Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Circle B Bar Reserve

How many of you saw this video?  It happened in a park near us....so we went to that park. 
(don't worry that area was closed off)
(park's website)
Circle B Bar Reserve
We'd been meaning to go there for awhile but hadn't had the chance.  Jon was wanting to do something before he started back to work so we decided to go.
For the record if you live or visit  in Central Florida this is an amazing FREE park!
The park has a whole area given to education with various buildings and interactive things.  But the trails are just amazing!!! 
It was not easy pushing Sam and Sarah's wheelchairs on the gravel/sand path which makes up most of the trail but it was well worth it.
Also there are NO trash containers on any of the trails.  We had to carry our drink containers the whole way back.
But it is worth it!

do you see the turtle?

Must be my Southern roots but I love Swamps!  


Yes we match!  I've had this shirt for a couple of years and saw the one Sarah is wearing in a store and had to get it for her:)


one of my favorite birds
Sand Hill Cranes
aka Swamp Birds



Can you see our two friends in the middle?

Look over Shad's shoulder 

Jon loved it and Sam fell asleep in his chair. 


Not sure if you can tell but on the left side of the trail is the lake and the right side is canal.  There were frequent spots were gators had crossed.  You could see their markings on trail.  I was getting nervous and I'm used to being in the woods and hiking.  But I usually don't have the kids with us!  This was the most "real" park I've ever been to!  Usually the parks we go to have well cleared trails, no underbrush and built up trails near the water.  Of course it's different in the woods- but again we don't have the little ones with us there!  We weren't the only ones there with little kids, a whole stroller brigade of about 6 moms pushing strollers passed us.  Now knowing how rugged the area is, we probably wouldn't take the kids with us again.  Shad loved it and spotted so many alligators and other animals for us.  Next time we go-no kids and we're taking Jon's nice big walking stick!!!!

So if you are in this area-take advantage of this amazing real Florida park for FREE!
Family news
Jon started back to work this week.  He preached Sunday at the prison and the church.  Then Monday he hit the ground running back to his normal schedule.  I was a little scared/worried for him to start back but he's not one to sit around & was ready to go:)  The crazy thing is he and Shad were almost in a car accident his first morning back!  As they were leaving our neighborhood, an out of control car came around the corner and lost control and hit another car.  The car almost hit them. Thankfully no one was seriously injured but it was a reminder of how quickly your life can change (not that I need a reminder of that)
Some sad news....I found I have an allergy to dogs.  I've been sneezing and my eyes and throat have been burning ever since we got Hannah.  When I'd leave the house I'd feel better but back home I was hacking, nose running, miserable....finally one of my nurses put it together for me!   We've had dogs but never in the house.  Looking back I remember sneezing some when I'd play or sit with Brownie outside, but once I came in, I'd wash my hands and sometimes even change my clothes and I'd be fine.  (most of the time when I'd play with her I'd also be working outside in the garden so that's why I'd change LOL I'm not that germ phobic)   Thankfully her former family has found a home for her .  One of their family members will be taking her.  We are sad to see her go but I can't live like this anymore, my skin even burns/itches & I've had almost a constant headache except when I leave the house. 
One last thing.....a childhood friend of mine Tina, had a heart attack some months back.  She was misdiagnosed for days and her heart suffered terrible damage.  She had no option but a heart transplant.  She just got the call and they are on their way.  Please pray for her and her family.  They are so grateful to the donor's family and would appreciate prayers for them also as they deal with their loss.  What a wonderful thing they did, donating their loved one's heart....makes my eyes fill with tears.  Please pray that Tina will have a wonderful outcome with her surgery & transplant.  Thank you!

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