Sunday, August 6, 2017

Finishing up Summer 2017

Sam got new glasses!
Isn't he cute?  We are working with him daily to get used to the feeling of glasses on his face.  He is so tactile defensive

Shad and our youth group went to camp.  this was his first time and he absolutely loved it!

Shad even liked his room!

Here's a picture of the three little ones before church this morning.  

Selah had her new dress on

Sam decided to move to the side of the building instead of the front row LOL

So it was a crazy fun summer-one more week and Steve will head back to college.  We are looking at a new private school in our area for Sam and Sarah this year.  Shad is also looking at a change to doing his work through Florida Virtual School.  Being Shad's mom and his teacher is NOT the best thing for us!  With FVS he has a teacher for each subject on line.  

This summer was one for the books!  I got to go alot of places and reminisce about my childhood and early years of ministry/marriage as well as tour Cuba! It's been a whirlwind!


If you are having problems viewing the photos on old blogs it is because I took a shortcut and just took them off my FB account instead of saving them to my computer.  I'm going to try and go back and fix them.  I'm certainly not going to do it that way again!  No shortcuts!

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