Monday, April 30, 2018

Kitty Rescue

So I'm still mad at my laptop & still trying to figure out how to use a Mac.  It's very annoying!   Did I tell you WHY I had to get a new laptop???   A certain young man downloaded a virus while playing a video game during school time..... Yep.....I'm still mad.  There was no way to save it and not worth the money to try.  But the Mac is set up so securely that it is impossible to do that now for that young man!  And his older brother's Mac is set up with this one and his older brother can see everything that is done on this Mac!  I still love that young man but I was not happy with him.

Yesterday we had a big day at church.  Following the service we had a surprise birthday party for a lady in our church.  Our oldest son and some of his friends came which made me happy since they are starting finals this week in college.  When we finally got home, Shad heard a cat screaming.  He found a tiny kitten who had gotten it's foot caught in a fence.  The kitten didn't look old enough to be climbing a fence but he was hanging upside down with one of his legs caught in between two pieces of wood.  I held up his body so he wouldn't be under so much strain.  It was easy to tell this was a wild kitten!  I was pretty sure it was going to tear up my arm.  Shad ran and got my phone and we called the Fire Deptarment.  They came and had to use a crowbar to get the kitten free.  Of course then we were stuck with a kitten!  We did ask some neighbors who have some cats and they thought it might be their cat's kitten but were happy for us to take it!  The kitten does not know how to eat so we are having to feed it every few hours with a syringe.  Shad has been a good kitten daddy.

It amazes me how we find cats to rescue.  Even when we were in Ukraine we found kittens at a bus stop that we saved and found homes for them!  We are back up to 9 cats.....  I find homes for some then I find more....  I am NOT a Cat hoarder- I'm perfectly happy to share the love.  If anyone is looking for a little brown/black kitten - you can come and get it!

I'm trying to post the kitten's picture but having technical difficulties !

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