Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It Happened

Well it happened...almost eerie how this happened....

Remember I said if Planned Parenthood was aborting puppies and killing them in a way to preserve their bodies and organs better, the whole country would go nutso......something close to that happened......

Well a dentist killed a lion and the whole country is going nuts.....

Now I grew up with everyone going hunting.  I never did myself but my husband did some.  The difference is they hunted and ate what they killed.  I do not believe in killing for sport at all.   I'm sorry the lion was killed.  The guy was a jerk.

BUT the outcry has been ridiculous especially since we are dealing with more videos coming out showing Planned Parenthood to be the awful organization that we knew it to be.  This dentist's life has been threatened and people told to boycott him  Jimmy Kimmel got chocked up on his show last night.....wonder how many tears he's shed over the millions of babies aborted? 

This blog by Matt Walsh says it all so much better than I  could ever try to do!

Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!
One of my close friends came over this afternoon and we sat on the front porch in our rockers.  Sarah came out with us and I turned some music on for her and she rocked and rocked as we talked and talked.  I looked over at one point and this is what I saw......
Funny little girl was dead asleep in her rocking chair. 
We started laughing and woke her up after I snapped this picture. 

This was Sam earlier, he was listening to a sermon on his tablet.  Believe it or not Sam LOVES to hear preaching.  He will sit and listen like an adult.  He particularly likes Tommy Bates, a Church of God minister.   Tommy Bates has that "old fashioned" Pentecostal voice.  He actually is a good preacher and everything I know about him I like.   We've heard him speak before and occasionally catch him on TV, he is the ONLY TV preacher I will listen to!!!!!

the above you tube video is one of my favorites of Bates singing all the old "Red Back hymnal" songs.    It reminds me of Sunday nights growing up in the Church of God.  Every song he sings, are songs I grew up singing.  Good memories!     Sam and Sarah LOVE to hear this video.  Sam will press his little face up to the screen to listen.  It's so cute:) 
So last night my blog hit 2 million!  
I missed it but a friend caught it and took a picture for me:)
Thanks for coming back and catching up on my thoughts and on our family.  It amazes me that I continue to have a readership.  Thank you. 

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  1. Abortion is horrible and evil, but so was the killing of Cecil. They can both be awful - just like diseases are awful. Cancer is not worse than ALS, etc, etc.