Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Long Week

It's been a long week.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, cards, flowers and food.

We had Jon's dad's viewing Monday night.  So many people came by to support our family.  We saw some old friends we've not seen in years.  It was so good to see them again.  Of course it was good for our family to get together.  Times like that, draw people together. 

After the viewing, the family came over to our house for a supper that was provided by our church.  It was a good time to get together and enjoy each other's company.

Sam and Sarah handled the viewing without getting stressed.  I was really proud of them. 

Tuesday was the funeral.  Of course things had gone too smooth on Monday so Tuesday was more stressful.  I realized that Jon did not have a good white shirt since I'd gone through all his stuff when we moved.  Most of the ones  he has, are colored shirts.  Then Selah's black shoes didn't fit, so I had to run off to the store.  It was funny, because I just threw on a tshirt and shorts but my make up and hair was done, I'm sure I looked odd:)  Thanks to Beal's I found just what I needed AND for the FIRST time I got my Senior Citizen's discount! 

I rushed back and had to iron clothes....I had to use the "magic hem" stuff on Sam's pants.  I love it, just turn the pants inside out, and instead of hemming the pants, just put the strips on the inside of the pants and iron it. 

Luckily we still made it to the funeral home  and early even thought we had to drop off Selah and her nurse at the church.   Based on time frames, the burial was done first, privately for the family only.  At first I thought that was really odd, and it was different but it was more intimate.  While we were still at the funeral home, I had a private moment with Papa and I told him "thank you" one more time- he raised a good man, that I'm lucky enough to be married to. 

Then we went to the church for the service, Selah and her nurse were able to wait in the family parlor until we returned from the cemetery.  Of course nothing goes smoothly and Selah had to be suctioned as the rest of the family was filing into the church by a side door.  So we got in a little later, when we got to the side door it was locked, I was a bit worried but my husband heard us and we were able to get in. 

My husband shared a short sermon, he called it "My father's hands".  It was really beautiful.  He talked about holding his dad's hand as he stepped into eternity.  Then he shared how his father had guided, helped and even disciplined him and his brothers with his hands.  Some parts of it, were quite funny. 

Sam and Sarah did really good in the service.  I was nervous.  They are used to church, but our church is not very formal.  I did have to restrain Sarah, she is used to twirling on the floor during music.  She was not happy with me because I made her sit in my lap instead of twirling on the floor. 

Other than Jon's part of the service, it was not very emotional.  However as we sang the last song and the last prayer was prayed, it hit me anew that Papa was gone...   So I pick that moment to fall apart....   The family was led out, but of course again things had to get a little crazy....  Sam had a hard time walking between the pew to the end, then when he got to the end of the pew, he was afraid to step out in the aisle, I think he was afraid it was a step down that he couldn't see.  So he was holding back, at the same time, Selah's head fell forward in her chair and was resisting us trying to move it.  So me, Sam, our nurse and Selah were at the front of the church, having issues, everyone was looking forward and I was trying to control my tears.... Oh my.... only us.....  I was so embarrassed but there was nothing I could do about it! ( I wasn't embarrassed of my kids, just of being in front of everyone and of myself falling apart.)  Anyhow we survived. 

This past week was more stressful and emotional than I thought it would be.  Papa had Alzheimer's so it had been a long goodbye.  We'd known for over a month that the end was very near, but honestly I don't think you are ever ready to let someone go.

Looking through old pictures and sharing memories make me sad for days and people who are gone.  We did a lot of that.  And even though it was Jon's family, so many of the family that I got to know when Jon and I first married, have passed away. Looking at their younger pictures just makes me sad.  Time passes so quickly.  Everyone was so young just a few years ago and now they are gone..... makes you value the time you have on this earth with your family. 


Jon and his brothers and daddy

Jon and his brothers

the boys and their Mom

Jon and his little brother Jim.  Jon is on the left, doesn't he look like Sam?
this was taken at the funeral home, I love how Sarah was loving on her daddy.

Just wanted to share how much Selah is enjoying her TV


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