Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Happy New Year!

Well I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  December was a whirlwind for me with everything going on and I have to admit I am glad the holidays are over.  Just call me Scrooge but I like things back to normal. 

Here are some pictures from Christmas and New Years

Look at Sarah standing!

We took some pictures before church during music practice. 

The weather was not good enough for Selah to be at our Christmas Eve service

New Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve

Selah with some of her Christmas presents

Steve & Shad Christmas morning

Sam and Daddy

Sarah with new toys

New Year's Eve service and Selah came in her new gold dress

People probably wonder why we always take pictures at church.  One reason is it's such a part of our life and the other reason is everyone is together and dressed nice LOL

To be honest Sam enjoys the "fake horse" more.  His issues are very different than Sarah as he has CP and stiffness.  They work with his on stretching exercises. 

Always trying to get his legs straight

Sarah petting her horse! I hope you can get it to play

Steve has started his Master's program and is working as a Graduate Assistant.  Everything is going good but he's still a bit nervous about the classes he is taking.  He is doing a lot of writing.  Shad will be starting college in the second spring semester in March.  He is finishing  10th grade work on line now. 

My husband is starting his 22nd year as a chaplain and has also become what is called a home missionary in our denomination.  All it means for him is increased paperwork but more access to curriculum and things for the inmates that is paid for by our denomination.  We were appointed as home missionaries in the 1990's when we worked in the inner city of NYC. It was not my more favorite memory.....I'll leave it at that LOL

Moving on...I've got a new goal of 11,000 steps a day.  So far I've been on track- most days I do more than 11,000 but some days I don't -so far it's evened out LOL   The idea is if a person does 11,000 steps a year- it's basically 2019 miles.  I love things like that:)  I've also discovered skinny jeans.... that's a story in itself but how did all my friends know about skinny jeans but me?  I bought a few pairs and gave away all my old regular jeans.  They are like magic jeans :) :) :)   I was testifying to all my friends and they were all like "yeah we know"...They knew but didn't tell me????   Then I tried to remember the last time I'd bought jeans and it was 6 years ago when we were stuck in NY for all those months after the accident.   I'm more a skort/shorts type of girl.   I live in Florida-I seldom wear long pants!!!  But now I'm prepared which is a good thing because it seems like our two weeks of regular winter is happening now!  But the skinny jeans can only work so much magic!  I did buy Jon a couple of pairs for Christmas. But he's an old Levi's boy and was not too thrilled with them. 

Well I hope your year is off to a good start.  New Years are a fresh start for me (I also like Mondays-I'm a freak what can I say?)  But as I get older new years are also frightening for me because we don't know what the year may bring.  I guess I've lived through enough now to have some fear of the future.  At the end of last year, I felt some anxiety about welcoming in a new year but there's nothing I can do about it except trust the Lord who has brought us through all the other years to bring us through this year safely.   

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