Monday, October 12, 2015

It's a CRAZY life

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary!  The years have flown:)  I'm so glad to be married to Jon and realize as the years go by how blessed I truly am.  We are at a conference in Orlando for part of this week (part of Jon's work). This year the conference is at a nice time it was at a church's camp....I was NOT a happy camper about that! 

 This is a first for us, we have our wonderful respite worker (that we know and love personally) watching Sam and Sarah.  We've never left them over night with anyone but Steve.  That sounds so funny but Steve is very capable to taking care of the kids.  Anna, the young woman who is watching them is also and we are really happy that God allowed our paths to cross because otherwise I wouldn't feel safe leaving them.  Steve is at college so I feel like our family is very spread out this week.  We pretty much did any type of traveling as a "tribe" before now.  Life does bring changes.

So last week I ended up in the ER.  For the past six years I've had stomach/side pain that has gone undiagnosed.  The last two months things have been worse than ever so I was getting pretty worried about what was going on with me.  After a lot of testing, it seems that I have Crohn's Disease.
Only people who have been undiagnosed for years with something can relate to my feeling of relief in having an answer.  Honestly I was relieved it was not something worse and shocked that after all the testing that's been done on me that I've not been told this before.  In the past six years I've had two colonoscopies.  And while I knew I had colitis, and some diverticulitis,  no one ever said Crohn's. in spite of all the issues going on.  It may have just now gotten to the point that they feel it's Crohns and not some of the other, I don't know but my entire digestive system is involved at this point.  So..... I'm on two antibodics and a steroid.  Unfortunately they make me nauseated.  I'm being really careful with my diet right now, hoping to get the inflammation down.  I believe this will be quite the weight loss diet of the year for me LOL~!  

So again let me encourage you if you have anything going on medically, get it checked out!  I'm terrible at letting myself go while I'm taking care of my family but that doesn't help them in the long run. 

In spite of everything going on with me, we had a wonderful weekend.  Our son was home from college again, we went to the movies, I helped a little on some schoolwork and we just hung out together as a family.  Nothing else can be any better than that!

Sunday mornings are always a bit rough around our house.  Jon does an early service at the prison and that leaves me to get the kids up and going.  This past Sunday we had it all working ....we were going to be to church EARLY! BUT........  Shad comes running inside to tell me there was a bird stuck in our fence....WHAT??   Of course I thought he was exaggerating, nope not at all.  There was a BIG bird stuck in our chain link fence.  It was some type of crane, or maybe a blue heron, never really was sure of what kind it was....but I was SURE it had a LONG neck and a LONGER beak.  When Steve was little we watched "The Crocodile Hunter" and learned from Steve Irvin to always cover an animal's face.   So we got gloves on and a big towel out.  I was able to wrap his head/neck up and we tried to work him out.  We couldn't without a wire cutter so I called 911 and our wonderful Sheriff's Office came out and helped me.  The Officer could not have been any nicer.  He managed to cut just one small link and we were able to work the bird out.  He called a bird rescue that came to get the bird.  The funniest thing, the bird rescue people wanted to know WHAT kind of bird it was before they came out.  I wouldn't take the towel off its' head to take a picture of it because I did not want that thing to kill me.  So the rescue person told me if it was a blue heron (which is what they thought it was) the bill could go through my skull....that was reassuring as I was holding its body up facing it!  I dang sure wasn't going to take the towel off then!   Anyhow he lived and hopefully will recover.   I was praying out loud for the bird as we were trying to get it out.  It just seemed so hopeless.  I figure that the bible says that God knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, so He must know when a big bird does too!  You just can NOT make up my life.....there is no way!

We may be leaving for NY this Friday- it's hard because my dear father in law is nearing the end of his life and we just hate the thought of being so far away at this time.  However, Sam's eye pressure is up and the doctor's office had to reschedule him due to their situation last month.  It's very hard to know what to do.  We are putting off making a decision until we can talk to the doctor's office.  Sam will be having a procedure done under anesthesia and has to have two of his doctors there.  It's hard to get that all coordinated.  Every year there is some shifting but this year is worse since we are more concerned about Sam's eye than ever and also worried about Jon's daddy. 

Please keep Jon's dad in your prayers.  He has been a wonderful father, father in law and grandfather.  We pray that he stays comfortable and that this process is peaceful for him.  He's fought for a long time and is a strong man in so many ways. 


  1. Hi Yvonne, I know you don't know me but I will certainly be praying for you, Jon and Sam. Not easy. And happy anniversary!

    E x

  2. Praying for comfort for your family concerning your husband's father.
    Great that you were able to get the bird loose. My son is a nuisance wildlife trapper,~ small animals, birds, snakes, etc., so if you ever need help, I'm sure he'd come down the road to lend a hand.
    I was diagnosed with Crohn's almost 16 years's a rotten thing to have. They don't know what causes it, barely know how to treat it and can't cure it.....:(
    I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about it, if I can, ~ it's different for each person. (It's a struggle for me to keep my weight up even to 100 pounds. ) It can affect your joints, your eyes, lot's of things beside's the intestines.
    Take care, prayers for you all.

  3. Lost the comments I wrote....Happy Anniversary...And will continue praying for your whole family, and the trip to NY....and for your father in love....
    Love from NC

  4. Please comment and let us know you are all ok. It's been a long time since we heard from you!

  5. Awwww. Thank you. All is well I will try & post in the next couple of days!