Monday, March 26, 2018

Mission TripS

This summer is going to be a busy one for our family!  Our two oldest boys are going on mission trips!  I may need a prescription for Valium or at least be praying A LOT!

Steve is going to Haiti with Southeastern University in May.  They will be doing orphan ministry in several orphanages.  One of the orphanages is for very special needs kids.   He is looking forward to this trip because he knows what a little extra attention can do for children.  He is hoping to take his video camera (a real professional one) and do some promos for the ministries he will be assisting.  He hopes to be able to show the supporters of the ministry the needs of the kids and what their giving does to help them..  So he will be using his skills as a videographer & the skills he has learned with his little sisters.  The rest of the summer he is hoping to work full time.  Steve will be graduating in December- a semester early!!!

In July Shad will be going to El Salvador on a missions trip.  He will be working with career missionaries from our denomination.   He will be assisting in door to door and street ministry.  This is something he does on a regular basis at home.  Since January we have been going door to door in our neighborhood and giving out packets and inviting people to church.  Shad is very bold and never gives up (even when I want to lol)  Our neighborhood is rural so we have made it to about 400 homes thus far.  That's probably equal to 20 miles worth of walking!!!   Recently we drove through a more suburban area of our small town and Shad said with great awe in his voice "it would be so easy to do door to door here- there are no fences and the houses are so close" LOL   He also will be going to Miami Fl for a week outreach to the homeless and will be doing street ministry.  It's cool to me because when I was in college I spent one spring break week in Miami doing street outreach!  I think he will even be staying at the same church we stayed at!     Shad also will be going to youth camp for a week.  He is going to be a world traveler this summer!

Often I've wondered how effective mission trips are - but I know from my own experiences that it is a time for the person who is going to learn more and often (and my case and my husband's and many others) leads to a career path of missions and helping others.  Plus you never know how effective and life changing it can be for the ones ministered to.  It's eye opening for young people and time and time again I've known of people who committed to a life time of service after going on a trip.   As hard as it would be for me not to be physically close to my children in the years to come, I'd be honored if God called one of my boys into ministry/missions work.

So if you'd like to help our boys raise their funds We all would really appreciate it!
Steve has already raised all but $600 for his trip.  Shad needs about $1300 for El Salvador and $245 for his Miami trip.   If you are interested in giving please send a check to
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Florida 33540
 Mark on it clearly that it is for their trip and you can specify which boy if you'd like to.

But above all please pray for our boys.  It is not an easy thing for me to send my kids off believe me!!!  Please pray for their protection as well as the teams they will work with. 

Thank you all!!!

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  1. I will start praying now for the boys...What a wonderful thing they are doing...I had a dear friend who was married to a Haitian Pastor and they lived up in Carneille(spelling)up in the mountains 80 some miles from PAP. She is in heaven now, but the ministry is going strong and many many are coming out of darkness of voodoo and into the Light of JESUS.
    Thank you for sharing the boys summer trips with us.
    Love from NC,