Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 71 Fish Oil Study

We got back to Jax late this afternoon and I dropped everyone off at the hotel and came over to Selah.  I missed seeing her since Saturday!  She has a great nurse tonight and she had had her bath and looked great.  We put her splints on and totally ticked her off but thank God she didn't storm!  Once we got them off, and the nurse moved her around some, she went to sleep.  I'm just sitting here watching her sleep.  She has done fine with the Ritalin, no adverse reaction.  I'm not sure if the doctor will go up on it, I think we'll find out tomorrow.

I thought you all might find interesting the email I got today from Dr Sear's assistant.  In it he writes about the need for safe pure fish oil. 

Good evening Everyone,

You may have heard me say Omega Rx 2 is a remarkable product. It can help athletes perform significantly better, improve moods, reduce pain as well as provide many other health benefits - and most of you have confirmed this by taking it yourself. One thing I may have not talked about to you about is the purity of Omega Rx 2. Purity matters because the ocean is full of toxins and so are the fish. If you don't eliminate these toxins, in particular PCB's, during manufacturing, they end up in your body! Of course, every company will tell you what level of toxins in in their capsules, right? Don't bet on it!

In 2002, Dr. Sears wrote the Omega Rx Zone (I highly recommend you read this). This book describes the amazing clinical benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, which pioneered and launched the fish oil/omega 3 industry. Prior to this, there was no availability of any high concentration, low toxicity omega 3 supplements. At this point, Dr. Sears also initiated lab testing for fish oils to hold manufacturers and production companies accountable for the purity of their products - particularly PCB's and OXIDATION. In fact, some are considered unsuitable for human consumption based on World Health Organization standards! As you can imagine, not many companies were willing to do this because they would fail miserably - and chances are, if you have taken fish oil (other than Omega Rx) over the years, it's not so pure!
Fast forward a decade and the same sad situation for omeg-3 fatty supplements is still true. Since there is no real accountability for quality, rancidity and freshness at the highest levels, marketing companies can make any statement they want with regard to purity. It is really a BUYER BEWARE market! Luckily, Dr. Sears has stepped up the quality control to maximize purity. There is no fish oil product in the world, with or without a prescription, that meets the same purity standards as Omega Rx2!
Polychlorinated biphenols are insulators for electronic transformers made by General Electric. They were first produced in 1930, peaked production in 1960 and finally banned in 1977 due to their toxic nature. However, they are still in every part of every ocean in the world since they are virtually indestrucible. In the body they act as neurotoxins, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors. Probably not something you want in high quantities in your body. Unfortunately, these PCB's are found in every fish and therefore fish oil sold today. We have set the purity standards to bring them to trace levels, but you might want to be weary of other brands that don't!
In 2002, California set an allowable upper limit for fish oil to contain PCB's. Despite this new law, a number of COMPANIES still sell tainted fish oil and were finally held accountable. However, they did not make them remove their product from the shelves. Actually, the level they set for acceptability is still very high at 90 parts per billion and yet they couldn't meet these standards! I think as close to zero would be a much more acceptable level!
Coincidently, when you purchase OMEGA RX 2 from Zone Health, you will always have extremely low, if not undetectable, levels of PCB's. To validate this claim, you can download an analysis of this batch of Omega Rx 2. CLICK HERE and then click on "Ingredients Q & A". Here you will see reality and truth of fish oil purity. If you want to define quality, this is it!

*I have attached a copy of the analysis for your viewing pleasure!
In this article, you will read about the dark secrets of the fish oil industry and what they won't tell you! In addition, there are additional links that confirm the quality of Omega Rx 2 with third party lab testing. Honestly, this info completely separates every other fish oil in the world. There is no purer, period!
Fish may sound like a good idea but it still comes from the ocean and is laced with toxins. As many of you know, it is not recommended that pregnant women consume more than 2 servings per week. This is a powerful statement and gives you an idea about the junk in our fish supply!
To not balance your omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid intake, is like playing Russian Roulette with your health. Unfortunately, omega 6 fatty acids are everywhere in the food you eat and drive inflammation - which contributes to chronic disease, pain, moods, poor athletic performance, etc. Fish is one of the main sources of omega 3 fatty acids but you would need to consume 7 pounds of lobster, or two pounds of tuna, or 6 oz. of salmon a day to equal 2.5 grams of EPA & DHA ; the minimum recommended by Dr. Sears. Considering that omega 3's are essential to human health, means you need to consume a quality supplement, free of toxins!
My next email will be why we need omega 3 fatty acids and how the dietary balance of omega 6 to omega 3 ratio can determine your risk of heart disease as well as other potential chronic diseases. Have a great week and here's to your health!
Paul Wilk
Zone Health Associate
If you are interested you can click on the top right side of my blog above the videos and there is a link to Dr Sear's website. 
I enjoy his emails and always learn from them!
Let me tell you the funniest thing today....I was CRAVING coffee and a doughnut.  I'm not a big coffee drinker nor do I really like sweets too much...but I was CRAVING it!  So I passed a Dunking Doughnuts on my way to the hospital and had to turn around.  When I was in the turn lane I realized the DD was right next to a porn shop!  LOL  so the traffic is horrible and all I could think of was it looked like I was heading into the porn in the Mommy van with all the kiddo stickers on back!!!  I was dying by the time I got into the Dunking Doughnut's parking lot and wasn't sure if I really wanted coffee from a place next to a porn shop!


  1. LOL, Porn Shop Mama!!!
    The info re: the fish oil was really interesting, thanks for sharing it.
    Sending lots of love and prayers for Selah and for all. Any date for discharge yet?

  2. Well, as long as you didn't open the wrong door by mistake......

  3. I bust out laughing at the end :) My kids compete in Judo and most are down in the Miami area. A convenient rest stop is right across the street from a porn shop LOL Yeah I always cringe wondering if DS will start asking me about it! Nothing gets by him!!

    I think we are going to switch to Dr. Sears fish oil when our stash is gone (I hate wasting anything). I never would have considered it were it not for Selah. Praying it can help some of my issues and--at the very least--keep my family healthy.

    My DS keeps asking when he's going to play with Shad! We will have to arrange a playdate when you are home and ready for company. I can't wait to meet your family--so beautiful--and my son is ready to play Legos/nerf. I forsee a great friendship with them :) I know there is an age difference (my son will be 11 next week) but he LOVES kids of all ages. I know he so wants to meet and pray for Selah too, he's so tender hearted, I know he will love all your kids! My daughter too, she is a natural with kids of all ages--one of the things I love most about them.

    Always praying for you all! Sending lots of love!!

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