Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Results & Pictures of Ukraine War

The pathology report is in an there is no sign of cancer or even atypical cells!  I'm incredibly thankful & relieved.  God gave me much grace in the past almost two months.  I was able to not focus on this too much and just leave it in God's hands regardless of the outcome. God helped me to focus on Him and my family, I wanted us to enjoy Christmas break, without this hanging over our heads and God helped us to do that!   I want to encourage all of you Ladies  to get your yearly mammograms &  paps.  Stick to whatever schedule your doctor gives you on other tests also. Better to catch something early and deal with it if possible.  Even tho this was stressful, I'm glad I had it taken out, in five years or so it could have changed and become something serious.  The doctor and staff I dealt with were just fantastic and helped me in many ways.  I am glad to say this saga is over!!!!!  Thank you for your kind thoughts. prayers and messages!

Well we have wonderful news, this past weekend we got to meet Steve's girlfriend Lauren!  Steve has guarded his heart in several situations and we feel like God has rewarded him with the perfect girlfriend.  She fit right into our crazy family, bless her heart.  Who knows what the future might hold for them, we are excited to see!  (Isn't' she absolutely gorgeous??)

Look at my sleepy Minion last night.  

Recently we heard some sad news from our beloved Ukraine!  The WWII monument celebrating the largest tank battle of the war has been destroyed by Pro Russian forces.  It's a shame, it celebrated both the Russian and Ukraine victory over the Nazi's that was a real turning point in the war on the Eastern Front.  We saw how proud Ukrainians were of their victory over the Nazis.  This monument was about an hour's drive from the girls' orphanage and we went there one day with our driver (who spoke no English) We loved him-somehow we communicated.  It was a lovely spring day and we knew our time in Ukraine was drawing to an end and our girls would soon be released to us.  It was just a perfect day.....

It was HUGE~

Here we are on the feet of it

this was on the back side
During WWII that huge plain was a battle field. 
Unfortunately it has become a battle field again

I like this picture of Steve on a tank

this monument reminded me of the one in DC for the Vietnam Vets- it had all the names of the men who were killed in this battle. 

This is now.....

So very sad

Right where we walked-now there are soldiers 

 Our heart will always love Ukraine, the country that was so hospitable to us, the country that gave us our girls.   


  1. I'm SO happy to read/hear about your test results! Made me smile! Steve's friend is beautiful. How very sad about the monument being ruined. I don't understand the human race much now a days. :/ So happy for you! :)

  2. so so happy for all these good news !
    The girl friend is gorgeous !