Thursday, November 5, 2015

Marty Lyons Foundation

Yesterday the  Marty Lyons Foundation blessed Selah with an incredible gift.  They gave her a tv, that can be right over her bed via an arm.  The tv is an amazing one, it took about as long to set up as having the arm put on the wall.  It's hooked to the internet so she can get all kinds of kids channels

We could tell Selah liked it immediately.  She turned to it and watched it for a long time.  We could watch her eyes and tell that she was actively engaged in watching and following the screen. 

Marty Lyons' brother Richard came and installed the tv.  It was nice to meet him too
They also gave her a bath sling for her Hoyer lift, that's a huge help for the nurses when they give her showers because it is mesh and can get wet and will dry quickly. 
we were asked by Jon's office what kind of donation they could make to a good cause in honor of his daddy and we thought of the Marty Lyons Foundation for all they do for children who are struggling with health problems.  Papa cared for children and had much compassion so we've asked them to send any donations to the Marty Lyons Foundation. 
this is their home page and it tells some more about them.
(also they had help from Tampa Family Handyman -Bob Stache   Nice guy if you need a handyman in our area 813 527 3656)
Years ago they enabled Sam to be able to have Dolphin therapy.  That was an amazing experience and we actually learned some therapy techniques that we still use with him that week in therapy. 
they let the other boys swim with the dolphins also.
Sam had 3 hours of therapy each morning



we also went to Key West while we were down in the Keys

we love to snorkle

this is one of my all time fav family pictures
Thought you'd like these old pictures, all the way from 2007 :) 
The Marty Lyons Foundation has been a big blessing to our family.  We sincerely thank them for this gift to Selah!!!!!

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