  Our new van is much nicer and we looked into refurbishing it into an handicapped accessible van BUT we would lose too many seats and there are 7 of us, 8 if you include the that wouldn't work out since we have so many people and we need one car we can get everyone out of town in in case of an emergency (like a hurricane -we live in Florida- and would have to evacuate Selah since we live out in the country)   or like today with 3 kids and 3 adults going 1.5 hours away to a doctor's appointment. Plus it was very expensive to do that.    Anyhow....the way I look at it, God provides for us, whether it is through a contest or through the ability to make money needed for what Selah needs or through a gift...whatever way it comes, when we absolutely NEED it, it will be there.....
So thank you all so much for voting and it warms my heart that people take the time to do it.  It was so sweet of Denise who nominated us and did all the leg work for me also.  So just that kind of support is absolutely amazing whether we win one of the vans or not!   I want to keep my heart in the right place and not worry about this!  But I do appreciate your votes:)
BTW, Miss Selah is doing really good.  She is adjusting well to being off the meds, I was worried but I think she is going to make it without them.  I am just over the moon happy with the new GI we saw today.  We now have a great GI doctor, neurologist and pulmologist and the BEST pediatrician anywhere to be found:)  They are all team players and committed to keeping Selah healthy, along with our full time nurses.  The doctors are accessible and able to think outside the box!  I am thrilled and it makes our lives so much easier to have such great doctors/nurses in our lives!!!!!  It took us awhile to get to the right ones, but what a blessing that we have been able to find them.  Those 3 areas, GI, neuro and pul are the three areas, that we focus on with Selah, being all on board together is fantastic!  I'm feeling very blessed tonight and believing this will be the key that will keep Selah healthy and out of the hospital (11 months without going in)
Also got lots of answers on Sam and Sarah and new info.  I'll go into all that tomorrow cause I truly need to crash now!!! 
Thank you all for your encouragement!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

I can have worms, I can have ticks but I can NOT have a bad haircut!
please go and vote and share......
the answer today is ZERO EFFERT STEERING! 

All is good here, just been running all day long.  Got some funny things to share, maybe tomorrow?  Tomorrow is a bit crazy too....taking all three little ones to the GI .... should be fun.  Each child will have a primary caregiver with them LOL.  Aaron our nurse/monk will have Selah, I'll have Sarah and Steve will have Sam.  I have never tried to take all three of them to the doctor at once, I'm sure I'll have something funny to doubt!

Last week I got the hair cut from first I thought I was just so uncool that I wasn't styling it right....then I hoped that my hair was just "in shock"....NOPE it is a god awful hair cut.  I tried several days to deal with it but today had to call the shop and complain.  I've been going there for years.  The manager fixed my do that looked quite a bit like a "mullet" by cutting my hair very very very short.  I am sick and considering a wig!  The shop gave me all kinds of products to use on my hair to help it to grow and the manager will trim it and work on it for free until we can get it back to normal.  It is awful, just awful and I do know in the scheme of all the world's suffering that my bad hair cut is not a big deal but it actually made me cry today.  I told our nurse and physical therapist as I left for the salon "I can have worms, I can have ticks  BUT I can NOT have a bad haircut!   Southern girls from the 80's have a thing about their hair! 

Anyhow it is a zoo at my house today and tomorrow....crazy times!  Just got too much going on.

Thanks for your prayers and vote! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

CMA Christian Motorcyclists Association

We had a great day with the Christian Motorcyclist Association  CMA.  I had ran to the store and was coming back when I saw all these motorcycles turn into our church's parking lot.  It was fun to see:)   So the place was packed, the service was rocking and we had a huge luncheon!  We had food left over, everyone ate, sat around and talked.  It was nice. 

I am exhausted but in a good way:)  So I don't have much to say tonight

Just wanted to remind you to vote-we're at 2,928, would love to see us go over 3000 tonight.  The answer to the extra vote question is FALSE!
Please go and vote!

Selah has done better the last 24 hours in keeping her heart rate in normal range.  Everything else is perfect with her. Thanks for your prayers, I'd be very happy if she could stay off this drug!  I was beginning to think she'd have to go back on but maybe not!

Oh and if you ever wonder about my neck/shoulder/back is still very much here!  Today I'm so sore it is pathetic!   And on top of the normal pain, I weeded the garden last evening so my hamstrings HURT!  Standing is not bad, sitting is fine but getting to either position is a killer!   But at least that will go away.  I have no idea what to think about my neck issues........

Anyhow hope you have a good close to your weekend and a great start to your week!

I included some pictures from today, of course my blog is acting up!!!!

the bikes

Guy leading worship

Guy, Sam and Rodney

see my baby girl in her biker outfit!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

You are invited....

Ok I'm trying to get this posted earlier in the day:)  Sometimes it is just too hard!

"bridged mechanisms" is the answer for the extra vote!  We are at 2686!   You can vote DAILY!


Today we are working on getting things together for tomorrow!  Our church is hosting CMA Christian Motorcyclist Association.  We have a few members who are a big part of CMA.  They are able to reach people that most of us wouldn't ever know.  It's exciting to see how God uses people, where their hearts are at-like in this case, motorcycles- to reach others and show them love. 

We are expecting a houseful!  I just ordered a huge FRIED CHICKEN order from Publix.  Fried Chicken is my total happy food if you know me:)  It's something we had at our house every day of my life growing up!  So we have it ordered for tomorrow and the tables are set up, and the church is being cleaned. 

Let me regress for a moment....being a pastor's wife is not the most fun thing to do at times.  But this past year has been the most rewarding for me.  We struggled here for so long and then all of a sudden, in spite of our personal tragedy and imperfections, God started doing something we couldn't explain.  To be honest, we have just sat back and watched....our church has grown by people moving to this area and becoming a part.  No one family knew another one, they just began coming and people were free to find their niche in the church.  It's been incredible.....  What I love the most is we are not a 'traditional" church in the sense of people's ministries....  Many of the folks who attend our church do ministry in unorthodox areas/ways.  But we don't try to be "cool" ( I can't stand cool LOL)
We are so Uncool....that we are cool LOL.   We all tend to be drawn to the "outcasts" of society, the ones others don't want to bother with; like the bikers, orphans, prisoners, special needs children/adults, the elderly, the Spanish speaking community, the homeless.....I LOVE it!   That's where our hearts are at, reaching the ones the world, even the church world, wants to forget.  I don't say that to say we are all so spiritual but I say it to explain that is our heart.  We are different, we will never be the "cool cutting edge church" (Not with my kiddos there turning in circles to the music) but I think God likes to be here:)

If you live in the central Florida area, come join us our website is:  there are some of Jon's sermons on there too.  You can find directions and a map to Grace Church. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Country Roads....

On the way to take Shad to school, I had to snap this picture.  You can see our "Scooby-doo  fog" That's what we call low lying fog.  I thought the sunrise was one of the prettiest I've ever seen, this picture does not do it justice. 
Since I was a child, I've been fascinated by roads....and the cars traveling down them....  Where are they going?  Where have they been?  Where does the road go?  I can remember lying in my "summer bed room"  It was the converted half of our front porch turned into a bed room with EIGHT windows around two sides of it.  We didn't have air conditioning but I would have all 8 windows opened and the fan on and it was wonderful.  The room faced the street, we lived on a corner so I'd watch the cars go past and wonder "what in the world where those people doing up so late?"   "Where are they going, where have they been"  and "I want to go too!"  We also lived near the train tracks and I thought the train was so romantic.  I thought it would be wonderful to ride across the country on the train.  Well, I got cured of that idea in Ukraine, after the night ride across Ukraine!!!  So roads and railways have always fascinated me, there was a longing to go and see the world. 
Now I sense that in my older son.  He is wondering what life will bring him, what road he will travel.  Oh I almost kills me to hear him talk about his future, away from us.  I never "got it" when parents talked about the empty nest.  Oh my gosh do I get it now!  Just the thought that he might live on the campus at college, instead of at home just makes me want to blubber!   But at the same time, I'm so excited for him!  What will his future hold?  He's has had a much more exciting life than I did at his age.  He has been to three different countries, stayed in Ukraine for 6 weeks, traveled all over the USA, been to all the major cities in the East.  I tell him all the time, that he has had LIFE experiences that few people his age have had.  Who knows what will happen next for him?
Sometimes I read of how parents will say things over their kids like " You will be a mighty man of God and do mighty things  for God. "  I don't say that over my kids or thing like that.  Not that I don't think my kids have a destiny in life, but sometimes being a "mighty man or woman of God" isn't as important as being a faithful Christian, a good husband/wife, a nice person.....  Maybe the "mighty things they will do for God" will be stop their car to pick up a turtle and get it across the road, or let someone go before them in traffic, or take the time to talk to an old lady..... somehow that seems more important to me. 
Whatever road is ahead for them, I hope they will enjoy the journey.  The journey may not always be an easy road, but I hope they find beauty in the detours, joy in the pot holes and always have hope for what lies around the bend. 
So do you want something to laugh about?  Today in my quest for health, I went to the dermatologist.  Everything was fine on my white body that I desperately tried to make become tan for far too many years.  However as the doctor was finishing the exam, she noticed something on the back of my knee....I was actually starting to get worried and then she said it was a TICK!   Yep, I was her first patient who she had to remove a tick from...EVER....!   Good thing I have a sense of humor as her assistant was saying things like "GROSS"  I was just cracking up!   She gave me a prescription for a medicine "just in case" of Lyme Disease but it's rare in Florida and the tick I had was not the kind it usually is in anyhow.  I had the BIG tick, not a tiny one.    Can you say with me "Only the  Clantons" 
Tonight a guy from our local newspaper came by, they are doing an article to help us win votes for  the wheelchair accessible van!   It should be out next week and I'll post the link on here.  My boys really liked this guy and he was a hoot.  We know some of the same folks, and have some of the same opinions. so we had some good laughs .
So if you get a chance to vote
we are at 2,494 votes!  Thank you!!!!!
the answer for the extra vote is
"a person with a disability" Question is "what kind of person needs a side entrance van?' or something like that....I can't remember:)  
I'd love to get to 2,700 by tomorrow!
Selah continues to have higher than normal heart rates.  At times I want to stick the Blood Pressure patch back on her, but her BP has been absolutely perfect and not as low.  I'm trying to hang in there until Monday, she is in no danger, but I feel uncomfortable when her resting heart rate is 110, it's just too high and her brain is not able to handle keeping it in check yet ( says Dr Yvonne)  I'm thrilled that her BP has been perfect, and the area of the brain that handles the BP and heart rate is right together, but it looks like the part that handles the BP is healed and dare I say normal!  While the heart rate is something she still needs help with.  All in all this is what we were told to expect, but it's been a week now and she hasn't evened out as much as we'd like to see.  I'd appreciate some prayers for her.  I really LOVE that the doctor took her off the meds, and I don't want to see her go back on anything but .....  her brain needs to start regulating her heart rate better.
Thank you all for all you do for us.  I really appreciate all of you.  Your care, concern and love does come across to our family.  I'm thankful for your prayers and kind words.  I think having this blog, has helped me tremendously on this journey of mine!  Have a great weekend and don't forget to VOTE! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adoptions closed in Crimea .....pray for Ukraine

Busy few days around here.....

first I want to remind everyone to vote....

we are at 2128 votes and the answer today is MORE THAN 600 dealers that is....  our local paper just emailed me and they are going to do a story to help us:)  YEAH!  Thank you all for your help too!



(Shad had fallen asleep all wrapped up.  Sam was asleep too)

I wanted to share those cute pictures.  Sam is now out of the car seat at 10 years old.  A few months ago, I had taken him out of it but then put him back in it LOL.  He is really too big for it so he sat like a big boy yesterday and it looks like the seat belts fit him correctly. 

I also took Sarah out of the car seat yesterday after these pictures were taken.  We had stopped at a store and when we got back in the van, part of her chest strap had come out from the back.  This is the 3rd time that has happened with this car seat so I decided to let her sit in the  regular seat.  She is the same size as Sam so the seat belt seem to fit her fine also.  She is 7.5 years old.  In the state of Florida the law is a child must be in a car seat until they are 5 years old. I actually called the Sheriff's office to make sure I was reading it right.   I had even kept Steve and Shad in car seats until they were about 6 years old themselves.   It's unnerving to me to take them out of car seats but since Sarah's  chest strap kept coming off, that bothered me more. 

Last night I got to go out with some great friends.  Two of my closest girl friends that I've made over the past few years AND my college roommate, who is moving to Florida soon.  We all had so much fun together and seemed like they all had been friends for a long time.  Friendships as so precious, and so vital to our lives.  After I left them last night, I just felt happy and loved:)    (and thankful that my husband put the kids to bed for me!)

Yesterday I also took the kittens to "get fixed"  UGH!  I hated to do it but it is a necessity.     They also got all their shots.  Last night they were mad at each other and growling.  It was cute.  The low cost vet place I go to Planned Pethood (they are awesome)  gave me meds to give them daily to help with the pain.  This morning they already seemed better and weren't so mad at each other.

Selah is doing better daily.  she has been off all her blood pressure meds for a week and her BP is perfect.  However her heart rate is a bit higher than normal but the doctor said it is normal and we need to quit watching the machine LOL!  It had gone up to the 130's when she has used the bathroom but the doctor also said if we had a probe on our finger tip, it would show our heart rate up when we pooped too!  I like her numbers to be perfect and always under 80 but he said that is not normal, that the heart needs to go up and down.  Selah has not had any 'storms" due to being off the meds.  Her new drug is in, the one to take to see if she will respond to more stimulation.  We will probably wait out the weekend and give it to her on Monday.  I don't want to see her heart rate up too high over the weekend.  All the nurses agree that she seems more alert off the BP meds.  For that I'm glad, I just get so nervous because I like STABLE and change is hard for me with her.  But I don't want anything to suppress her mind at all.  I'm so very thankful that she can be taken off both of the drugs (actually 3 doses-one drug was given in 2 different ways)  Selah is amazing to me, to think of how far she has come, gives me nothing but hope.  I know she has so far to go, but she has ONLY progressed in the past year.  So many kids like Selah regress, we have much to be thankful for that we have not had to deal with so many issues other have had to deal with. 


That was all our family news....but this is what is on my heart....

I read a report today from Ukraine Medical Outreach

This morning the Coalition for Children at Risk met in our flat. Roman Korniyko, Ukrainian President of the Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans was the guess speaker. As he spoke, it became clear, there is a humanitarian crisis beginning to unfold. In Crimea there are 22 orphanages with 3600 children. An eyewitness report from Roman's personal friend indicates Russian soldiers are being barr...acked in orphanages, as well as using these areas to store weapons and food. These developments raise two concerns, first using these children as human shields and second, the possibility of abuse, both physical and sexual. When Roman has spoken with officials, they acknowledge there is no plan to protect children in orphanages if military activity escalates. There are no plans for refugee camps. For children in Crimea, some say this is now Russia's problem. In Ukraine, the reality is there are no funds to do these things. The government has sharply decreased funding to the orphanages and encouraged the directors to find sponsors, close schools and kindergartens and decrease salaries. On the brighter side Roman was scheduled to meet with acting Ukrainian President Turchinov to discuss suggestions on how to care for Ukraines 118,000 orphans. We pray for God's mercy and help in bringing an end to this crisis affecting the peace of Ukraine and indeed the world.
I am sick in heart....God help those children.  The case that many of you have followed and given to of The Burman family, that is where their children are from Crimea....SO if Shelly hadn't been able to get those little boys out, they'd be stuck there now.  What a miracle to have left there just days before all adoption is closed down in Crimea. 
I commented on there since my family was mentioned in a negative light about adoption.  I rarely read comments on anything but happened to and saw the comment so I thought I would share and set the record straight.  . 
All the news coming out of Ukraine just makes me so thankful that Sarah and Selah are safe and at home with us.  I want to thank my friends and family who gave to help us adopt them.  And I want to thank folks that we don't know personally who gave too!   I just want to hug them and squeeze them, knowing they are safe, at home, with full bellies....
But for the ones left behind, all we can do is pray....But God is a merciful God, He will hear our prayers.   I pray for the believers in Ukraine, there will be dark days ahead. 
BTW, I do not think Putin is going to stop with Crimea, I don't think he is going to stop with Ukraine.  He wants the old Russian Empire back, that is his desire.   Just like Hitler, Putin wants world dominance.  He needs to be stopped. but in my opinion, our president is not a strong man who has the backbone to deal with a man like Putin.  I worry over the plight of the world.  I know God is in ultimate control but I foresee much suffering coming from all of this.   
My heart is heavy this morning......

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Garden and over 1.5 million hits:)

My garden was happy happy happy with all the rain we got yesterday. 
Above you can see potatoes on the bottom left, collards on the bottom right
then more potatoes on the top left
onions and squash on the middle right
the top right is peppers and squash
here is lettuce and some herbs, also in the top left side, is some watermelon coming up from seeds
Collards anyone???  This whole box of collards was less than $4 and I will have 20x what we need.  This is a good veggie for me to share.  Collards is a southern food.  I LOVE the smell of it cooking, I'm not too much into eating them but Jon tells me I cook them just right LOL



Almost 3 inches of rain from yesterday.  WOOOHOO!  Love the rain, nothing can grow a garden better than a full day of rain!

And more collards....I'll be sharing this summer!

I love my garden, it is just so much fun to work it and watch it grow.  I know it sounds nerdy but being out in the garden sooths my soul.  Plus we get good exercise and good food out of it.  People ask me if I save money by having a garden.  I really don't think I do for the most part (except for the collards) but I do all my gardening organically so I know exactly what is in it.  Plus there is nothing like going out and pulling some carrots, onions and potatoes to make your own stew.  Or cutting your lettuce, tomato and pulling up an onion to make a salad!  It's so much fun!

I put the wood mulch in between the square foot gardens to keep the grass out from between them so walking is easier AND to keep grass away from the SFG, so there is less weeding.


Don't know if you noticed, but my blog has now over 1.5 million hits!  CRAZY:)  Thanks to all of you for coming back and checking on us!  I really appreciate it!

NOW if those 1.5 million hits could translate into 1.5 million VOTES......

the answer today is WAV = wheelchair accessible vehicle

You can vote daily, please post and share.  I'd love to be over 2000 votes by tomorrow!    We'd only need about 200 people to vote and get the extra vote to make it!   She has 1,684 right now....Please vote and get the extra vote tonight.  I sign in thru the FB symbol as that is the easiest for me.  It takes just 1 minute to do the whole thing.  Thank you so much!!!!

Speaking of Selah, her BP is still perfect without the BP meds but her heart rate is still a little high off and on.  During the day today it's been the best it's been since we took her off the meds last Thursday.   We are so thrilled the doctor felt she no longer needed the extra medicine.  Her body is just adjusting to doing the job of regulating her heart rate on her own.  The med was originally given to help her control her BP and heart rate. Evidently it is easier for her brain to handle the BP, she is working on the heart rate but all in all doing fine.  We are proud of our strong Selah! 

Every doctor tells me how it is not usual for kids "like Selah" to go OFF of meds....most kids keep having meds added on for various reasons.  We are so very thankful that Selah keeps being taken off of meds and doing good.  Thank God!  It's a great thing to see her body/mind began to work a little better and not need a med that she has been on since the accident.  Now she is just on a med to prevent reflux, 2 meds for spacity of her limbs, and the inhaled antibodic every other month.  She does have prescriptions for meds IF she needs them like Valium and Clondine.  She is also still on the fish oil study and is given olive oil also daily.  It's pretty amazing!   Please keep praying for Selah.  She should be starting the new pill this week to see if it will "wake her up"  It had to be ordered.

Thanks for all you guys do for us, the kind thoughts and prayers, the sweet emails and comments.  All the voting and sharing:)  Thanks for visiting back daily.....

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rainy Monday......

Ah......a nice rainy day, my garden is growing. Usually on Mondays I really try and get a lot of stuff done but Sarah wanted mommy to hold her and mommy loves to hold her:)  Then went over piano lessons with Shad and taught it to Steve since he is starting classes tomorrow too.  Then I had to play for awhile LOL, it's been awhile since I've played, managed to butcher a few hymns.  I did get about 5 loads of laundry done and supper is cooking (chicken parm, shells, garlic bread and salad)  And I managed to get a few appointments scheduled.  I have a date for the biopsy on my thyroid, that is something to look forward to isn't it? 

So I've checked on our contest, we are at 1,369 votes.  Please vote today... the extra vote  answer is 20 hours is how many hours a week a caregiver gives care....20
thank you all for your votes and sharing it. PLEASE keep sharing as we'd love to win a van for Selah

Speaking of Selah, she has just been a little different the last few days, her oxygen levels have been a little low (but not bad) and her heart rate a little high.  We really think it is because she is coming off all the BP meds (her BP has been perfect-but the meds were also given to help her heart rate)  I always feel a little unsettled if everything is not perfect with Selah but we think she is ok. 

So we are not surprised at the vote in Ukraine.  But we are concerned that Crimea is not where Putin will stop....  please keep praying for Ukraine. 

Life is so uncertain.....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Crazy Day

Do you ever have "one of those days"?   Well I just had one today!

Yesterday was a perfect day, we took Sarah with us to our sister in law's dad's memorial service, she was perfect in a new dress, behaved perfect.....we looked like we had it all going on in the parenting department....Fast forward 24 hours.........

This morning started out fine, I got the little ones bathed and dressed for church, blow dried Sarah's hair, got a bow in it.  She had on a new black & white sundress with colorful flowers on it.  Sam had on his little black & white suit.  Ironed the older boys' clothes, they both looked good.  The nurse had Selah bathed and dressed nice.  We make it to church early.  I helped Steve do a new song for our worship service on the computer so it would go up on the screen. I'm meeting and greeting everyone....

It went straight downhill from that point on.  As the worship began, one of the guys came to tell me he thought Sarah might need a diaper change.....I went to pick her up from her spot  in the altar area and checked....well my son and one of my best friends said I said a word that should not be uttered in a church, by a pastor's wife.  At that point the music minister loudly began playing the piano.....there was POOP all over the floor....the NEW carpet.....  I did not even know what to do!  Another friend came and helped me walk Sarah out so we wouldn't' get poop anywhere else, while my other friend cleaned the carpet.  I had to clean Sarah from just about head to toe and throw everything into the washer.  We go back in church, and as I walked in, Selah started spitting up mucus, so I put Sarah down, and ran and got paper towels to clean Selah up. 

Things settle down for a few minutes, then Sarah pooped again and I took her to change her and just went home with her.  The nurse came over to, since Selah was bringing up all this mucus (which is good) 

Then after church we go out to eat.  Sarah got so excited that she fell out of her chair, just spun right out of it.  Sam was beyond grumpy....go to put Sarah in the car, she'd pooped again.....had to change her the parking lot. 

We drive up to our house and there are TWO police cars there and our nurse outside....I fell out of the door of the van thinking something had happened to Selah....  Thank God they were there because the church's alarm was going off.  Someone (my oldest son) had left the church door unlocked but the alarm system on.  Someone had come up to the church and opened the door and left when the alarm went off.  Nothing was taken but it was a good scare!

I go back to the house, Selah had to go on oxygen, because for some strange reason her oxygen levels are dropping.  She is not sick, we think she may have a mucus plug.  I should say we don't' think she is sick.    Not sure if I shared but the new neurologist took her off of two meds that worked on her blood pressure.  she had needed it right after the accident but her BP is always low now and which means her body can regulate her own BP and she doesn't need extra help.  Right now her BP is perfect, but her heart rate is a little high but still fine.  We think it will all level out after awhile.  Right now we are all just watching her to make sure things are ok.

So this has been one crazy day.....all I want to do is to go to sleep! What a day.

Hope you got a good laugh, we laughed too.  I really don't believe I said what I was accused of saying BUT I can't be positive.....LOL

Ok we are over 1000 but please go and vote!
The answer today is :  OEM = original equipment manufacturer!
You can get TWO votes if you vote now!!!!!
thank you so much1!!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't forget to VOTE!!!!!

We are at 904!  I'd love to open up the computer tomorrow morning and see us over the 1000 mark!

You can get TWO votes again today.......  The answer is TRUE  (but I've forgot the question LOL) 

PLEASE go and vote for LaLa!

Actually we did say if we win the van, we are going to put across the back window "La La's Van"  LOL   Sweet girl will have her own van.  We also do not plan on using it much unless she is in it.  We'd keep our other two vans (Jon's is 14 years old but a good work van and mine is much newer and our one for all the kids)  Selah's would be one, that we'd want to keep the mileage low on because we'd need it for years to come.  Most handicapped accessible used vans that we have looked at have been around $30,000 even with over 100,000 miles on them.  (for the record, we've never bought a NEW car that cost that much!!!!!!)  so this would be something we'd plan on using for years and years to take Selah to appointments, to the park, to therapy......  What a difference it would make in her life!!!!

I'll tell you last Wednesday when we took her to the neurologist....  Our nurse carried her out to the van and strapped her in the middle passenger seat, it reclines so we put pillows around her.  she is just too big for the carseat anymore.  Then he took the wheelchair and put it in the back.  We drove there, took out the wheelchair )it's a deep area behind the rear seat so you have to pull the darn thing out and it is heavy)

Then we had to put her in the chair, IN THE RAIN.  You can't just throw her in, she has to be buckled in and the medical office, didn't have an overhang. 

Then after the LONG appointment, we had to take her out of the chair, position her in the car and put the wheelchair back in the back...... drive home.....and just take her out of the car and carry her to her room....come back for the wheelchair later.....

It would be so nice to just put her in the chair at her bedside , wheel her out....wheel her into the van and go.....I can't even imagine how much easier it would make her life  (and ours !)

Thank you for your votes and your help!  We would NOT be at 904 with YOU!!!!!!


Well my possibly possessed blog page is at it again.  For several days, I had no problems loading we are back to being crazy!   What I see is only two pictures, then I save and publish the blog and I can see all the ones I've uploaded, but in different sizes.....UGH!!!

These are pictures of my husband's family/MY family after the memorial service of my sister in law's dad (she is married to one of Jon's brothers)  We also have one of our close friends & her son in the pictures too.  They are family to us also.

The service was perfect for Mr Addison, I'm sure he would have liked it.  He was 86 and in decent health.  He sat down to watch tv last week, and passed away in his chair.  He lived a full long and interesting life.  So it wasn't a tragic funeral BUT it is never easy to say goodbye to someone you love dearly as my SIL and her kids loved him. 

A funeral always reminds us of eternity, and of what is REALLY important in this life.  You know what is important?  Our relationships with each other.  Nothing else matters at all.  As you see our picture is missing a few kids of ours, my friend Jackie's husband and their daughter....  add all of them and that is a huge part of my life. I want to hold close & dear to me these ones who matter the most. 

We  also look back at funerals.  At Mr Addison's we heard of his years of playing professional baseball and his childhood in Philly.  The slideshow had pictures of his parents, brother and early pictures of Val and his brothers too....  Pictures are very meaningful to me.  Sometimes I will stare at a picture and remind the moments that went on before it and the ones after it.....

It made me think back again to the ones in my life, the ones who have lived LIFE with's all about relationships......     so hold your people close, don't let things come between you.  It's not always easy to be close to people, but be there for each other.  Cause it all comes down to relationships. 

At the end of our lives, jobs, money, homes, cars, even ministry won't matter, it will be the relationships that you treasure the MOST!


Friday, March 14, 2014

High School

I'm afraid I'm going to sound like a broken record before long BUT......PLEASE GO VOTE!  We're at 657 and getting behind.  I've not looked on the site at others because I don't want to feel like I'm trying to beat someone else specifically  but one of my friends did, just to see if we were ahead.  We're about in the middle....I really need your help to win this for Selah.  Handicapped Accessible vans are very expensive, much more than we could afford, we've looked into it already.   We also looked at the possibibly of converting our newer van into one but the cost is still high and we'd lose one or two seats and that wouldn't work since there is so many of us and when Selah travels, she must have the nurse with her.  Our other van is 14 years old LOL and we don't' trust it out of town!  So please go and vote daily.  Some days you have the possibility of voting 2x.  Today the answer to the question is CONVERSION! 

Please share our link with your friends on FB and email lists....if you belong to a civic organization please share it with them too.  We'd really appreciate it!

AND THANKS FOR THE  657 votes we have thus far!!!!!!


Steve and I spent the day together at his friend's house.  He is FINISHED with ALL his high school work!!!!!!!!  Today he finished his computer science class, he was able to get some help from his friend who is an expert on all things computer!  I had a GREAT day talking with his mom. who has been a friend for a long time but I'm just now getting to know her better.  This large family lives on some of the most beautiful farm property in the state of Florida.  Florida actually has some ridges and the one in our area is so pretty, I love Florida, but this area doesn't look like Florida with small rolling hills.  I have to really watch my "envy" when I'm at their home!  LOL  It's one of the prettiest places around.  They have started a small farm and it was neat to see a new baby calf.  For some crazy reason I also tried to pet a bull LOL, when his mouth came towards my hand, I reconsidered !!!!  It was a nice peaceful day.  Jon took care of the little ones, and did his sermon today.  I think I owe him!

Our church is taking up an offering for Ukraine on Sunday and the boys were working on doing a dvd off ALL of our videos and pictures of Ukraine.  I watched all of them, some for the first time in over a year.  To watch Selah walk, make her funny little noises....I just broke down and sobbed in front of all the family.   So glad I have those little memories but my God, I miss her so much.  I wanted to reach through the screen and take her hand.  Please still pray that we'll get that miracle for her.  I'd be glad to give up a handicapped accessible van and anything else we could ever be given, for her to come back to us......

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  don't forget to vote daily for Selah but more importantly, pray for her daily!!!!!!  Thank you all!!!!!!