Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Family in Crisis!

We recently learned of a couple of ministries in the Philippines.  We've been able to help out both ministries through our church and another ministry that helped us send some CARE packages to these ministries.  It's been great to be involved in this and to see our church get behind this and bring in boxes of supplies and give offerings too. 

I became friends with a couple of the missionaries who oversee these ministries.  I learned from one of them about a family.  The father had died last year and the mother was very sick with TB.  There are 6 children.  They are so very poor.  We were able to send some Pedisure to them as the children were malnourished and the mother even more so.  I think there seemed to be some hope that she would recover....but she passed away last night. 

Our friends who have worked in ministry there for decades, have committed to raise the children.  They've already raised their children and they are now starting a new adventure.  The Philippines doesn't have the social programs we have in the United States so our friends will not receive any help from the government.  They will be raising 5 of the children, one of the teens lives on his own and has some drug issues already.  He needs prayer, he has been through so much already.  Our friends are willing to take him too, but it seems the teen wants to be on his own. 

This woman's death has affected me.  Just think about it, her husband died last year, they were so poor, she was so very sick, she knew she was dying despite receiving some medical attention and there were six children to think about!  That just makes my heart hurt! 

My biggest fears is dying and leaving my little ones.  Of course I love Steve & Shad but they have each other, Steve's grown and Shad's going to be soon.  The little ones will always need a caregiver.  It's like having small children forever.  It's a big responsibility. 

I'm so thankful that some months ago, the children's future was set in case she did not make it.  The missionary couple assured her that they will raise the children.  I'm so glad that she had that peace knowing her kids would be ok when she was gone.  She was only 46 years old. 


This just makes my heart hurt for all of them.
Today our friends took the younger three out while the older teen girls made arrangements at the funeral home and other errands they needed to do. 


So I'm coming to y'all to ask you to think about giving to this family. 

I know what it takes to raise 5 kids!  They have a habit of eating!  They grow out of clothes & shoes- quickly!!  They need supplies for school.  My friends don't have anything for them and the children are not bringing much with them. 

Our friends are not super heroes or super Christians , they are doing just doing what the Bible tells us to do. The Bible commands Christians to take care of widows and orphans.  It should be something everyone who calls themselves a Christian should be doing.  If the Church (all denominations) did what it should do, there would be little need for social programs. 

Well you have a chance to do something!  I want to raise some money as a one time gift and I also want to help them on a monthly basis.  We are going to be sharing this at our church also.  If you'd like to be a part of this you can send a check or money order to :


Please mark Philippines Family  on the check and every single penny will go directly to them.  There will be no fees or anything taken out of it. 

The children are:
Amalia 16 years old
Melody 15 years old
Denver 10  years old
Angelo and Angel 7 years old twins. 

If you'd like to send any new clothes/shoes, socks underwear etc....  you are welcomed to do that too, even toys!  The children are small for their ages so any pants should probably be the kind that have the buttons on the inside of the waistband that can be tightened to fit.  I'm pretty sure the clothes should be summer clothes, I don't think it gets very cold where they are!  I can send them a box of supplies/clothes. 

My heart is touched thinking of this family.  If you read this and you feel something, please say a prayer for all of them but do something too if you possibly can!  I'm committing to give to this family.  You can send in for them through the month of February.  There's no problem getting a check to our friends at any time through a stateside bank and there is no fees!!!  That helps a lot!  I'll wait to the end of February to send out a box.

Thank you all!  No gift is too small if we all participate.  We're not wealthy by any means (LOL) but we have so much more than most of this world has because we have running water, electricity, food on our table, working toilets and showers, easy access to medical care...even two vehicles. Even our poorest in America have more than so many in 2nd and 3rd world nations.  I've seen abject poverty and it is heartbreaking.  There are no safety nets in many countries like we have in the US and other western nations.  I can not help but feel we have a responsibility to do something with what we have.  Thank you for joining with me to make a difference for this little family. 


Today we got back the results of Sarah's DNA testing.  She had the most up to date microarray testing and they found NO abnormalities.  Her MRI is also normal......   NOTHING to explain all her delays and disabilities!

The funny thing is although she presents clinically with Peter's Anomaly- she does not have the marker for it.  NEITHER does Sam and he has even more characteristics  of Peter's than Sarah does.  She is 9 and already taller than Sam who will soon be 12.  So as with Sam, they will be further testing her DNA to see if there is another marker that has not yet been discovered for Peter's.  Sam has a very large deletion in Chromosome 4Q 35 and there has been questions about that.  In fact when we went with Sam and Sarah last year, they also took both our blood to see if there could be anything discovered  pointing to another marker for Peter's.  They are enrolled in a study through the University of Wisconsin but we go to a Geneticist in Orlando.  It's all very interesting to me- it's like a mystery.  Just since Sam was born, genetic testing has come so far.  His deletion did not show up on the testing we had done when he was a baby.  It only showed up as DNA testing got more advance.  In a few years, we might end up with an answer to Sarah's issues too. 

When we were having our blood taken for Sam's testing the geneticist's nurse asked if she should draw two vials, one for each child.  We had to remind her that Sarah is adopted.  She thought they were twins:)

Sarah and Vermont taking a nap after lunch today.  She's not a big fan of animals but she didn't mind Vermont.  Sarah loves that chair.  I found it at a thrift shop for $40 it has been well worth it!  I thought it was going to be my chair....NOT!   Well she will share it with me if I sit and hold her :)  Love my baby girl. 

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