Sunday, April 15, 2018

I Love A Rainy Night

Sitting on the back porch as a storm rolls in is a balm to my soul.  Right now it's pouring and our crazy Lab puppy is gleefully running around the yard trying to catch the rain in his mouth.  Everything is green and fresh.  The wind is blowing and the rain is falling on the metal roof.  Dusk is falling.   It really doesn't get any better than this.....

You know what one of my greatest worries is?  That in heaven there will be no rain and no night!  I can not imagine an eternity without rain or night time.  I love both, and if I'm lucky enough to get a rainy night the just fills my cup up:).   All those old songs about heaven talk about unclouded days and no nights and no storm clouds... maybe the would make some folks happy but not me!  Of course I love cloudless blue skies too - I'm actually pretty easy to please about the weather but my favorite time is when it rains.  And I love the night...the night out in the country is very quiet, usually the frogs and crickets are going to town making their noise but that's ok with me.

I do love to see the night sky on a clear night.  I remember as a teen going from my home town to an even smaller town about 25 miles away, where my best friend's dad owned the movie theater.  I'd help out at the concession stand with my friend.  Sometimes on the ride home, on dark country roads, her crazy brother would turn off the car's headlights.  We'd stick our heads out of the windows and stare up at the stars.  Life was so good.  I miss that  (and for the record I'd absolutely kill one of my boys if they did that!!!!   Somehow we are all still alive and well in our 50's and 60's -how the heck can the be? LOL. We all got together recently and I thought about all the foolishness that we all participated in throughout our earlier years LOL. I was only involved in a little bit for the record!  Sadly!  If I had life to do over I'd probably be more involved!)

I'm seriously considering booking a trip for me and my husband to a campground in the middle of the Everglades.  It's supposed to be one of the best places to see stars in all of the Southeast.   Of course I'm sure the mosquitoes would be big enough to carry us away!  I hate putting on spray- every single brand I've tried has made me nauseous.  I've tried everything including natural junk-obviously I have some kind of allergy.   Anyhow even if it's rainy, I figure we'd enjoy being so far out in the woods.

So night is falling, the crazy Lab is still running in the rain.  We've had for over a month-I guess she is actually going to be a keeper although after she destroyed our front porch screen door and all my plants I had found a home for her!  But at the last minute I decided to keep her.   The screen door was fixed and all my plants were too for the most part.  She absolutely loves to run in our yard.  Evidently the person who had her lived in an apartment-I can not imagine her in an apartment.  She is a big goofy happy dog.  But she has so much energy it's crazy.  She is really doing good at being trained.  Most of the time she obeys me.  She tries so hard to become friends with the cats, it's hysterical to watch.  They do not like her, although three of them are learning to tolerate her.  She is an outdoor dog, she has her own doghouse under our carport right by Selah's window.  We have a fenced in yard including security cameras so she is safe.  I'm not a "big dog in the house person" especially as my little ones can't see nor do they understand boundaries.  It would not be safe.  Actually all three of the little kids do not like animals at all.  I've tried them so many times but they just do not care for them.  It's crazy that our kids don't like animals as they've been exposed to them so much.  Anyhow I would not risk their safety or the dog's safety-I can't alway have my eyes on everyone every second.  Shad usually takes her jogging every day and once Steve is home from college he will too.  That'll help her tame some energy.  She's a good dog with a sweet personality.

So I got a new computer, a MAC and I'm just trying to learn it.  My son assures me I'll evidently love it...not so sure about that.  My old computer had traveled all over the world with me.  It was more than 6 years old.  I got it for $200 on a special sale before we went to Ukraine so I guess I got my money out of it and then some!

Well I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of this nice rainy night.  Hope the weather is nice where you are at tonight!

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