Monday, April 23, 2012


I read on FB how one family has struggled with finding support from friends for their adoption and some other families added their made me think about our situation...

We have had nothing but 100% support from our Family, friends, church & Jon's co-workers. Everyone in our lives have said YES! Go get your girls! You all have prayed for us, GIVEN to us, hugged on us, been positive in every way ....what can I say? We are beyond blessed with the people in our lives!

Thank you for not doubting even when the task seemed so big! Thank you for not being afraid of their diagnosis! Thank you for knowing how beautful they are! Thank you for trusting that we had heard God's voice! THANK YOU! Thank you for not minding the incovience of us being gone for so long! Thank you to all the folks who are taking care of our various animals and our friend who is keeping a kid for 6 weeks! Thank you to our christian school who has been supportive of our crazy schedule! Thank you Grace Church for stepping up. Thank you Josh Conely for filling in, thank you to Jon's co-workers and volunteers at the prison for stepping up! Thank you that NO ONE ever has said a cross word to us about all that had to be taken care of while we are gone! Thank you to everyone who can't wait to see them safely home with us!!!!!

Thank you for giving....from the first person (my cousin) to the last all gave to their ransom, thank you!!! Some folks we have never met and may never meet this side of heaven, have given to help us get our girls home. It's unreal to think of what God's people have done in the last 5 months for these girls and for us. We didn't have to beg, to fundraise, nothing.....we did our paperwork and you all did the rest....THANK YOU! We have been blessed over and over again and it is holy to us. You did not give for some foolish reason you gave because you beleive that two little lives needed to be saved!

My heart is just overwhelemed today thinking of all that has been done for our girls! We had a friend who painted and redid their closets and room, it's so beautiful and just waiting on them. A family gave us a brand new van... it's unreal!

Thank you for letting your hearts be touched, for caring, for loving & for having faith in us! We love you guys. This journey has been an example to Steve & Shad. We talked with them about how God provided EVERYTHING We needed and how He will always do that for them. The day we got the new van, I told the boys to always remember that day, even when they are old men. Remember how God provided for us, don't forget His goodness and never take it for granted! We shared with Shad how his adoption was just this awesome and how god provided everything we needed to go get him and I beleive it was a witness to his little heart of how God cared for him & how He cares for the girls.

You all that really know us, know we are not materistic and teach our kids not to be that way either...but god will provide our needs. He provided what was needed for this adoption, not so we could go on some exotic vacation or buy a bunch of jewelery...that's not how we roll. We have our jewles and that's our kids!!!

But God has shown HImself once again to be our provider! He used His people to do it!

Thank you all again, we love you!!!!!!!!!

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