Tuesday, September 6, 2016

End of Summer

Well I keep saying I'm going to blog more  and I lie!

What a fun summer we've had!

Just last week we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  To let you in a a little secret- It's HOT in Florida in august!  Oh my I thought i would die! Plus my LYING son got me on Mount Everest....said that it was no worse than the little Thunder Mountain.....while in line I remembered I didn't like Thunder Mountain.....let me tell you another secret...it's worse......100x worse!!!!!  What a day!

Oh and Hurricane Hermine snuck in while all this last of summer stuff was going on.  We had a tornado in our rural neighborhood but didn't personally have any damage.  Jon said he was up watching and praying while I was snoring!!!!   My hometown of Perry Florida in Taylor County got hit so bad!

Then it was his last weekend at home

  Summer is  now officially over!  Sadness!!!!!!

Steve headed back to college last weekend

Steve and his roommate (we love that boy!)

see the Dad and Mom shirts?

my first dorm there!

Steve is taking 18 hours and working with the media department in several areas this year.  Every day he seems to get another assignment LOL  This year he will be taking a big class load both semesters and we didn't want him to work a job but i think his volunteering is going to be just as many hours as a job would have been.  He's excited to start his sophomore year!  We went and helped him move in although he didn't really need us but we got to see a lot of old school chums who were there dropping their kids off.  That's the best part!  No tears this year from me or Dad:)  LOL  His parents are growing up!!!!

Today was our official start to homeschooling and although it seemed a million other things were vying for my attention - I really enjoyed it    I am continuing Shad in the curriculum that his school uses.  He is starting 7th grade but is already in all 8th grade books)  In two classes he is a full 1 and a half year  ahead so we are just going to plan on finishing through 8th grade this year- he'll still be a year ahead.  On top of that, he is doing more.  We are doing a video series on history ( by Mike Huckabee)  He's working in a Geography book and right now learning all the state capitals.  He is also working on a SAT college vocabulary book, learning the meaning and spelling of five words a day.  He's in a reading program to read the Bible through in one year.  He is also reading "Run Baby Run" by Nicky Cruz.  He's adding to his algebra by working in another algebra book too.  Today was fun for both of us.  The curriculum his school uses is good- it's called ACE.  Obviously it worked fine for Steve (who made the Dean's list both semesters last year)  but I find it is not very interesting and there is little Geography (something i love) and the history is boring.  The Social Studies section truly needs to be updated too.  Shad is so very smart I want to give him every chance to really grow.  I'm actually really excited about this (except for math)

We made the decision to home school for several reasons.  The biggest was it was easier time wise for our family based on Jon's schedule.  We were already deeply involved in his schooling so it's not a big leap to take it over.  Personally I see this being very good for Shad and for me- I think it will grow our relationship.

Speaking of Jon's schedule- his doctors have recommended that he exercise 1 to  1.5 hours a day!  He is doing it but it takes alot  of effort on everyone's (mostly mine) part to make it happen.

And something that will make you chuckle...my FB post from last might
Fun times tonight.... My favorite cat Vermont always is the last one in. Between our house & our neighbor's is a gully/ small stream that generally has at least a little water in it. Right now it's overflowing the banks. It runs into a swampy area in their yard-then under the road to a large swamp. So Vermont loves to go across the water to get to the neighbors yard.... Tonight when I was calling for her she kept answering back but not coming across... I got the flashlight & saw gator eyes!!! I went all the way around into their yard & called her. Their driveway has deep ditches on either side filled with water.... That cat came running to me & jumped in my arms!!!! I was quite unnerved! It was so dark out there- every horror movie with monsters was running through my mind not to mention news reports of gators attacking!!!!!!

Then my morning update
Last night I was pretty sure I saw gator eyes.... It was confirmed by our neighbor this morning. He was walking around looking for THEM! He said a small gator had been seen ( that's what I saw - eyes close together) AND he & another guy saw a 7-8 foot one! At our old house we were more in the woods/ swamp but we had 2 fences Here there are more people/ houses but we have less between us & the water. While I'm not overly concerned our cats are indoor/ out cats.....


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  1. That is a smart cat! Steve looks so much older now, I bet you guys can't even believe it. :)