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Boy, Born September 2004
Nolan is such a handsome boy!  He needs a loving family!
Listed: August 4, 2010
From his medical records:  long-term effects of some early trauma (right-side hemiparesis), mild mental delays, seizures, flat feet, farsightedness
He has fine motor skills, understands everything, he talks but it is hard to understand him.  Nolan is very physically active, happy and cooperative, friends with other children.   A family living in the states who has 3 children, one who is significantly disabled, has taken a special interest in Nolan but cannot add Nolan to their own family due to the needs of their children. Per the family, “Nolan’s eyes and smile caught our heart. He is close in age to one of our own children. We hope this gift will enable someone to give Nolan the chance to live outside an institution.”
A family must have a completed homestudy to commit to Nolan.  Due to the size of Nolan’s grant, 50% of grant funds will be available upon receiving a travel date, and the other 50% upon passing court.
Nolan has a grant of $19,597.50 available towards the cost of his adoption!

This was written by a family who had hosted him and wanted to adopt him.....
(hosting is a program where the child can come to America for a few weeks with the hope of meeting a family who will adopt him/her

As some of you know, we were going to adopt Nolan. HE ONLY HAS 2 YEARS BEFORE HE IS TOO OLD! ALSO: WE DON'T KNOW HOW LONG INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION WILL BE ALLOWED. He is an orphan with very mild special needs who lives in Ukraine. In fact, we had spent many thousands of dollars to do that, but some bad things happened financially. HIS ADOPTION IS FULLY FUNDED! YOU WILL JUST NEED TO PAY TO HAVE A HOME STUDY AND FILE A USCIS FORM AND BE FINGERPRINTED! We're in a lawsuit with a Chinese factory who committed fraud against us and I don't really know what will happen to my family right now, as essentially, they stole so much, we are actually thinking of buying a cheap RV to live in with our 4 kids as a back up plan. I hope that gives you some idea of the magnitude of what we're going through. I hoped this would all get settled fast, but right now, I just want to know that he is not going to be left behind.
I tell you this ONLY because many of you also know that we hosted him and I don't want anyone to think that we backed out because of him being difficult or anything besides the issues we are facing.
I visit his profile several times a week because I can't stand the idea of THIS child being left I am writing this plea for him.
There's a lot I want to tell you. He lived with us for a month. WE LOVE HIM. He *really* needs medical help. His jaw is out of alignment very very badly, so much so that when he eats and drinks, it comes out of his mouth.
1. He sat on my lap every single night and listened to Gospel music. His favorite is "Amazing Grace." He knows when it's a Christian song, even if it's in English and he says "Christo!" Somewhere, someone has told this child about Jesus.
2. He was calling me Mama from day one without me telling him to. When I had to send him home, he was crying so hard, they were not going to let him get on the plane.
3. He cried when I went anywhere and actually got insanely upset ( he self harmed) BUT...This is actually a good thing, because he bonded with me so easily.
4. When he first came, if he got hurt, he would keep smiling and tried to take care of himself as if they are not allowed to have feelings, but after awhile, he cried and came to me.
6. He is a very fast learner, having learned the English ABCs in 3 days. He has mad building skills.
7. He bonds with women and sees men as a big brother and likes to harrass them.
8. He is a vegetarian.
9. He is a food hoarder and also hoards other things. I worked with him on this and it got much better.
10. His sense of humor will keep your family laughing, but also, he is sometimes very very naughty.
10B. You HAVE to give him work to do or he will get in trouble. He LOVES working. He can not take a minute of boredom or he starts rocking.
I wrote about him extensively while we were hosting him and I am here to answer questions to anyone about him. He never had a seizure while he was with us.

I am not advocating for any program or adoption facilitators JUST for this child.  

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