Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yvonne's Yarns-Of Possums and Dogs

I asked my brother in law Jim for a catchy title for my blog and he came up with "Yvonne's Yarns'. Well this story I'm about to tell you is the God's honest truth with no embellishments!

As I told you, my husband pastors a rural church. We live next door to the church in a parsonage. It's convenient with the children, especially Sam who is quite sure the service is over after the music stops. Anyhow, a few Wednesday nights ago, I took him home early. I heard one of our dogs barking in the backyard and a whole lot of hissing and spitting going on. I though our younger dog was bothering one of many cats we feed, so I rushed out to protect it. The backdoor opens out and the dog had the "cat" pinned against the wall. I went out the backdoor and came face to face with a very mad hissing possum! I'm not sure who was more surprised. I began yelling and jumped back inside. (I was quite worried about what I yelled...not quite sure what I said but it wasn't "praise the Lord"!) Well the ruckus continued...This is not something I learned to deal with at Bible College. There is no class on how to maintain order between your dog and a possibly rabid possum during a church service!! I thought possums were supposed to play dead! I went and got a guy from our church that made the mistake that night of sitting on the back pew. He came out and was trying to help and suggested I get my gun and shot the thing. Well I was pretty sure that that might just disrupt the service just a little bit. We finally got the crazy thing to run off and the dog to quiet down. (don't worry the dog has had his rabies shots!)

Then a few nights ago, Steve our oldest, came running out of his room yelling that there was a porcupine outside his window. I've lived in Florida most of my life and am pretty sure that there are no porcupines here. So we all go running out to investigate and there was the crazy possum again, this time fluffed up like a cat. The dog was messing with it and it was spitting and hissing. We got the dog's attention for a minute and the possum ran off, so did the dog. In a minute, it came back with a very dead looking possum that she wanted to drop at my feet. Needless to say, I did not want the possum dropped at my feet! Don't worry as soon as we got the dog in the house, the possum came back to life and ran up a tree. See my life is never dull!!!!

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