Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rabbit's Trail.

Quick update on the children in the Philippines- I just sent a check for $5816 :)  Thank you all for your giving!  Their new family is planning on building a bedroom for the boys and a bedroom for the girls onto their house.  Of course they are dealing with several medical issues, school and supplies, clothes....  What a blessing that we were able to be a small part of this!  If any more funds come in, I will send another check to them:) 

The other morning, I took this picture of Sarah sleeping.  

Compare it to the picture I took the night we got home from Ukraine.  Sarah would sleep with her arms and legs up under her like a little turtle protecting herself.  She slept in that position for years, but now she is relaxed.  Most of the time she sleeps on her back now, which is a very vulnerable position for kids who have gone through trauma. 
Notice she has the same blanket:)   

I remember being so happy that night to have the girls home and all of us together under one roof.  I remember falling asleep (after traveling for two days - through three countries- three different flights-8 time zones) happier and more content than I had ever been in my whole entire life..... it's literally a snap shot memory in my brain.  

Last night's supper.....beef stew

Sarah's beef stew!

Our Magic Bullet bit the dust recently after almost 4 solid years of service to Ms Sarah!  It did it's job well!~!  BUT our new friend Nutri Ninja is amazing!!!  I feel like I went from the 1950's to the 21st century!!!!  This thing is powerful!!!!  It was only about $30 more and boy is it worth it!!  Life is soooo much easier.  It makes a difference when you use a machine several times daily,

When I went to pick out a new one, there were so many choices.  I agonized over which one to pick- I'm really not exaggerating.  Shopping tires me out mentally.  I don't hate shopping but I don't want a lot of choices LOL, it makes it too hard to pick.  In the town we live in, we have basically one department/mall like store.  I do the majority of our clothes shopping there, at least for the guys and myself.  It's just easier, not so many choices!  The only thing is they don't have nice clothes for Sarah and Selah's sizes and by nice I mean, "little girlish" not "ho" clothes.  My pet peeve is the size 7-16 girls' sizes clothes that look like adult clothes....UGH!  Anyhow......

We are looking forward to our oldest son coming home tomorrow for a week of spring break!  He is more than halfway through his second semester and loving it.  This semester he is taking 16 hours and working 18 hours a week.  He also has a girlfriend so he is a busy guy. We see him at least every other weekend and talk daily (usually) and text.  It's not been as hard as I thought it would be for him to be gone.  Last year just the thought of him leaving made my stomach lurch LOL.  But I determined I wouldn't be a helicopter mom - I actually would not let myself call or text him for the firs few days except in response to his calls or texts.  We are so happy for him with everything.  He made all A's last semester except for one high B.  He's on target for about the same this semester.  He's having a blast even though he is extremely busy.  It brings back memories of my years in college there.  Except the freshmen are so much more sophisticated  that we were!

My Freshman picture

Me working at the cafeteria making sandwiches.  It was a great way to meet guys.  I got out asked out for my first college date after I got off work one night.  We went to Disney's Night of Joy- that was a HUGE deal back then LOL  But by the next semester I was able to get transferred to the Library-at least I didn't smell like hamburgers and fries after I got off work!

Well tonight's blog was just a "rabbit's trail" all over the place wasn't it?  Have a great weekend everyone! (a Rabbit's Trail is when  a preacher is preaching and just totally goes off subject or all over the place)


  1. She's doing great. Selah has not been sick at all over the winter. She is basically down to seeing all her specialists just once a year because she's been so stable. Thanks for asking. I need to write a Selah post!

  2. Glad to hear she's doing so well :)