Sunday, February 26, 2017


Just some cute pictures!
Sarah ready for Church this morning

Sarah in her room.
We are working on keeping a hair clip in her hair-it's a challenge.

Her bed (and Sam's too) is on the floor so they won't roll out and hurt themselves.  They were in cribs until we moved in 2015.  Sam still will not get out of bed until we come in and take his hand.  However Sarah will roll off all the time.  She goes through times of not sleeping good. She's been diagnosed with Non 24   She has been doing better since we started putting her to bed earlier.  We'd thought it was better to keep her up till we went to bed but the doctor advised us to put her to bed around 8pm.  It has helped.  We also work really hard on getting her outside an hour a day.  Both of them have blind child proof rooms:) just in case she wakes up!

Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder - Wikipedia–wake_disorder

Actually our whole house is about as safe as a house can be inside.  We recently even had our bookcases latched into our walls with deep screws.  We had done that at our old house but kept putting it off here.  Plus we had newer furniture that we thought was better.  We kept seeing news articles about bookcases/dressers falling on kids.  THEN one day I was cleaning and I pushed hard against one of our bookcases and the thing fell on me!  I'm so thankful it did! Scared the crap out of me-I called our "fix-it" guy and we had the latches put in the next day.  We could have done it ourselves but our walls are thin and we did not want to mess anything up!  We also have cut all the cords on our blinds.  Anytime we here a safety report on tv-we try and heed it!!!!  Honestly I live with PTSD after the accident.  I even dream about things happening.... I HATE those dreams!  If I could afford an underground bunker and wrap my kids in bubble wrap (except for their faces!) I'd probably do it!  But life isn't that easy.....

Sarah is a stinker-she is always happy but NOT when the camera is out!  How in the world does she know?  She looks mournful in 80% of all pictures unless I'm in the picture with her and I can usually get her to smile.  But she is an unusually happy child LOL we do better with videos than still pictures.

Since November 3 of our 6 cats have been very sick.  Our one male kitten/cat Dobie had renal failure in November but recovered.  Then a young female cat Gizmo got very sick on a weekend-she was diagnosed with a UTI but there may have been some else going on.   Then a couple of weeks ago our REAL cat  Vermont (as in the only one we accepted from a friend-all the others were walk ups) got really sick and was in renal failure.  She is only about 3 years old she almost died.  It was touch and go for a few days.  We have a non profit animal clinic in town called Planned Pethood and they are absolutely fantastic.  They saved her life.  And even more than that they invest themselves into the animals.  We have since changed cat food!  We have no idea what else could be the issue.  Although the cats are all outside-we live on an fenced in acre and only one close neighbor (and he loves animals) we are very careful about any type of chemicals.  The cats do go into the little woods between our houses some but there is nothing in there that could hurt them.  I'd put a picture of the cat food we've used for years but I'm afraid I'd be sued!!!  But I can tell you we are now buying Purina Naturals.  I've got some good reviews on it.  I can't afford an expensive brand with six cats!!!  Vermont is on a special diet for now.  But hopefully she will one day be able to come off it.

This is going to be a hectic week for me.  We have appointments and a fancy banquet along with a class for me this week.  Our oldest is home on spring break and we are going to try and get a Disney day in somewhere...... Love having all five of my chicks under the roof at night.  It makes me so happy & content!


  1. I take videos with my phone. I then take screen shots while the video is playing to capture the moment I want, that way I get a video and a cute photo! She is beautiful even in her "mournful" pose!