Saturday, February 3, 2018

WBC and Sam!

Well we have had a time over here!

Sam and Sarah started school.  Sam did pretty good from the start.  Sarah had a harder time on the first day but then was able to handle it.  They only go for 4 hours a day so it hasn't been too stressful for them.  For ME? Different story.  It was much easier with them at home with me.  But I'm willing to do it if they are learning new skills.  Right now they are working on getting used to the class as we are applying for therapies etc.   I think it will take awhile to see how school does for them.

Then last weekend I noticed Sam was running a fever, we took him to our doctor and he tested positive for the flu.  He had had the flu shot last fall, as all the kids do yearly.  Thankfully he only had two days of fever and that was it.  But he seemed "off" I knew in my gut something was wrong and as my husband and I discussed it we both remembered little things, that put all together worried us.  So last Wednesday I took Sam to our practice's lab for blood work.  There's a whole story behind that....

First let me say I love our pediatrician dearly and trust him totally.  However the practice that he is in is huge & growing.  It's all kinds of doctors and specialties for all ages.  Of course with tremendous growth it is harder and harder to deal directly with our doctor.  It's not his fault it's just how it's all set up.  So with such illnesses going on, I could not talk to a real live person on Wednesday so I just decided to show up to the lab.  (BTW this is all in another town)   I was pretty sure that his doctor had ordered basic labs on him at his last check up before Christmas that I hadn't gotten done yet.    My gut was literally SHOUTING  at me to get to the doctor so we went.  And of course there were no labs ordered but the receptionist called the doctor and bless his heart, he ordered me all kinds of labs.  I want to think he trusts my gut that was telling me something was wrong.   He probably just thinks I'm a crazy mama and it's better to humor me lol.

Unfortunately I was right.  We got a phone call at 9 pm that night.  He told us Sam's White Blood Count (WBC) was extremely low (it should have been high)  and his ANC was life threatening low.  The ANC is what fights infection.  His was at a severe neutropenia level.  I'd only heard of this in patients that had cancer/chemo !  He said Sam needed to stay out of school.  He felt like it would resolve itself in a few days. 

We went back on Friday for more blood work and unfortunately it had not really changed, maybe even a little worse!  We had thought he had to be better as he is acting mostly normal.  Actually we met our oldest son for lunch and was getting Sam a haircut when the doctor called and told us to take him home and stay home!  We went home and I gave him a bath.  Now he is not allowed out at all!  We are keeping Sarah home too.  At first we did because we were concerned that she might have gotten the flu from Sam and would pass it on but no one got it from him.  Now we are concerned she might catch anything and give it to Sam.  I'm also staying home from this point on so I can take care of him and not pass anything on to him.  The biggest concern is that he might catch something while his body is unable to fight it and it could easily be life threatening!  We will be going back every few days for labs until they are normal again.  He will be home bound until this works out.

If you want to read about this copy and paste this link.

This is just an odd thing, I'm so glad that he got the flu shot because it obviously helped him not to be sicker than he was.  Please don't ever let people tell you flu shots are useless!

Here are some pictures from the last weeks

Sarah loves her dada!

Sam sleeping on the swing

Selah almost asleep one night.  I thought she looked so sweet

Sarah swinging

 Steve and Jon
we always think it's so ironic when we eat at this Olive Garden, it's where we had our first date....
LOL I couldn't have imagined then  that one day 28 years later I'd be there with my kids!

I took this picture while on a walk!  I think it's one of the nicest pictures I've ever taken!

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  1. Saying a prayer for Sam and the rest of your family. The flu is so scary this year... or rather the after effects of the flu. I have always gotten the flu shot and required my kids to as well. We were pressured heavily to not get it this year, but I went ahead and did anyway. After reading your story, I'm glad I did. I hope you stay healthy and Sam recovers quickly!