Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Healing Part II

Ok I'm so sorry it's taken me awhile to get back but my computer decided to get a real virus and had to go to the doctor (aka Steve's friends) for a cleaning.  Now it' like I have a new laptop!  Thanks Guys!!!

So I got some interesting emails-some amazing stories of God's grace -but no healings like I was looking for-no what I call "Jesus healings"  One lady did share her story of the birth of three children even though her husband had had a terrible accident as a child and has an almost zero sperm count.....other stories were more like our stories with our children where death had been averted and some things were better but not a complete healing.

I guess I'm still looking.  Call me Doubting Thomas but I want to be real.  In being real I do not feel that it lessens who God is....God is God.  But I do think it calls some teaching that may border on false doctrine out into the light.

I have no doubt at all that God can do anything but I also have no doubt that He chooses to limit Himself.  He doesn't go against His own scripture.  And I feel we Pentcostals have tried to make the scripture say something it doesn't.....

I still would love to hear from you guys....thanks to all who have shared.


We are enjoying our summer around here.  It's just been a great few months- of course I love having our oldest home with us.  His college is starting late this year because of some construction on campus and that just makes me happy!

I've posted some summer videos on my blog's FB page - My Real Life By Yvonne

Jon and I are going to be going on a cruise soon!  I'm sure I'll be posting some pictures of that:) We are excited!

Hope you have a good week!

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