Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Best Christmas Present

If you are a parent you know how every time Christmas or a birthday rolls around you want to get a good present for your child.  You want to get something meaningful not just junk.  Over the years I have really worked to not waste money on stupid gifts that never get used.  It is challenging!

Well this past Christmas, I think overall for all five of my kids I did the best I have ever done.  I refused to be suckered into junky presents or things that would never be used.  But it took some thinking!

For Shad and Steve I (we-I do 99.999 of the shopping for our family lol) got them a test kit from 23 & Me!  Jon and I had done one last year and came to find out we were cousins....JUST KIDDING!  Our DNA make up was so close it was very scary LOL   But thankfully we had no relatives in common:)  If you wonder we were England/Irish with a little bit of other European thrown in.  Interesting but a bit boring.  We figure Steve's will be just as boring.  (his is not back yer)

But we were expecting more from Shad!  Come to find out he is mostly Chinese....who would have thought?   But he also has some Mongolian and Yakut!  AND he has some biological hits!!!!!!!   The closest are 4th cousins but it is so exciting to all of us.  We've made contact with one of his relatives and found out she has contact with others mostly from the Chengdu area of China.  That relative was also adopted.  She has an adopted sister who has found her parents through 23 & me! 

When I ordered the kit, I immediately had reservations.  Of course Shad is only 14 years old, would this be opening something too soon for him?  He has asked questions since he was about 4 years old about his background and family.  Of course we had few answers.

In the last couple of years we found one of Selah's sisters who was adopted in the US and we found Sarah's dad in Ukraine.  He was very interested in both situations.  Now we are on a path to find out as much as we can of his background.

The report came on Sunday so all afternoon was spent on his reading it and looking up things.  It was really cool to hear the excitement in his voice.  He was actually finding out some very concrete things about his lineage.  Then on Monday we got a response from a relative.  the look on his face was priceless.  Now he knows for a fact there is someone who shares his DNA (if only a tiny bit of it).

Boy that present was worth every penny! 

We don't know where this will lead, maybe he'll find his birth parents, maybe not but it does give him a basis of where he came from that he couldn't have had otherwise.

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  1. This is a really neat gift!! I'm sure this was priceless to him!