Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Hope y'all had a good Christmas, we sure did!

Jon and I hate to wrap presents, we used every bag we could LOL

We have a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve

a heated blanket for Sarah

Then Christmas morning.....




 yes Sarah got lots of clothes. 


Then we had finger foods to snack on during the day.  Some of our family came over. 

Everything was pretty healthy except for the "little smokies" which are a Christmas Tradition according to Steve :)  and shrimp jambalaya  

Selah got a special bunny from her biological sister, along with a letter and a picture.  That was probably the sweetest part of our Christmas this year.  We look forward to them meeting again in the future.  Selah also got some clothes and a new bed set.  She was very sleepy when we were doing presents so I didn't bother her with pictures. 
My husband's best present was that one of my friends took one of the white kittens/cats and one of our nurses took the other one!  So we are down to just three cats!  He is very happy about that!  He is attached to a cat Vermont that one of our nurses "gave' us LOL.  It was a pity take, LOL.  The nurse was tired of it so we said it could be an outdoor cat, but over the last couple of years, Vermont has gotten Jon to love her and she sleeps with us nightly.  Last night I was trying to move her and get the blanket wrapped around my feet (the way I like to sleep) and Jon told me not to bother Vermont!!!!!  WHAT???? 
 I'm enjoying our break, Steve is home for two more weeks and Shad and the little ones are off from school too.  There's nothing I love more than being with my kids.  And I sure love them all being home under our roof at night!   There's nothing better!

Well hope you all had a good Christmas and are having a relaxing time with your family too. 


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