Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My Thoughts on Recent Events

I love History-my favorite time is World War II.  That time frame and what led up to it, fascinates me.   But recently I read "Killing England" by Bill O'Reilly.   It's been awhile since I've read about the Revolutionary War.  Of course I studied it in school and in college as most of my generation did and have a basic understanding of the time frame.

But reading this book, reminded me of how brutal the war really was.  As I read of the decisions of  General Washington and other leaders it made me think.   Washington would hang deserters, no appeals...  he pushed his soldiers to the limit, and himself also.   While in most battles, the losing soldiers were often killed rather than taken prisoner.  This war went on for five long years.

Do we have that same kind of strength today to fight against an enemy?  Unfortunately I do not think we do.  If our generation had to make a choice to either stay with an unjust government or rebel, this generation would not have the courage to stand up and fight.  It would cost too much.

When I look around, I can not imagine our younger generation being able to stand up and fight like America did in WWI or WWII.  I see young men who are not growing up to be men but rather just older boys.  It's sad to me.  Oh there are some who are growing up to become men but so many who are not.

This all ties into what I'm seeing in social media following the shooting in Broward County Florida.
For the record, I feel the FBI, the Broward County Sheriff's Office and the Broward County School District are responsible for not stopping this attack.   Sheriff Israel is the absolute worse sheriff and I am glad the Governor has the FDLE investigating his office!   I believe Sheriff Israel with be relieved of his duties!

After the shooting I wrote this on FB

"Y'all know I grew up in the South in the 70's-80's. Every home I visited had guns in it. My home had loaded guns in it and I was instructed not to play with them so I didn't. All my relatives were hunters and they all had a lot of rifles and pistols in their homes. At my school Taylor County High School many boys drove trucks with gun racks full of rifles in them to school. It wasn't even something you thought or worried about. What has happened in these few years to change things?
What I truly believe has happened is the culture has changed-it's not guns. Unfortunately there have been so many changes.
Growing up most people I knew came from a two parent family. They were taught to respect God and most people I knew regularly attended church with their family. Were they good Christians? Maybe not maybe some people had to sow some wild oats but they had a foundation that seemed to keep them from straying too far.
They were taught respect for adults. When I was growing up we might've been doing a few things we weren't supposed to do but we didn't talk back to authority. We respected teachers and Administrators and we respected law enforcement and other kids' parents as well as our own.
There was no one on a bunch of medication. We had PE and recess and after school kids played outside and got out all their frustrations and stress by running & playing. They didn't sit inside on computers or watching television or playing violent video games. There was no double lives being led on the Internet or being in Facebook groups the no one knew of.... There was no isolation-
Everything was out in the open other parents looked out for you & would call your parents in a heartbeat and tell them if something was going on. And your parents would deal with it. If you got in trouble at school there was no coddling or blaming the school - you got in trouble at school you got in trouble at home.
Back then they were clear gender roles. Men were taught by their fathers or other relatives as well as teachers and religious figures on how to be a man and handle their feelings. They were taught what being a real man was and they didn't have such an underlying anger toward society. I think every young man I knew growing up believed that his life was going to be even better than his parents lives were - they were taught to focus on building a life not destroying society.
I feel societies changes are what is causing these type of shootings. Of course the root cause is sin and the devil. But that restraint that was in society for so many years is gone. I doubt it will ever come back.
I am so sorry for the families that grieve. I always worry about my children when they are at school, college, or a busy crowded place. The sad thing is my husband works in a prison and I am often reminded that he is probably safer going to work than most people are or most students going to school!
I think immediately every school needs to focus on Security and training their staff on how to deal with this type of situation. There was a coach yesterday he gave his life protecting students. If only he would have been allowed to carry a gun perhaps he could have stop this before it escalated!! God bless him for his efforts to keep the students safe. The college my oldest son goes to has recently authorized staff who go through a rigorous training to carry concealed in order to protect students. I'm very grateful that the plan is in place as well as having armed law enforcement on the campus.
My hope and prayer is this actually will cause a real conversation not a anti-gun reaction. Guns of been around for as long as this country has been a nation and it's only been the last few decades that this has begin to happen. It's not guns!"

Our society has changed so much in my lifetime.  The fact we are having shootings in schools, churches or stores show a break down in society.  I read a statistic that of  75% of school shooters were from fatherless homes.....     And if I were to guess, I'd guess most of those kids did not grow up in church.  Last night Shad and I watched a documentary on a British citizen who became a fighter for a Jihadist army.  One thing I noticed was his father was not in the home and the mother said she raised her children without any religious training.   But that young man was seeking a relationship with strong men and some type of belief system.  

What can we do?  I guess I don't have much faith that society will change and people become responsible and have respect for each other and authority.  That sounds awful but it's truly how I feel.  

Maybe Old Fashion ideas is what we need & it needs to start in the home.  If it starts in the home, it will become evident in society.  


  1. I so agree with what you have written here. Best thing I have read regarding the current situation. Amen. Thank you for sharing this.