Friday, April 8, 2016

Our Neighbor

This man lives in my neighborhood. His house is the first one I pass once I  turn down our country road.  When he is home, he is often outside in his cut off jeans, with a beer in hand......waving to everyone who passes. I cannot tell you how many times he has made me smile and just feel better about the world in general.

We first noticed him when the work started on our house.  At first I just kinda ignored him.  Jon started waving first- I felt awkward.  Then I noticed Steve always waved at him then I started waving at him.  Then if we went by and he wasn't out there, we'd feel a little let down.  There was a time when we didn't see him for a week or so, and we all ask if the other one had seen him....we got worried!  This is a guy we'd never ever spoken to but his friendly gesture made us feel close to him.  We were so glad when we started seeing him again.

Then when Jon was in the hospital, my drive by times seem to coincide with his schedule & every day he'd make me smile by waving at me. 

He had absolutely no idea what all was going on in our lives but his simple gesture lifted the load just a little.

The other day I decided I was going to stop and meet him and just let him know how much his friendliness meant to us.  He was as nice as I expected him to be and just said he liked to be friendly to folks.  I told him I make it a point to wave at our neighbors more now because I know what a simple wave can mean to a person. 

His kindness just warms my heart.  He reminds me of an age gone by when folks waved at their neighbors and were friendly to each other.... 

It's funny but this man with his beer in hand has lifted my spirits more than many sermons I've had to sit through.....(not counting my husband's LOL)  I'm thankful we have someone like him in our neighborhood.

This is his wind chime....120 beer cans.  He told me he'd make me a Pepsi wind chime but I had to have 120 cans.  I might just do that!  He's made me resolve to be more friendly to the folks in my neighborhood, a smile and a wave cost nothing but mean so much!

Update on Jon
He's doing good.  He saw the cardiologist this past week and he tweaked his meds some.  According to a study, Jon's Lipitor has been raised and his blood pressure meds too (not that he had BP issues but it helps his heart not to work too hard)   With both meds higher, the study claims that not only can it stop heart disease and blockage but it can be reversed.  So we are hopeful that he won't have any issues with the meds and that it will work on him.  I know that statins have issues but at this point we don't have any other options that are proven to help.  When it's genetic like Jon, it seems that only meds can help
He goes for an xray tomorrow to see how he is healing inside.  I'm hoping when we see the surgeon on Monday he'll be released to drive again.  He's always been a busy guy- enjoying going and doing things, he's handled staying at home but I know he is ready to be able to drive!
Our insurance denied cardiac rehab for him!  I'm trying to get something else set up for him but he has been riding our exercise bike daily and that seems to be helping him.  He loves to exercise. 
We had a big anniversary- 4 years since we met the girls....
Sarah was happy about it!  See her standing so good!
We also welcomed a new dog to our family.  We've missed Brownie so much.  We had accepted one dog that a friend had found last summer during our move but she was a runner (which is probably why she came up to my friends') and ran away during our move. So we weren't sure how this girl would do as she is younger and we will keep her outside.  But so far so good.  We heard about her on a FB page- her family had moved into a small trailer with no yard so they had to find a home for her.  We were really looking for an older dog but we thought we'd give her a try and so far so good.  She's a sweet dog and very compliant for her age.  She's been raised as an outdoor dog and loves being outside. Our yard is perfect for a dog and we have a big carport that she can sleep under.   ( if I get any silly messages about dogs should be inside....I will delete and block.  Not going through that crazy argument ever again!  There is no way I'd trust a dog around my little people and I can't be three places at one time.  I love animals but I love my people more!)   The family had named her Midnight but I want to call her Madea after my favorite actress:)  She's a Lab....something mix

Aren't her ears adorable?

We've been offered an older Lab also and will meet her this weekend and she if they fit together.  If so that would be really nice for them to have each other.  Her family is moving to Hawaii and can't take her with them.  I'd love it for the two of them to get along and have each other to pal around with
Well hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Greetings from a random reader,
    I was shocked to read about Jon's surgery. I had a heart attack last year, but was not as dedicated to being healthy prior to the event.
    I'm so sorry about your insurance as cardiac rehab has been the one thing which has helped me the most. I'm writing to share my story with high dose Lipitor,as I was told the same encouraging info about using it. After taking it for three months, my liver enzymes skyrocketed. I had to stop taking it. Every time I tried to restart it, even at lower doses, my enzymes would climb. Long story short, I can't take it. I was prescribed another statin which made me very achy. I'm currently on Vytorin (The statin I was taking when I had the heart attack.). I said all of this to say, just be aware of the symptoms of liver inflammation and damage. So far my liver enzymes have returned to normal levels. Sorry this comment is all over the place, I was trying to keep it short. I appreciate you writing your blog with such honesty. My husband is a military chaplain. He has also been a pastor and associate pastor of several churches prior to this. Crazy church stuff, I understand. Praying all continues to go well with you all.

  2. Hey thanks for sharing. We have a lot in common!!! We have concerns about the dosage too and even being on a statin! We were told that about 30% of people can't tolerate it. He's having blood work in early June so that will give us some idea. Did you notice anything physically before your blood work changed? This getting older stuff is hard!😜. Hope you do great & not have anymore issues!!!

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  4. Lol, dogs are not babies. Smh at people who make that argument. A good many prefer to stay outside and belong there, like my favorite dog Charlie. He was never inside and was always a beautiful, happy, loving dog. I hope for the same in your new dog.
    I like your neighbor!

    1. I do understand calling a pet your baby (didn't mean anything against MtnGirl), our friends do and that's cute. I just mean they are not human infants, and outside with protection is fine.
      Btw Sarah looks so strong & happy!