Thursday, January 11, 2018

12 years at Grace Church

Life has been good around here. We are still in holiday mode.  Steve is home from college until this weekend.  Sam and Sarah will be starting school next week as will Shad. 

Last Sunday we celebrated Jon's 12th year as pastor of Grace Church!  In those 12 years we've basically started the church over, renovated all three buildings on the property (debt free)  and started an amazing Missions/Orphan Care program.  In 2016 our church gave about $30,000 to missions/orphans!  The year before we came to the church the whole church income was only about $5,000. Our church is not large but the folks are so very faithful to give towards missions/orphan care.  It amazes me!  With that said. this year we are making a very concentrated effort to reach our community.  some folks think it is old fashioned to go "door to door"  but I've felt very strongly about it.  Many times when I'm walking in my neighborhood I think about reaching each home for Christ.  So this year I've spearheaded an evangelism outreach.  Just this week alone the boys and I have reached over 150 families!  I'm so excited.  At some homes we just leave a little packet but at some homes we get into conversations with our neighbors.  I'm loving it! 

Also we celebrated Shad's 12 year "gotcha" day!  So on Jon's first day as pastor, I was picking up Shad in china.  Technically I got him right after the Sunday night service ended (13 hours difference)  That was an exciting day for our family!

When I was handed Shad

Two weeks later he met his dad at Tampa International Airport

don't laugh the little bag is perfect.  Sometimes i have to tape it to gates

This was our cache of invitations :)  Put together with love

You know I read a statistic once about how much more likely a person was to attend church if someone personally asked him to do so.  I want to personally ask some folks!

It's not all about church attendance I totally understand but we know we all need each other.  And the bible seems quite clear that we should not neglect the assembling of ourselves together.....   I know some would argue that they can hang out with Christians anytime anywhere and it is the same as church but if you realize what the bible indicates you would know it's not the same.  The New Testament church was only following in the footsteps of the Old Testament saints who met weekly in the synagogue to honor God....not to hang out with each other although fellowship is a part of what we all crave. 

I believe in being a part of a church and attending regularly and that's not because I'm a pastor's wife.  I don't care where you go....just go to a Bible believing church!!! 

I also totally believe in paying tithes....and that is not because I'm a pastor's wife but because I've seen the transformation in my life when I began to freely give.  The old saying "you can't out give God is very true"! 

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