Monday, July 27, 2015

Still Wondering!

 You know I'm still wondering about WHY Washington and our POTUS has been so quiet about the  shooting of 4 Marines and 1 Sailor by a Muslim.  Have we not heard from the President about so many things like having to do with guns or race? 

There was a quick reaction to speak about the crazy guy in Charleston that killed 9 people in a church, in fact I remember the President leading the congregation singing the old song "Amazing Grace"  (For the record, it amazes me how somehow THAT song is accepted by all at times of crises, yet the very same folks who sing it out, scream about the separation of church and state at other times)

Did the President make it in for any of the military men's funerals?  ................NO!

Is it odd to anyone else how the crazy shooter in Charleston was immediately classified a racist and the whole country began taking down Confederate flags, renaming streets and trying to unearth old DEAD Confederate war generals and YET we still wait to hear our government tell us that the shooter in Chattanooga was a Muslim terrorist.  In stead we are hearing very little except that he suffered from depression.  We are told to be careful not to judge a whole group of folks by one person..... and that is TRUE!

I don't think every Muslim is out to kill me.  My kids have a teacher who is a conservative Muslim and I like her very much and trust her with my kids.  She comes and works with them in my home and I'm very happy to have such a great teacher to work with them. 

However we have to be aware that there is a faction of Muslims who do not want to live peacefully with us.

Why is the President and Washington so quiet? 

It took FIVE days and Congress going ahead and lowering their flags for the President to call for the flags to be lowered.  In 2012 when there was a shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, where 6 people lost their lives, the president ordered the nation's flags to be lower to half staff within 24 hours of the shooting.  There was noting wrong in him doing that, I'm just wondering WHY he doesn't react the same when five of his military men are killed?  It's very baffling to me! 


Did you notice my blog is about to hit 2 million!  That's just unreal to me.  Thanks for coming back and checking on my family and various thoughts I have. 

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