Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Sam!

Happy Birthday to our " one in a minion". Sam is actually 1 in a billion with his rare chromosomes😍. We love our little man who changed our whole life in a good way. He has taught me patience & slowed my Type A personality down. He's taught me to enjoy the little things. He taught me to lean more fully on God & to trust Him because He is trustworthy no matter what the circumstances look like. He had taught me a love that I never knew existed. I'm so thankful for the many times God spared his life when he was younger & that He gave him back to us after the accident. Sam's probably seen heaven more than anyone still alive! When I was younger I thought having a disabled child would be the worst thing that could happen to a marriage or a family.... Sam taught us it was the BEST thing that could happen to a marriage & a family! His life gave us the courage to adopt three other children & to get involved in the special needs adoption world to help orphans. His life has made a difference in so many ways!!!! I love you Sam!

He had a good day- we got to play outside for a couple of hours.  Maybe I can figure out how to save the video to my computer so I can put it on here. 
We got Sam a TV for his room - it's the new kind (or new to us lol) that can connect with the internet.  Sam loves watching Bro Gary from VBFA on YouTube.  Now (once Steve figures it out this weekend) he can have it in his room.  We got him a tablet, but that's a bit too small for him to see very good.  I think Sam will be very happy.   It is challenging to find things to buy our little ones for presents, they don't play with toys like other kids their ages.  Sarah still doesn't care for any toy.  Sam likes light up ones and he is in love with a horse that someone sent to him.  He holds onto the horse all the time.  Sometimes it is "hit or miss" in trying to figure out something for them.  But I'm pretty sure Sam will like this present!
It's been an amazing journey these last 12 years, we had no idea where life was going to take us, it's been an adventure. 

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